The Daily Run Down Our Street - OLD

This portion is put on hold. I may occasionally post here, but I want to redo parts of the structure so I can gear up to post on a regular basis more effciently. Thanks.

Trump Again, Bannon, Too, Crooks, And Flint

January 18, 2022

Delhi No-Fly, Tonga, UAE, Biden, And MLK

January 17, 2022

Khalistan, Sinema's Cinema, Musk in India, and Walsh's Pool Puddle

January 15, 2022

More Iran, More Trump, Nina Turner, and Rubes

January 14, 2022

Kazakhstan, Iran, Owens' Stupidity, and Kroger

January 13, 2022

USA COVID Record, Qc Vaxx Tax, And Trump Stuff

January 12, 2022