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Posted: Apr 11, 2022   3:38:07 PM   |   Last updated: Apr 15, 2022   10:32:03 PM

by Pascal-Denis Lussier

Another Vote. Deeper Divisions. Clearer Double Standards


Last Thursday, 7-Apr-2022, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) held a vote on a resolution to suspend Russia from the UN Human Rights body. 

Per one activist, this act "sent a crystal-clear message to Russia's leadership that a government whose military is routinely committing horrific rights violations has no business" being part of the body.  

The UNGA has voted to suspend Russia from the organisation’s leading human rights body amid allegations that its soldiers killed civilians while retreating from the region around Ukraine’s capital.

The high number of abstentions and "no votes" is very telling, in DMS&UY's opinion, as it seems to point to some degree of awareness regarding a double standard that is continually applied throughout the UN, its functions, and international laws, this, despite Russia being one of the five permanent members.This will be examined further in an upcoming post. 

For this vote, a set quorum wasn't necessary. Therefore, as long as more were in favour than against, than the abstentions can be viewed as a vote in support of the resolution 

The final results were the following:

No Vote Registered: 18  IN FAVOUR: 93   AGAINST: 24   ABSTAINED: 58 

Zero Vote Rg. Abstained Abstained Against In Favour In Favour In Favour
Afghanistan Angola Mexico Algeria Albania Guatemala Poland
Armenia Bahrain Mongolia Belarus Andorra Haiti Portugal
Azerbaijan Bangladesh Mozambique Bolivia Antigua & Barbuda Honduras Romania
Benin Barbados Nambia Burundi Argentina Hungary Saint Lucia
Burkina Faso Belize Nepal Central African Republic Australia Iceland Samoa
Djibouti Bhutan Niger China Austria Ireland Serbia
Equatorial Guinea Botswana Nigeria Congo Bahamas Israel Seychelles
Guinea Brazil Oman Cuba Belgium Italy Sierra Leone
Lebanon Brunei Darussalam Pakistan Eritrea Bosnia and Herzegovina Jamaica Slovakia
Mauritania Cambodia Qatar Ethiopia Bulgaria Japan Slovenia
Morocco Cameroon Saudi Arabia Gabon Canada Kiribati Spain
Rwanda Cape Verde Senegal Iran Chad Korea, Republic of Sweden
Sao Tome & Principe Egypt Singapore Kazakhstan Chile Latvia Switzerland
Solomon Islands El Salvador South Africa Kyrgyzstan Colombia Liberia Timor-Leste
Somali Eswatini South Sudan Lao PDR Comoros Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Tonga
Turkmenistan Gambia Sri Lanka Mali Congo, Democratic Republic Liechtenstein Turkey
Venezuela Ghana St. Kitts and Nevis Nicaragua Costa Rica Lithuania Ukraine
Zambia Guinea-Bissau St. Vincent & the Grenadines North Korea Côte D'ivoire Luxembourg United Kingdom
  Guyana Sudan Russia Croatia Malawi United States of America
  India Suriname Syria Cyprus Malta Uruguay
  Indonesia Tanzania, United Republic of Tajikistan Czech Republic Mauritius North Macedonia
  Iraq Thailand Uzbekistan Denmark Moldova Somaliland
  Jordan Togo Viet Nam Dominica Montenegro Western Sahara
  Kenya Trinidad & Tobago Zimbabwe Dominican Republic Myanmar Swaziland
  Kuwait Tunisia   Ecuador Netherlands North Macedonia
  Lesotho Uganda   Estonia New Zealand Marshall Islands
  Madagascar United Arab Emirates   Fiji Norway Micronesia
  Malaysia Vanuatu   Finland Panama Monaco
  Maldives Yemen   France Papua New Guinea Nauru
        Georgia Paraguay Palau
        Germany Peru San Marino
        Greece Philippines Tuvalu


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