Two Herds, One Flock; No Hope. Zero Change?

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Posted: Nov 22, 2022   2:49:21 PM   |   Last updated: Nov 22, 2022   2:49:21 PM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

From the Inside, If Things Go Right, Progressives will be Wrong

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Democracy and Demolition. Who hasn't Confused the Two?

The Democratic party promises a future it never intends to deliver, while the Republican party offers no future, pointing to the future that wasn't delivered by the Dems as an end-all argument against any future that can't be called 'yesterday' since, clearly, the future is nothing more than a failed socialist ambition — just a dream — when what's needed are concrete acts taken yesterday that can have a positive impact today. Like tax cuts.

If every today contains yesterday's tax cut, there's no need to worry about a better tomorrow; it will always be there, waiting for you.

"But wouldn't a war today deliver an even better payday if we act like there was no yesterday?" asked the Progressives.

"Ucraina numquam ante 24 Februarii exstitit. Omnes Donbass obliviscamur," chant The Squad+, then strip naked and perform witchcraft, casting incantations on mesmorized Republicans, Mitch McConnell's eyes widening, his glasses steaming; he'd never seen one those shaved dow—what's that? Yeah, sorry.

But, admit it: at this point, would that last part shock you in any way?

Or would you find it odd and destabilizing were we to live through at least one full day without being constantly reamed with tribally-induced idiocy from mentally-weak people entirely caught up in modes of hate, and, seemingly, far too far gone to realize it? 

Worth knowing: The total ad spending for the 2022 election cycle was $7.6 billion.

Wave, Hell Ho!

A red wave was coming. .

The pundits looked at their watches. It was still early; the wave will eventually come crashing, you'll see.

Aren't Republicans the ones who, historically, are consistently late voters, being, after all, busy pulling bootstraps and feeding their families in between saving babies from liberal baby murderers, spotting random groomers, or sounding the Woke alarm as they hold off the transgenderization of the world if not volunteering their time getting people to see all ecologists for the conmen they are unless they've been hired by a corporation. And spending some super-duper quality time with God, too?

Entering the late-voting hours... the red wave! Get ready to see it roll in. Soon.

While Republicans do all that, what do the Dems accomplish during a similar time frame? What? They break 13.64 promises, open the southern border a little wider, print too much money just to push the globe to inflationary record highs as they shut down and blow up pipelines just to enforce their windmills and solar panels all over the world, doing so by attempting to provoke at least three conflicts and trigger one world war? And that's just "The Squad", right?

Not quite. But the Daily Wire is sometimes close enough that, still, how could there possibly not be a red wave?

Look at the state of the US and all the damage wreaked by the crazy, radical-Left Biden Bunch and their Marxist Build Back Better plan that they're imposing on all Americans even though no one in the world wanted to vote for that BBB monstrosity. Meanwhile, anyone who's normal is concerned with how wide the southern border opening is.

Ever since then, that BBB and its CRT clause have destroyed all areas of American life and managed to sink the US back into racism, again, and after all that hard work to successfully kick the habit — how else could the US have elected Obama?

Per its name, that bill is meant to be building stuff but it's torn down bridges and widened pot-holes, added lead to pipes, deteriorated electrical grids — didn't it also cause freezing weather and snow in Texas — and injected asbestos in impoverished areas, which the bill has moved closer to highways, not to mention that it requires a massive investments of your tax dollars to install charging stations for Teslas across America's deserts, thus using up any of the funds conservatives had earmarked for high-speed trains — it's a pity, but you wanted the Woke Dems — and, to top it all off, the BBB carries the authority to impose "gender care" surgery without parental conset, as well as draconian mandates that purposefully shut down businesses with evil measures meant to save lives though they didn't mind sacrificing the lives of grocery cashiers and baggers! And all those promises of endless handouts in the guise of social benefits and services and something they call 'fair workplace solutions' albeit it fails to take into account C-suite feelings or those of investors, who, because of the Progressive's obsession over a living wage, have been forced to make huge personal stock gains through weapons manufacturers instead in order to stabilize the USD thanks to yet another stupid Dem war, and here we are, with no one wanting to work anymore and a chunk of Americans turned homeless.

The radical Woke Left. It's what they do every time. It's what they've always done throughout all of history.

So, just wait for it; any minute now: a mega MAGA red wave. How can it not come?

The Republicans are sure to take control of everything. Everything! But they claim that the Dems ought not worry as there will always be a need for them in the halls of government... as janitors! And MTG says [raspberry].

Do you hear a rumble? D'ya see a wet, red wall moving in from anywhere? What time is it? Goddamn it!

Well, give it five more minutes; Conservatives are really just shy and not the money-hungry anally-stuck prudes they show themselves to be.

 Red waves and snowballs

Not a Red-Wave-Surfing Snowball's Chance in Washington

Essentially, the GOP had one job; there's just one thing they had to do to assure themselves a wave: sit back and watch the Biden Bunch's party implode while members of the Friends of the Establishment club blocked anything else that may have actually materialized into the delivery of a campaign promise, which was undermining the party's severely frayed ties with 'working people'.

The economy was doing the campaigning for the Republicans; while no domestic issues have been resolved, some new ones have surfaced.

And they profited from the lack of ping back that was provided by the void craftily created by the tensions that keep the parties divided through the unproductive partisan fights that define each tribe's role in the dynamics that have achieved little more than create two nations within the one that's being held back, the people regressing to modes of living centred on "survival" through manufactured crises whose very purpose and consequences are beneficial to the Western ruling class, albeit with clear limits that these elites have not been mindful of.

In many respects, these have been attained.    

Calling out the current manipulation and domination schemes embraced by political parties and countries, and the inevitable end this will lead to, is prophetic if it were done ten years ago or more, but doing so today with the type of precision that suffers from ambiguity rather than being reliant on it — ambiguity is what gave fame to Nostradamus and what has people checking their daily horoscope — requires no prognostication skills, just the willingness to observe and to relay matters fairly. What reporters and journalists once did as a profession, which only a few now practice as a genuine devotion.  

Everything that the Dems had campaigned on; all those promises made and the offer of a new direction. Hogwash. All of it. And in this case, intentions mean next to nothing.

If you failed to learn the lesson from Obama, then the same Dems are serving up a special, dumbed-down repeat with all that's relevant highlighted bright pink, sometimes underlined in green, too. Wait a bit longer and a version with those areas blinking bright red will manifest itself; if you still can't see what's going on at that point, then I'll say to you: Bend over and shut the hell up and enjoy it no matter how much it hurts; you're more than just an annoyance now, and you're obviously too stupid to deserve anything else. In my opinion.

•     •     •

That said: You honestly thought the Biden Bunch was going to deliver on any of those social basics and actually help inject real hope into the country instead of sucking as much of it out as possible?

Not having Obama Blackness, Dems knew that Biden needed more to pull off that trick again, "hope" being just about the only thing that seems to get American voters eager about exercising their democratic freedom these days. I'm sure there's a message in there that leaders should be paying attention to, but who has the time to think about such details?

If the red wave rolls in on Democratic failure and not on Republican success so be it; this need not matter unless one cares to read between the lines, which one would only do if governance mattered more than power. Get real!

To be frank, as cynical as I can be, I started believing, too. The Dems are better actors, gotta give 'em that — methinks it has something to do with that "having a heart" thing, but then, they always rip it out, don't they?

•     •     •

Manchin and Sinema; we all know that others would have stepped up if not them, but that someone would be willing to play that role, which they obviously happily agreed to, that's what lowers them to the scum-snot level of filth; we may not be sure who the others are, but these ones proudly revealed themselves as such, and working-class America suffers because of it.

And the elites know it. Don't they? It's all a game, if seen from their perspective, or a way to express the disdain for loafers and foreigners, addicts and welfare abusers?

My anger in reaction to the pair having blocked the BBB was real; imagine the feelings of those who'd been continually promised hope... some hope... a bit of hope... no hope at all. Look what you did; vote harder next time! 

Attacking the validity of the "American Dream" and the harm that American Exceptionalism inflicts on Americans and the world, that's anti-American, but putting the blame for the current state of affairs on the 'radical' Build Back Better plan...??? Not only is there a huge logical problem relating to "cause and effect" and the order in which causal elements are to occur, but don't the methods adopted to oppose the BBB kinda say that one doesn't give a hoot about those two defining aspects of American culture, other than how they can be exploited to justify acts of aggression?

Yet, it's a complaint I've heard expressed several times throughout 2022... and well, um... uh... you all know that all the 'radical' stuff, i.e., all that was aimed at ameliorating life for the working class folks, all of that spending was left on the bill-cutting room floor, right? All those proposals were condensed into the "second bill" — which was guaranteed to pass, just be patient, folks — whilst all the stuff that benefited the elites, and some stuff that also benefited everyone that the elites wanted, plus all sorts of additional, highly-specific 'community' developments that benefited the property value of elite-owned property, and, thank goodness, the wealthy will never again have to worry about the quality of their water. Oh, and Internet. Didn't a few communities and a trailer park get Internet, profiting off the new grid built for the one percent?

That whole affair was deeply perplexing and incredibly frustrating to watch. Of course the working class got screwed; the second bill was blocked. Shot and shut down. Killed. Despite all assurances.

Much was revealed through the handling of that one bill that became two, filtering into the BBB everything that could, possibly — especially if squinting real hard — be perceived as socialism or a free handout, so it would receive the due attention and proper vote in due time. Soon. After the first is voted through. Gotta give people something! To be voted on later...

"Yeah, right," said anyone with a brain and some degree of sentience who wasn't born yesterday.

"No, no. You can trust us," said all the wrong Dems.

•     •     •

Anyone expecting a red wave knows exactly how that ended, right?

You'd think so, but that's not quite the case, otherwise, pro-fossil-fuel rightwingers wouldn't exploit a tie people knew was inexistant. But, because, if, for whatever reason Russia, sanctions, or Western callousness and stupidity, shouldn't be mentioned given the impression one wants to maintain, bringing up the BBB as the reason why pro-conservative aspects are hurting, due to BBB policies (that haven't been passed), is a popular GOP way to go, I've noticed. 

That too many are comfortable with omitting the last part in parentheses says nothing good about the state of the media landscape; that people readily believe it then repeat it, that says nothing good about anyone, period.

And if ever Americans needed clear proof that the mainstream media and their covert 'indie' outlets are tools of the upper class and, ultimately, belong to the Establishment, then the whole media treatment of the BBB should have provided exactly that. Rich folks speaking on behalf of richer folks, and not one of them giving a hoot about the real issues that plague the working-class majority, and the unreasonable and irrealistic framework within which expectations are set for them, which they must meet or be forced to perish, per the cruel "do or die" dogma that's forced on all by those who can afford to avoid the very reality they forward as argument, only doing so knowing that they can afford an option.

•     •     •

Info. The negative side of it, no matter how positively absorbed it may be, currently presents our greatest challenge. But not because of info, but because of people.

The source of a problem is rarely the cause of the problem.

A tree is not the problem, just like a swimming pool is not the problem; should a tree's roots destroy a pool with any growth it experiences, then, surely, the idiot that planted the tree so close to the pool, or vice versa, has everything to do with it? If the tree planter or pool digger you hired, are a problem, that you hired them puts you into question.

But you don't "hire" a politician, you scoff. 

Technically, no, but don't be so daft unless its absolute totalitarianism you see or seek? In a democracy, who are politicians supposed to be working for if not the people? When politicians shaft their people and serve corporations, and when they disregard their citizens, taking taxes to pay for their own wars in order to enrich themselves, not the nation, and... Need more, or are you starting to get the gist, and accept that the US hasn't been anything close to a real democracy in quite a while?

Between all that Americans believe to be true about the US and the world, and about their place and standing in the world, the info Americans are being fed is certainly the source of the problem, but it's propagandists who are the real cause, politics their source, politicians, the cause of the issues with that source, and so on, recursively, but with many overlaps as well.

That said, a system cannot be the cause of a problem unless its structure, modes, and methods have been established as the cause of issues for which it is the source of a related problem. In other words, crudely: Capitalism doesn't cause greed; it is our human predisposition to greed that is the cause of the problem, but all aspects of our Capitalism system facilitate and reward greed, this being a cause of this system's problems (e.g. 2008 crash), so that, unless greed is resolved, introducing mechanisms embedded into the system are the only way to minimize the source for which it it the cause of a problem.

It can get confusing, but such a separation is crucial, in my opinion, to a meaningful understanding of each element in a system and what each contribute in relations to any deficiencies that result in deviations between what is produced versus what is desired, or targeted.

If you're getting the feeling that, really, it all boils down to "people", then, yeah... pretty much. It's hard to argue one's propaganda with "the Internet made me do it" to explain why one willingly disseminates fake information with the intent to deceive individuals, doing so hoping to achieve a particular political outcome.

•     •     •

Info. Generated from data; leading to knowledge. I'm continually stunned to see what anyone is allowed to broadcast through the Internet without a license; one can do far more damage with info than with a car. Broadcasting to the masses — over 1,000(?) — should require a minimum of awareness regarding key issues, as well as one's responsibility for the information they disseminate. Currently, unless there's a solution applicable that I'm not yet aware of, mechanisms that enforce and maintain accountability are required, but, the problem remains: how do we prevent the elements of control from imposing their control in a manner that prevents any criticism over aspects related to the elements of control? Essentially, how can we be sure that what's not permitted isn't permitted for valid reasons?

•     •     •

Author and filmmaker Gonzalo Lira is one whose views I've a growing appreciation for, as he's demonstrated that he possesses the type of attitude that I hold dear, one that sees "truth" as a journey, not an end result, for the world we navigate in is one that we construct out of all that we collect, doing so for we believe they hold a truth that's to combine to form a larger truth, and so on.

On the road toward deeper understanding that's paved with knowledge, if one hasn't listened to, and heard, the disparate interpretations that inform others' knowledge, having come across the ridiculous as well as the profound, then one has no real gauge of what's truly meaningful beyond what's been impressed upon them by external forces, the influence that's applied being a greater cause of ignorance than any idiocy expressed.

Hence why I continually attack certain aspects of those I qualify as 'fake' Progressives, dubbed the NATO-Left or the TYT-Progressives by some, as well as broader aspects of rightwing outlets. Those TYT-Progressives — not mine, but I feel I may have encouraged that label despite wanting to avoid doing so... but it fits so nicely; those for whom it matters automatically know what one refers to — they're the ones that upset me the most, as I've explained in previous posts.  

Propagandists, outlets or individuals, that politicize information in any manner that corrodes or changes the actual truth one is to arrive at, these people make me very, very angry. I'll just leave it at that; I'm feeling the reflux bubble up just thinking about them.

I bring up Lira because, in his latest vlog entry, he addresses directly that which I said I appreciated about his attitude, and that which I've voiced across several entries. With a simple focus on mostly surface-level lies that are clearly seen as such if one's reality on this matter hasn't been constructed in accordance to the Western narrative that's been enforced (which bears on the validity and quality of the "free speech" Westerners claim to have, Americans most of all), Lira delivers the message powerfully in the last seconds, because of what precedes, the surface lies reflecting the deeper problem that's the source of what would cause A-holes to lie.

Douglas Murray, with primly grimaced, seething disdain toward commoners, is one I've barely given any attention to albeit being one fellow that's shown how money can affect one's intellect in ways that merit cringing, seething disdain. As such, Lira's video — which is longer than it felt and I recalled — kills two birds with one stone by reinforcing a view in regard to media and its landscape that's of utmost importance to much that I touch on, and by bringing some of the 'positively' negative attention to Murray that he deserves, especially since, in subtle but powerful ways, his willingness to lie and the depravity this motivates, himself expressing a source of motivation that's the cause of the depravity that's rationalized as disciplined and spiritual civility in order to justify greed through terms other than those that identify one's amoral nature as the cause behind one's acceptance of the narrative they wish to impress upon others, pretty much sums up Republican comportment, but done with the exact same lies that 'pro-war' non-Republicans are pushing; this should provide a slap in the face to some should one consider how Murray's underlying views can be so "progressive" on the surface. Yes, I say that with tongue in cheek.   

You can view Gonzalo Lira's entry here: "Why I Despise Douglas Murray and Other Such Propagandists

•     •     •

I'd expressed my doubts regarding Biden's intentions, believing that he never intended to deliver on any of the promises in the BBB that would have made a real difference to working class folks, as well as placing due efforts on environmental matters; if not him, his handlers, perhaps, but the Establishment, certainly, wouldn't allow any of it to happen, not to that scale.

Message. Capitalism. Unless that message contains info about making profit today, who gives a shit about tomorrow!

How the student debt relief affair found its resolve two days after the midterms kinda confirms my impressions regarding the Dems' BBB intent — votes, that is all — which is in line with my not-too-good impression of Biden.

That pundits like Mike Figueredo lashed out at Lefties for accusing Biden of deliberately sabotaging the effort by pointing out that it was a Trump-appointed lawyer who stopped the order shows how the internal tribalism that's splitting the Dems at the Progressive level can warp one's good sense. C'mon, Mike?

Oops, the bumbling old man signed the order under the wrong act. He meant to sign it under the 1965 Higher-Education Act but he signed it under the Hero's Act of 2003 instead, which requires a "state of emergency" to implement executive measures.

Oops. It's too bad bumbling Biden went on air a few days prior to signing and loudly announced that the pandemic was over, as was the state of emergency.

Silly Biden. If only there'd been qualified lawyers around him, right? You Americans may want to review that next time someone attempts to sign something into law... you know, include a lawyer or two?

•     •     •

All the votes that still aren't in, those have to be the red wave votes. They just have to be.

Otherwise, I hate to combine words like "stolen" and "election", but... but... no red wave?

Give it a few more minutes; they're counting the votes as fast as they can, I'm sure.

•     •     •

It's true that minute gains have been made which, Americans are assured, are to lead to much bigger gains somewhere down the line... you'll see; it's how change always starts and becomes history: with a snowflake unhappy with its place on a two degree slope that says, "Screw this," then coerces and bullies other snowflakes into forming a ball, sacrificing many crystals to get the thing rolling forward on the promises of a single snowflake betting on a 15% grade that — only if you believe — is sure to lie ahead, not too far off if all stop whining and start donating, for, once attained, it is sure to propel the tiny and tired snowball irreversibly forward, becoming an unstoppable force. If only they can avoid that tree... 

Looking to the Left. No rolling snowball.

Minute gains aren't what's wanted or needed, but how the hell is a politician supposed to know that? 

Bored? Scared of what may become of the country should that tiny snowflake learn that, if it sticks to other like-minded snowflakes, a collective rotational effort can translate into linear movement that may usher in Communism?

This could spell the end of the Republican party who, let's face it, is still alive mostly because it's far more adroit at exploiting bureaucratic loopholes and gaps, and make small gains that the party can actually capitalize on come election time given the technical aspects targeted. Gerrymandering passed off as legit redistricting has probably won more elections for the GOP than any of their promises (hint: tax cuts); Dem screw ups and their inability to be the party that matches their slogans along with a lack of viable options does much of the rest of the work for them. Otherwise, outside of the dedicated core with a personal attachment to one party or another, what propels voters toward a party has a great deal to do with the impression one has of each and how this reflects on them. 

•     •     •

All those who hoped to see anything that was on that bill materialize knew what had to be done, but it soon became clear that nothing was going to be done unless those who hoped to see anything getting done learned to trust their fellow Dems. After all, isn't that the progressive thing to do?

At least, out of all of that, a smart move by a few progressives combined with the lack of action from most of them, again, provided the real clear clarity that clarified all anyone should need to reach certain conclusions, unless one enjoys being toyed with with every election cycle, until those in power no longer see a need to even bother with the "promises" part of election campaigning.

"Campaigning? What's that?" we may ask in a near future. 

•     •     •

I've mentioned this aspect several times in the past, and although the urgency is more real now than it was then, either I've lessened the fear one should feel through a form of banality that envelops such subjects once one delves into them for a sustained amount of time or I fail to grasp the full implication of events in a way that generates the proper level of fear, but the sense of urgency once felt is no longer there, seemingly replaced with a feeling of futility, yet one that sits on the surface only, allowed to dominate direct thoughts with direct attention, otherwise this sense lies dormant. For there is hope. Generated by people, because of politicians. Promising. Yanking. Enough!

This aspect is: Whatever is provable and what still remains in the realm of speculation is moot for the reality all know to be real: Western systems are not functioning; things have reached a breaking point.

They know it. 

There's a finality that's inherent to the method under which the Dems have been operating, having to rely on selling a possibility they know they can't deliver on, knowing full well that abusing such facets and the goodwill of people in any way resembling what they've done spells the end of the party, perhaps unleashing tremendous violence, should reality come crashing down.

There's an end game in play, by both parties, and I'm still unsure whether this is related to an awareness of an end of sorts being an assured outcome of their failure — you don't give back to the guy who tried to blow up the TNT warehouse the keys to the warehouse just because he said "sorry" — or whether there are external factors that establish a timeline, environmental disaster sure to wipe out many being one possible scenario. Elon Musk buying the world is another that's sure to seal our doom, apparently.

All the shades of pro-Dem people crying out warnings of impending fascism by pointing the finger at Trumpists specifically and at the Republicans as a whole, you fail to realize how you're helping to usher in what may prove to be a worse form of fascism, for the police-state it announces is all-ubiquitous and highly-oppressive, globally. The way that befits corporations.

•     •     •

Humans or cattle? In many ways, technology, in the wrong hands, especially those guided by a neoliberal mindset, can easily tip society into modes of mass-industrial treatment of people in a manner that, relative to the potential of each species, establishes clearer parallels between a herd of steak-producing cattle and a whole class of people than any smart species would want to admit to.

Between the racially-motivated violence and social segregation that's to accompany the fascism announced by far-right conservatives, which is to be packaged as illiberalism, modeled after the flavour of totalitarianism offered by the likes of Hungary's Viktor Orban, which is the better option?

While there's much good that can be derived out of such approaches, and while such a system can provide a greater 'freedom' than the illusion of such felt in the US, many seem to forget that that reality can only be true for a strictly defined portion, for one must not overlook just how reductive a form of society this can take, and the detrimental effects this can have several years down the line; the cloistering that results out of pronounced nationalistic attitudes is a significant and necessary factor leading to radical fundametalism often characterized as "orthodoxy". 

•     •     •

Senator Bill Cassidi of Louisiana told NBC's Chuck todd he believes that, if Americans want a future and "using the market forces to make the individual's life more free, more prosperous is the way to go, I think we win that debate." 

So, not only do the Republicans still fail to recognize the inherent problems linked with US' brand of Capitalism given that their solution appears to be adding more 'cause' to the problem, but, here too, one's doubts were satisfied by Mitch McConnell when, after the midterms, not wanting to pronounce a clear direction before, which means that the GOP had some vague understanding, at least, of the "do nothing" period and campaign that they should have been embracing up to the midterms, he announced a 2024 campaign that's to focus on being anti-Woke.


"Look, Republicans have established themselves — ourselves — as the anti-Woke brand; we care about being anti-Woke. Now let's have a series of policy initiatives that actually help people lives get better," affirmed Cassidi. 

GOP goes anti-Woke (again?)

•     •     •

The smart move had been to record each member's voting intent (link where I provide and discuss them (halfway down)). What these and the final votes demonstrate are a serious lack of unity within the party, as well as a lack of commitment toward, and confidence in, one's product.

Personally, there's much about that BBB that would have scared me, though very little of that for the same reasons that conservative are bound to provide, so very few of those being able to withstand scrutiny, especially, though far from being limited to, the "Biden's crazy spending spree will lead straight to economy-destroying inflation" bit.

Yes, 'more dollars chasing fewer goods and blah, blah, blah,' but what the hell is one doing in government, or how in heaven's name can a pundit take their role seriously, for who on earth would want to be led by anyone with such a limited and juvenile understanding of economic matters. What boggles me is how that logic flies out the window for all sorts of reasons that benefit the wealthy, which means that the standard arguments against anything resembling what was "sound economic" approaches touted as reasons to avoid investing in people are only valid argument depending on what's being argued, these being countered with standard arguments that follow the same trap.

Much like the US economy is a ponzy scheme, so is Republican debate?

The US is was in one hell of a special and particular situation, having managed to fool the world into adopting a debt system that pulled its value out of thin air, tapping into its assets as it wanted, done through a magic money printing press. The "Capitalism" that the West is intent on imposing across the globe through the various vehicles it uses to such ends, which include 'entities' such as the Marines, the CIA, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and World Bank, applying methods to normalize markets to a Western advantage, finding reasons to seize a country's resources to allow them access to Western markets. There's no end to their madness that can be satisfied through US Capitalism.

Bullying the world into bending to US whims and a rules-based order that's applied through blowback-guaranteed ill-conceived strategies that appear to be based on stochastic models of a foe's behaviour, constructed out of what some analysts who've never left their mother's basement were able to pull out of old books written about the nation that's now targeted as foe; because the US ruling class had done little more than abuse its power, it's now impossible to believe that anything akin to "collaborating with", rather than "crushing", is what drives any aspect of its foreign policy.

Notice that, when the US is involved, the foe that Americans are to fear is always "a nation"; when the foe is an entity that threatens a nation from within, those wars rarely capture public attention and are mostly kept dark, US involvement kept out of the news. In such cases, you can bet that that's because the real foe, per normal, humane standards, is usually a brutal despot that the US is backing; those evil rebels painted as a force of evil across the corporate news outlets are often that dictator's violently oppressed citizens, who've hit their limit of abuse, wanting a piece of their nation's resources so they can have steady meals, too, instead of bending over to be raped, yet again, by the West through the handful of oligarchs who now live like opulent kings, seduced into becoming traitors to their own as the rest struggle incrementally more until all loops back to another bloody civil war. This makes extracting resources slightly more difficult for however long a period of instability results out of the transition to a new despot... But no need to worry or hold a charity for these Western corporations, as weapons sales over that same period more than make up for the resource-depleting down time.

Planned economy? With Wall Street centralizing all powers and the welfare handouts given to banks... What those in the White House claim to want and what they fear having... what gives? Exceptionally confused. Especially welfare for one's banks? What gives? That's just... well, kinda creepy. Part of the loopholes that come with Real Freedom®?

•     •     •

The main criticisms I had of the BBB were twofold: one was its entire handling of a highly-needed environmental component, from developmental aspects to an implementation schedule — even if a vague one, to establish the framework within which they're working — the plan offered failed to address aspects that would bring about a successful transition to sustainable forms of energy over time, assuring a willing roll-over of the work force instead of instant hostility, while their plan also adopted primarily what I'm far from being sold on seeing as truly smart options, namely, wind and solar, if through current means.

A key problem with those, besides the obvious "night and no wind" ones, relates to where the research focus and investment dollars are allowed to go, as well as what's allowed to be certified for sale and/or licensing, as what's ideal gets little attention given that the energy companies are seeking to implement such solutions in ways that will allow them to retain control over their share of the market, simply doing so through another energy product that all must tap into to enjoy modernity in one's home and workplace.

Nuclear plants are a big investment and construction can take several years, but it is the safest, and it provides the least resource taxing transition while — this barely making the news; not sure if that's surprising — huge leaps are being made in fusion energy research, and some are predicting 2050 as the year when the science fiction of cheap, endless energy becomes reality. Nuclear plants are said to have a roughly 30-year life, and a ROI shouldn't be expected within the first 20 years, but offers the potential to generate larger profits in the last ten years than what's possible with the heavily resource-consuming, high-maintenance, time-and-weather-dependent wind and solar farms.

Anything that demands that one limits certain forms of exploitation deemed to be harmful to humans or that one assumes responsibility for one's impact on the environment is guaranteed to face harsh, unrelenting pushback, those most loudly opposed being from the party that loves to preach "individual responsibility" whilst obsessing over removing all the regulations that enforce any sense of responsibility that, otherwise, exists as fantasy, reality delivering far more costly consequences that are only interpreted as such once it's too late, these resulting out of the irresponsible attitudes that are prized in capitalistic systems, vapid greed having rendered too many completely devoid of the good sense that's required to see the grey that's not bound to a tribal colour and that's only visible when not focused on one's navel.

As such, we are doomed unless elites are overthrown should they refuse to become willing agents of change, because: senseless profits today always matter more, taking priority over tomorrow's good sense that's to assure a better day after tomorrow.

•     •     •

The second part of that twofold  mention of the previous section: As I discuss "Polly Ticking 2 - Parroting Progressives", their "marketing" is all wrong, and geared to both generate senseless arguments and reach a small segment of the population only, yet, they offer what everyone is calling for, framed and approached differently, relying on the vocabulary favoured and inculcated by their 'side', but reducible to the same needs, if only anyone listened to one another.

Being tribal. Hate, no matter how silent, is still louder than any words one can ever shout.

•     •     •

Incontrovertibly, Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., as the chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, failed in her role,. albeit, not in the eyes of corporate and conservative Democrats and those of the ones who exposed themselves as, plainly, 'fake progressive'; if being a CPC member no longer means promoting CPC goals, then what's the point of the CPC to all that were made to care about it?

The BBB debacle and what it betrayed, and the fact that only six had stood their ground and held their vote, as they'd promised, and given the backlash they received, even from Democratic voters from their own districts, all of it made me realize just how tough a position the Progressives are in, members of "The Squad", most notably.

But, more importantly, this being a conclusion they've reinforced since: the "fight from the inside" approach, it's a complete waste of time, as the party has evolved the defense mechanisms that will turn Progressives into Dems every time, and never the other way around.

And now, although Jayapal had previously been the one most assumed would ascend to the position, with Hakeem Jeffries looking like the likely candidate — the only name in the hat; hard to believe that no intimidation was present — who will take over the House Speaker role from the House Hag, Nancy Pelosi, this means that, for the few honest CPC members and for any supporters of the progressive agenda that's been sold to them, even if just to illicit their votes, then, things look even more grim for them, even if they added more Progressives to their ranks.

What the CPC has become, which is what it once was, having become as such because of what it once briefly represented, which is a hope that's reflected in one's effort to bring about the meaningful change that would alleviate so many of life's needless struggles; the same hope had been revived, as the need for a change remained the same, having looped back to a breaking point.

•     •     •

For all their smarts, in their own way, it pains me to say that some of these boutique Leftists rank amongst the most clueless and naive of individuals on earth; it didn't take much, it seems, for them to be fooled into acting against all they claim to be of central importance to the way of life they are promoting and the label under which they do so, looking down at those who do not share their socio-political-economic views, believing themselves to be the embodiment of a solution — or a better, saner version of the 'now', at any rate — seemingly unable to grasp how their position has been manipulated and forced into a role that morphs all the frustrations and disappointments into an anger that's to be re-targeted toward an equally manipulated counterpart; blame always lies on one or the other, as demanding that one's party assumes responsibility isn't sensical, it's a political strategy called, "Being a Traitor to One's Party," and it usually ends in a strategy-applying politician no longer being a politician if not worth converting into being one for the other team.

One key thing that the Progressives, their allied media, and their supporters seem to have completely forgotten is, if opting for the "fight from the inside" route they've chosen, what their expected role is, per what is meant to be and what ought to be a progressive focus. Otherwise, what's the point of this group and why should anyone endorse it?

That's precisely what a huge chunk of their base is questioning; it used to be the inability to deliver clear results that generated the doubt, but their attitude and endorsement of the US intervention in Ukraine is what not only killed any support for the Democratic-Left in a certain segment of voters, it's turned that segment against the Progressives and to criticize them openly whilst attacking the professional-managerial-class-led media that serves as their PR machine.

There's genuine confusion among the Progressive caucus and Dem-supporting Leftists, who automatically assume that anyone not in full support of "their party", daring to disparage any of its members, must be Republican and/or a violent far-Right extremist, and, surely, they're [insert current foe] sympathizers, too. Meanwhile, adhering to the same all-or-nothing mindset that qualifies anyone who is challenging the pro-West approved narrative as an "enemy of Freedom & Democracy", the 'mainstream', so-called progressive media have now broadened their attacks, pointing their self-righteous arrogance at all factions of the Left not in line with their reading of the caucus or in support of its strategies.

•     •     •

Generally, although this was a rule for many for the 2020 elections given how stigmatized it was to be seen as a Trump voter, it's more common for people who voted Republican to lie and say they voted for the Dems, this being more prevalent in younger voters, especially if a Progressive member were on their ballot. Hard numbers are near impossible to determine since only the vote, not the intent, is what gets recorded, but contrasting pre-election polls with results, and going off the question being clearly asked on polls, all seems to indicate that — given some minor assumptions made regarding respondents — more shame is attached with voting Republican then voting for the Dems.

Refusing to accept that different times demand different attitudes, change that breaks outside of what's regarded as traditional is unavoidable, as younger generations are bound to view things differently than their parents and grand parents. This is a necessary ingredient of progress.

Republicans blame culture for this, but, as I've addressed, it's not a question of conspiracy and their claims of "Leftist control of the media and culture" are extremely exaggerated and skewed, not to mention that the type of mindset that sets one as a lifelong Republican isn't as conducive to "cultural" endeavours as the mindset that's likely to be drawn toward the Dems, probably for a lack of better option. I mean... for crying out loud! Republicans keep telling the people they accuse of controlling the culture to get a "real job" instead of being a drain doing "cultural" stuff. Figure that stupidity out, please.

•     •     •

Nancy Polizard

Both parties are guilty of falsely representing the other and of doing their all to demonize the other's core; indeed, things get very tribal. Nonetheless, under the ludicrous pile of stereotypes each assign to the other and indoctrinate in voters — hence why they care about kids, though not enough to care about their education, safety, and welfare, too — there is an essence that's reflected surface-wise and this is what manages to capture voters as well as what they latch on to as the reason why their tribe is fundamentally better and, each in its own way, more American than the other.

That said, given the usual reasons why those outside of the Republican's base periodically shift their usual Dem vote to a GOP candidate, i.e., to punish the Dems, being fed up with their mix of ineffectual governance and efficient corruption, then, it seems like the world had plenty of reasons to encourage the usual Dem voters to vote, en masse, for anything non-Dem, if vote at all, the US working class having plenty more to motivate themselves without requiring additional encouragement, but it always provides a nice and welcomed boost.

Whether on the domestic or foreign fronts, the Biden Bunch... uh... um... weirdest presidency ever?

Let's all be honest: If we lived in a movie we'd be walking out of our lives, feeling utterly insulted and cheated, hoping we can get our money back, wondering what kind of fools our creator imagined us to be?! As if we'd act in such a far-fetched and totally zany story that blends casual cruelty with senior moments, international conflict with a ventriloquist show, and government with village idiot, conflating serious, high-brow slapstick with the disappointment of an SNL skit and the trashiness of sleazy, Shakespearean-themed court drama where every character is a version of Elmer Fudd, events unfurling in a world where allies, by way of punishing their foe, slap each other silly with financial restrictions, taking terroristy steps to limit the allied powers' energy needs at a time when that energy is most needed, condemning themselves to death then patting each other's back for a job well done, doomed to starve and freeze as the Western  house of cards crumbles but its hidden value gets rerouted, obliterating cozy comforts and lifetimes of sacrifices and the expectation of a secure tomorrow, all happening as the Peace People cheer for war, for the Freedom Force must dominate the world, compelling countries to their knees in the name of Democracy.

As if anyone could take more than five minutes of that nonsense, never mind all the loony events and subplots I haven't mentioned, nor the Fourth Reich undertones that permeate many backdrops, providing far-too-obvious foreshadowing that, as if, only a tiny portion of the cast are able to see but — get this — they don't dare mention lest they want to lose social media friends and ad dollars... I mean, c'mon! How much of an idiot would one have to be to live through any of that?!

•     •     • 

A red wave? Well, give it five more minutes, but I wouldn't expect much from a party of losers who can't even win a midterm that's been completely handed over to them.

•     •     • 

Back to a main point: The GOP could have sat back and promised nothing instead of offering the usual, empty promises that are implied in the reasons why the Dems had to be defeated, which carried no legal promise whatsoever, as they'll remind voters if victorious. 

Tax cuts. And peasants dying. The elements of the Republican version of the simile that establishes life's guarantees: Like death and taxes.

The other evils that most adult knows lurks under the ankle-length skirt of conservatism just needed to be kept under wraps while the Biden Bunch fuddled and fumbled and occasionally got lost on a stage, and if the GOP wasn't gaining significant numbers, the Dems sure were losing significant ones.

A red wave may be overstating it; would a blue collapse be more accurate?

Nonetheless, look around; see the state of the world. How could anyone in their right mind vote for the Dems ever again?

Babe! Baby, Baby, Baby, Babe. Baby, Babe, Babe, Babe, Baby, oh Mama. (Robert Plant/Led Zeppelin. Maybe)

Roe v. Wade!

Roe v. Wade?

Why then, at that moment? All they had to do was be patient just a tad longer and not be too rightwing about things. That many analysts and pundits could only see what veered into a totally failed strategy, the abortion ban creating a backlash that's, surely, responsible for the red wave being delayed — give it another 15 minutes; ya never know — this has me thinking that they've adopted too narrow a view of things since, as I was alluding to, not doing anything, such as tearing down abortion laws, an act whose timing seems to have been chosen with no consideration whatsoever for the midterms, then, that red wave would have soaked us all already, I bet.

So, either the conservatives figured that the religious hand would deliver bigger results than the feminist/free rights one and/or they're so full of themselves that they can't conceive of reasonable folks wanting a society structured any differently than what suits them, or, the GOP strategists aren't, perhaps, as incompetent, and their party as clueless of their base, as many would have us believe and this was a calculated act with an expected cost?

In my opinion, there's a bit of all of that.

Rightwing media hosts and pundits were being their rightwing selves, happy to focus their attention on scoring one against the Dems — and a big one it was at that, too — the closedmindedness that informs their beliefs having convinced them that abortion is reducible to a simple black or white issue, convinced that it's to be reflected as such in the dominant, anti-Abortion True American Values™ that will shine bright across the US, minus the liberal hell-holes, hence being genuinely surprised to see the secondary and tertiary complexities they'd never given a thought to that came to the surface almost immediately — this had led to some shameful accusations from rightwing media — as well as the number of women for whom their personal rights mattered, and all the men who support their right to decide.

Establishment Republicans had calculated the cost, and relied on rightwing media hosts and pundits being their rightwing selves to fight the battle that was assured to be a side effect of their real goal. Which most seemed to have completely forgotten about come midterms.

Per the usual limits of the collective memory, this aspect would be banal in its normality, but due to the importance tied to the cause that was the subject of much focus, I have to wonder whether certain entities played a role in deflecting our attention from a more crucial strategy that's been implemented: a plan that many had seen and discussed not too long after the first ban was officialized in Texas, DMS&UY having highlighted the danger almost a year before that day, The Majority Report being the only other outlet that I'm aware of that had also voiced an early concern over the potential development this presented, also in reaction to acts by the GOP that signaled their intent to dismantle the EPA, among other agencies.

Recall: With the abortion ban, Texas seemed to be testing the waters for state-level legal means to circumvent the White House entirely, along with methods that will yield their desired results for those areas protected under the constitution or completely under federal control, like the right to sue anyone one suspects of being involved in an abortion.

Speaking of ridiculous story plots... Insane. And it contradicts far too much of all they purport to stand for, unless, to circumvent that, we see women, not as subhuman — that'd be wrong, misogynistic — but as full humans with sub-rights?

Other 'red' states started to follow suit thereafter, it should have been real clear at that point that the conservatives, backed, funded, and in line with the Evangelical Right, were devising the framework that could be applied in order to transfer key powers over to a state, letting them devise laws that negate federal legislation through devious means that punish anyone partaking in undesired acts. 

For example, Texas didn't ban abortion, one still has the right to have one, but those that had one, and anyone deemed to have facilitated the act, may be sued and forced to pay $10,000, be they a taxi driver that knowingly brought a woman to an appointment for an abortion, or that woman's parents, etc., and to make sure all live in fear of being 'caught' in the act, you can bet that the state is swift to rule in favour of plaintiffs, which can be absolutely anyone not even remotely related to the person having had an abortion. At $10,000 per head for anyone aware that an abortion was in the plan and who haven't voiced opposition or done anything to stop it, a more sleazy offshoot of paparazzi-styled scum were able to create new revenue streams; unfortunately, the more successful they are, especially the sooner, then the quicker they'll snuff out that source of income.

That, from the party that's ultra-quick to call out McCarthyism in anything vaguely close to the harsh stigmatization and acute paranoia that the Republicans are eager to foster through citizens policing citizens, always looking over their shoulder lest Betty-Bob Sue Helen Mary Joejohnson gets the better of you, and reports it to Bob.

If you're a single woman who managed to slip out of her chastity belt, well, here's a lesson for you as to why you may want to be married next time you're pregnant and plan on being a baby murderer: your husband could be a lawyer, or be able to afford one.

And, so, to the surprise of the Ben Shapiros and Charlie Kirks that roam the US, this aspect had killed the swell of the reddish wave firmly forming against the mass of hot air generated by the stormy Biden Bunch's bumbling and backpedaling storm, this facet revealing the full extent of the GOP's intent, and which meant: enforcing a Christian theocracy of sorts that saw the Holy Ghost replaced by the USD to provide a more meaningful Trinity.

The waters turned deadly still; beachgoers, however, turned choppy and frothy and turbulent, too, and the seas parted all the more.

Yet, abortion rights didn't figure high on people's list of concerns on any of the polls. Though it's true that women and younger folks were among those with the highest turnouts.

Nonetheless, that's the cause 'experts' point to as the reason for the Dems' victorious midterms that were well worth a celebration: they may have lost a few seats and Congress but, damn it, they didn't lose anywhere near as many ridings as everyone were sure they would. The Biden Bunch. With all the damage they've caused, managing to split the world in two and trigger the official demise of the mighty USD, too. They could do worse still — like nuke the planet yesterday — but there's no way they could have made out better than what the approval ratings were announcing barely one year in his presidency, so, it had to be something that the Republicans did...

The effect on the red momentum that had been solidly building up until that moment was so devastating that some analysts are of the opinion, very seriously, that, in order to maintain the illusion of democracy that both parties are now able to adroitly balance and play to their advantage per the 2-4-6 cycles that demand drama to deliver on the donations, thus, if they're to keep the US Establishment beast that's really a two-party front with a one-party back and no head, lumbering menace of a monster alive, and keep the playing field just as it is — just the way they like it; with no room for non-Establishment players — then, the Republicans had better go into the midterms with a severe handicap lest they completely wipe the floor with the Dems and dump the rest in a refuse container located in a historically blue state; let them deal with the carbon-green gashouse whatever.

I've long said that the two-party battle is mostly just window dressing for the single party, i.e., corporate money, that's really running the show, but I'm not sure I'm willing to go as far as saying that: the GOP pushed to tackle Roe v. Wade now knowing there'd be significant less-than-favourable reactions, hence keeping the fight tight and meaningful and the two-party apparatus relevant. And most importantly: with little room for a third party; with that close a race, can anyone afford to waste their vote on a nobody party?
Foreign Policy - Biden much the same as Trump

There are plenty of reasons to suggest that it's not that far-fetched an idea. Look behind the facade and establishment-devoted, corrupt-to-the-core folks are the ones who are, ultimately, calling all the shots in the House and Senate, and these folks almost always see eye-to-eye on anything related to policies and keeping a war going. As previously discussed: regardless of all the hubbub and the promises to reverse every single 'vile thing' that Trump had done, we may have watched Biden spend his first couple of days in office sitting at his desk, signing one executive measure after another in a great show of Democracy and liberation, the pen being mightier than a suspended Twitter account, after all, but the mightiest of all are elite-serving policies no matter the party that wrote them — only the types of grammatical errors affect their real worth — which is why the stack of executive document holders and the number of orders claimed to have been signed sure looked impressive, but, in terms of policies and positions, be they related to trade and tariffs, sanctions and partnerships, policing and prison, or immigration measures and border security, etc., according to Foreign Policyafter "eight months into his presidency, Biden has yet to turn that rhetoric into policy. He might have scorned Trump’s 'America first' approach to the world, but he’s doing his best to carry on Trump’s legacy on everything from foreign policy to trade and immigration."

After Biden seriously screwed over France last year, undercutting its entire Indo-pacific strategy of the last decade when Washington and Downing Street treated the country like trash as they secretly stomped, urinated on, then flushed France's $66 billion submarine deal with Australia, signed in 2016, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian described dealing with the new cabinet as: “The Biden method is like Trump’s without the tweets.” 

Because Much Depends on Impressions

Nowadays, and for some time, the Clintons and the Obamas are good buddies with Bush Jr., even belonging to the same neoliberal clubs and European economic development coalitions and forums, many of their gatherings held between 2015 - 2019 placing particular emphasis on energy development projects in Ukraine, but I digress.

The two parties being mere fronts for establishment elites and the Big Money network with unlimited lobbying budgets is something that ought to be clear to all by now, yet... it all seems very conspiratorial, demanding more cooperation and acting skills to maintain the illusion than what's reasonable to expect, statistically or otherwise, unless all potential candidates are vetted pre-election to ensure their willingness to be complicit players and the ability to pull off the con.

Seen that way, I agree that mention of a two-for-one false-front view of US government tends to categorize one as a conspiracy loon, but that's because the black or white view that dominates a US interpretation of anything and everything is equally at play here and, therefore, so is the assumption made by the majority of voters: parties are either in cahoots, or they are not. And, clearly, each party has a different agenda and policy proposals...

Keep in mind that the expectations that commonly arise when considering such a notion are arrived at per the tribalist bias and filters that one has imposed on oneself, hence, limiting one's interpretation of this dynamic to one that can only be true if the US government were entirely conceived to serve up two false fools for the hidden, true king; I don't believe that. And anyone giving the subject any amount of attention will quickly conclude that the mention of the one-party doesn't imply that, behind closed doors, whether Dem or Republican makes no difference, and all are best buddies willingly working together to stiff Americans per a shared grand plan.

Rather, it refers to a morally-corrosive, parasitic tumor that's grown into a debilitating hunch on the government's back, having bored through cranium and tapped into the brain it now controls, which it will starve of oxygen and food and snuff out in an instant should it entertain any thoughts of getting that weight off its back.

What's developed is a system of rewards and coercion, benefits and bribes, cheques and bank balances, favours and kickbacks, punishment and exclusion, and anyone seeking to function outside of those spaces can examine elimination but should first get life insurance if they care about someone.

There's a clear difference visible between those who are oblivious of the one-party back-scene, those who acknowledge it, and those who are aware of this reality. The latter may, on occasion, get fooled into playing the petty party politics game, but they're usually able to navigate quite freely in between both camps and most of their factions, as well as independents; they aren't tribal.

All the individuals that I've come across who occupy this space possess, like myself, well-defined political views and a clear political stance, these rarely being in line with any of the groups who adopt a tribal perspective that splits a nation between "them" and "Us", hung up on duopolistic surface forms that let the single Deep State do as it will and get away with it.

It's uncanny how dysfunctionally brainwashed the majority of Americans are, American pundits being among acute sufferers of the associated mental deficiency that tribalism engenders. And, to be sure: I don't mean that as a compliment.

•     •     • 

Milo Yiannopoulos, as despicable a character as he was, seems to be coming back to the surface, having vanished for a while, and to have adopted a toned-down persona, one not seeking to be provocative for the easy attention provided through provocations; he appeared on Tim Pool's Timcast in the days after the midterm and, although I haven't watched the full episode, the segment I caught provided a truly interesting clash between the cosmopolitan savviness of Yiannopoulos and Pool's bubble-reinforced chauvinism, both framing their interpretation of the election results from a marked eurodom perspective that's the foundation of Western politics.  

Yiannopoulos came down on Pool, who was blathering nothings about the midterm results, which he seemed to have assessed from a purely technical viewpoint, not seeing the Republican loss that rocked the rest of the GOP since, after all, a gigantic red wave had been expected... and all that taunting. Pool can't really be faulted for that, except for the fact that he missed the mark completely, failing to grasp the profound disappointment this represented, Yiannopoulos repeating the words "they wanted blood" to drive home just how rage inducing a loss this represented, which didn't seem to sink into Pool's head; the GOP psyche was in dire need of an instance that reaffirms the strength of the identity they see being threatened through callous arrogance, what they hold dear being snuffed out by 'radical' means to make way to modes that they've continually had beaten into them to see as anti-American.

Yiannopoulos couldn't have been more correct, in my opinion. 

As such, and, more importantly, in light of what's building up across the globe and the various shades of fascism we're promised unless action is taken to avoid this course, the segment exemplified an aspect of Tim Pool's channels that I harshly criticize: he fails to realize the violent end he's helping to bring about; Ben Shapiro, too; ironically, his politics and opinions help strengthen anti-Semitic sentiments in the far-Right he's helping to empower. These two, and a few others, remain totally oblivious to the level of hate they're generating and coagulating, giving it a life and pointing a finger at its target, seen as such for the folly required of tribes, not for the reality that underscores each, their similarities situated outside the tribalities that have brought things to a breaking point, demanding some form of demolition before true democracy can be built.

The ruling elites must realise: This demolition, do they wish to guide it productively toward real and lasting change that's beneficial to all, or do they want to stand in its way as it rips through everything they hold dear, assigning these greater value than human life?  


There's much I wanted to discuss, these aspects adding depth to the original focus of this post, now another post (see below).

One of these is what's been unraveled regarding FTX, the Theranos of cryptocoins.

Another aspect is the treatment the FTX story received from the Dem supporters, including the TYT-progressive types.

Another being how this ties into their treatment of anything related to allegations of criminal activity by Joe and Hunter Biden. And how, although mentioning the donations made and promised to the Dems by FTX owner, Sam Bankman-Fried, they omitted any mention of FTX's links to the type of operations carried out by the Bidens, as well as the Kyiv regime's investments in FTX, which appears to have been done to launder money sent to them by tax payers, like US citizens, which it then distributed, operations being under the protection of the 'Obama sin Biden regime' providing the right donations were made?

This may unravel much that the Dems want to remain blind to as they continually adopt a truly stupid, sordid, petty, and juvenile attitude regarding crime so long as a Republican is 'still standing', as there can be nothing more criminal than a breathing Republican, which is why the TYT-Progressive types turn into pointless and acute bigots that see more value in downplaying crimes, and other events, they clearly know fuck-all about than to treat them seriously, unless it involves a GOP they can't stand, then two years of swimming in their BS, repeating BS, refusing to see their BS for the "conspiracy theory" it is, and still today, repeating aspects of their BS in a manner that betrays that they still have faith in the validity of their BS, all of it being a form of election denialism which they're allowed to express, trapped in their own idiotic dogma while bitchin' and moanin' that Republicans somewhere are breathing... most demented bunch, all of you who play the two-party two-step and still believe you're relevant today. But from so-called Progressive, as I've often stated, that's the form of that behaviour that truly pisses me off! I've a hard time accepting it; in their own way, this group is just another version of the Shapiro they love to hate.They really ought to get down from their high horse(s). More on this in Polly Ticking Part 3, coming up soon.

Biden getting ready to pull a Trump

Another is the headline on the right, the type of story it presents becoming more frequent in the last weeks before the midterm, their numbers increasing the more sure all were that the Dems were to lose, it's hard to not see in Biden's comments the same conniving he and the Dems accuse Trump and Trumpers of doing, more so in combination with the behaviour that's been on display from the same Dems — and the collective West — to throw blame on the Russians for anything bad they may get caught doing whilst not being directly involved in the conflict — nudge, nudge — though none of them still argue the "proxy" label, having inadvertently used it themselves.

More on that. Any of it. What is the surprise, more is the expectation. That and it are whatever you want them to be.


I'm ending this one here, but, believe it or not, I've barely touched what this post was originally meant to discuss. All that's above resulted from me thinking I should re-do the intro to all that was below — now moved to another post — which contained an unfinished section that apparently, I wasn't in the mood to tackle, so it made more sense to write this post despite already having one (at least three other ones about 90% done, actually)?

Don't worry; I don't get me either at times. 


Hammer Time - GOP on the case!


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