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ISIL alQaida SideStreet HEADER v2

Posted: Apr 15, 2022   2:39:01 PM   |   Last updated: Apr 16, 2022   1:45:17 PM

by Pascal-Denis Lussier

Bases, Activities, and Numbers


The DB and the process of establishing reliable info sources is still in the works, so this is still just a part of the early phase of an on-going process and long-term project; sections will be updated as and when they can be. 

At the moment, this includes only ISL and al-Qa'ida info, and without any additional explanations, which I'll add soon as well as links to the DB and tooltips for quick access to facts. The number of members is still being verified in order to offer as accurat an estimation (which is the best anyone can offer) as possible.

Eventually, the goal is to include all extremist groups, regardless of religion.

And, as I always like to remind people: Islamic extremism should not be interpreted as being, in any way, representative of all Muslims.  

If you'd like more info or to contribute to this in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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