PDL Tunes

Although I've recorded hundreds of tunes and experimented in all sorts of ways, these are just a few of my favourite ones.

Music has always been just a hobby for me (and a deep passion listening-wise), not having the real musical talent required for a career in this sphere, nor the dedication that such demands, especially not when compared to all the devotion, sacrifices, and the practice time that are inseparable from every waking moment that is the life of all those musicians I've come to truly appreciate.

Writing has always been my thing, yet, and despite having always been told I had a talent since very young, I've never been cocky about this, always feeling that I hadn't quite mastered the craft. I suppose the same is probably true for anyone with a real talent that they've been willing to dedicate themselves to. However, the Internet rerouted my efforts, and technical writing and dry corporate material is all I've ever been able to earn a steady paycheck for, both of these types managing to drain my soul very quickly. Hence why I gravitated towards data... which quickly sapped my energy due to the money-focused, client/user-abusing end for which this was exploited.

That said, before this turns into a rant that's several pages long...

Please enjoy these selected tracks, or not.
Feel free to use any of these as you wish, royalty free, providing it is in line with your perception of my essence. If you have doubts, than that's probably a good sign that I wouldn't be OK with it.


Done on a Yamaha synth keyboard and using a Boss or Donner looper on some.

Heavy Love

Keith in the Head

Settling Into Routine

Season Opener Openings

Mixed Instruments

Mary's Go 'Round

The Politics of Spirituality

The Spill



Whales & Bells

The Sinking of My Canoe (For Gavin Bryars)

One Minute of Silence

Another Minute of Silence



Done using a Yamaha acoustic, Gibson SG, or Ibanez S670, also using a Boss or Donner looper. (Bad copies added--files to be re-add soon)