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Data is the platform’s focus. Not Words. And that’s why journalists benefit.

Much of what matters re this project won’t ever be seen or be properly appreciated, but it’s this groundwork that’s to unleash surface benefits and boundless data uses.

Because data is not only central to, but a necessary part of, the app, its modules, and all that ensues, and, due to the usually negative attitudes that surround the subject thanks to the likes of Amazon, Google, Facebook, and firms like Cambridge Analytica, amongst many, we thought it best to offer a bit more depth in an attempt to clarify fundamental and conceptual elements, and to dispel any misapprehension or misgivings you may have given the project’s datacentric nature.

Our Privacy Policy is always available and is to be updated as needed, and full details regarding our data strategies will be offered to members, including the specifics on what we collect and the whys, and we will gladly address any concerns you may have.

Digital Privacy & Opting Out

Let’s be honest, if, today, you’re still surfing the Web or connected through one of several methods—the Internet of Things (IoT) can’t be overlooked—you’ve willingly given up your privacy; privacy, as we once knew it to be pre-Internet, is dead.

For the most part, the data that’s collected is residual, the product of countless digital transactions held between servers and device, websites and user. Once seen as junk, a turn of events showcased its latent worth, and…

This realization did pivot the efforts of many to include devious tactics to collect all the data you could be duped into sharing, but let’s be clear, this is just one facet, and we don’t endorse predatory, manipulative or invasive forms of surveillance capitalism.

We do believe that the continually evolving reality we inhabit presently offers wonderful, and wholly ethical, possibilities, and that, although any user’s privacy concerns shouldn’t be overlooked, and albeit some very genuine concerns, we feel that much of the hubbub expressed is superficial given the level of support the issue’s worst offenders continue to receive from consumers.

Nonetheless, we’re aiming to:

  • Exploit data in myriad and, hopefully, novel ways, doing so to gain and disseminate info and/or informed opinions derived from anonymous or anonymized datasets, never giving a hoot about any individual's personal or identifiable info; our interest isn't Bob or Janet nor all the Bobs and all the Janets, it's the Xs and Ys and the Zs that concern topic, whether it relates to anyone in between, and including, Ms. A. AA  to Mr. Zed Z.
  • Offer a detailed, continually-updated account of our data usage to members, as well as publish a publicly-available annual account.
  • Make our datasets available.