The Colonization of Yugoslavia: The Lesson Ukrainians And The World Failed To Learn

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Posted: May 3, 2022   7:05:09 PM   |   Last updated: May 3, 2022   7:06:12 PM

by Pascal-Denis Lussier

A Case that Shouldn't Even Be Made...


The remarkable thing about the United States is, per the observations of Alexis de Tocqueville, how it was able to “exterminate the Indian [Indigenous] race tranquilly, legally, philanthropically, without spilling blood, without violating a single great principle of morality in the eyes of the world.” [1]

Note: I was forced to access several aspects on mobile and realized how much I took for granted that test sizes on full screen showed up equally well on mobile... I'll improve this side of things when/if I get the chance.


The above citation shows how impressions, garnered through historic records—history written by the winners—are too often far removed from the very real and brutal events experienced by those who lived them...

I normally like to take a more oblique approach that presents very specific and immediate events or criticisms that I frame within a broader but clear topic so that, at first glance, what I discuss may seem vague and unrelated to the subject matter one probably expects based on my chosen title, but actually provides a direct example from which, I hope, readers will be able to extrapolate the relevancy based on the context within which it is mentioned.

A good example of this is the “US Empire: Crumbling or Globalizing” series I posted over a month ago, though a fourth entry that was meant to tie all together more neatly was never produced as, frankly, I’d hit a severe motivational slump at the time as, not only is any encouragement definitely hard to come by, I’d realized that I was being shadow banned by Big Tech due to my overall take regarding events in Ukraine. Let’s just say that DMS&UY is now far better indexed on Russia’s Yandex than it is on Google, which further counters all the “West equals free speech” rhetoric considering that I’ve been just as critical of Putin as I have of the West’s involvement in Ukraine.

Yes, by the way, I’ve occasionally been accused of demanding too much from readers, such as expecting them to do the leg work and grab a dictionary or to read up on historical events if they’re to grasp a particular reference. Because that’s how one really learns; my goal isn’t to teach nor to impart my specific views, but to have individuals looking past the surface, mainstream narrative we’re being fed, because, on too many important issues, it’s provenly false and greatly damaging to what all claim to really care about.

Occasionally, I’m quite explicit, but, in this one, I’m aiming to marry the two as my message is one I’d truly like to get through as unambiguously as possible, while being aware that the subject I plan to tackle deserves a book though I’ve set my limit at 15,000 words…

Will I succeed? You tell me.

NOTE: This was written with the intention to be just one part, but I’ve broken it into two, perhaps three, to make it more manageable, though I think I’ll repost it all as a single post which will include all references.

Caveat & Accusations

I stipulate my clear intent in the next section; in this one, and its subsections, I want to clarify that the angst I express targets the US elites and Establishment and any mindset that supports and excuses them.

My usage of “US”, “American(s)”, and similar, refer to those in power and playing a key role in forging  policies, or in disregarding or obfuscating reality, be it through the manipulation of any significant facts and events, or in proliferating lies about any individual or entity, when these are done with the willful aim to dupe the public and to further a corporate or military agenda that serves just a few, whether done for economic gain or to increase one’s power. Any references to US citizens are made in a manner that clearly identifies them.      

That being said, all that’s stated here, or, for that matter, throughout DMS&UY, is expressed with a firm awareness that there exists a vast difference between public policy and public opinion; generally, the American people do not support Establishment goals and ideals, and most would be vehemently opposed to what these elites and their corporations are doing—achieved in great part through military might—were all keenly aware of the real facts and of their actual goals.

Can one blame the American public for being confused and for not knowing who’s truly responsible for the sorry state of things? Can one accuse the American population of playing a direct role in the US’ brutish, bullying ways, its self-justified use of violence across the globe, and for the countless number of deaths the US leaves in it quest for hegemonic dominance?  

No, but only up to a certain point. Past that, however, yes, I believe one can, albeit with caution and limitations, for a people can’t claim to lack trust in one’s institutions of power and in the media that spins their lies whilst continuing to support these same entities, remaining complicit in maintaining such structures, in repeating their lies, and then expect to be absolved of any and all responsibility.

Do keep in mind that a fair portion of US citizens aren’t able to show this of type understanding and to offer such a release from guilt for members of other nations, yet, hypocritically, they expect citizens of other nations to confer such levels of consideration upon them; one only has to look at the treatment of Muslims post 9/11—even prior to—to get a sense of this duality. And, of course, the widespread condemnation and bans imposed on all sorts of Russian personalities—from artists to sports figures and more—that have nothing to do with the war in Ukraine is further testament to this.

This is taken a step further—hence, two too many and too far—with events in Ukraine and people’s quick condemnation of anyone who isn’t automatically denouncing Putin (and Russia) and who isn’t merely reciting back, word for word, the White House-CNN-BBC-approved mainstream narrative that all Westerners are supposed to accept as the absolute truth. Who cares about the past and any grave and justified doubts that one should have, as only traitors think for themselves.

Sadly, despite the belief many US citizens will readily spit back—in itself acting as proof for what I’m about to say—the American people are among the most brainwashed and manipulated folks, being submitted to far greater levels of propaganda than the majority of citizens across the globe (I’m not foolish enough to make a claim that includes a top-level superlative like “most”, but it’s certainly among the fiercest and highly relentless form of indoctrination that anyone anywhere undergoes).      

Americans are so immersed in their media landscape they can't see how toxic it's always been, always pushing fear, through framing to editing to music and tone, all designed to inject dread and anxiety in every aspect of one's mundane daily routine.  Unless one is able to break away from such a media environment for a sufficient length of time, they’ll surely want to argue this point, thinking, falsely, that I’m attacking the US, which is “number 1” in all things in the world, period, therefore, so are its news outlets and media platforms

US television shows, movies, and novels tend to feed entirely false impressions about the rest of the world; according to these, no one is truly free and all are living on the edge of the third-world—if not knee-deep in it—except for the US, the only place where all can eat as much as they want, say what they want, and be as free as they want… that is, until reality kicks in, and providing one is never sick.

Nonetheless, there's no land greater, richer, and more sublime than the USA. In that magical La-la-land, Americans urinate freedom and defecate liberty, because that's how full of the stuff they are. And when they do things in other countries, you know independence is being spread, ‘cause everyone should be so lucky to have access to a Big Mac!

My Own Thoughts

My major takeaway from the so-called Russia-Ukraine war is sure to be: Wow! Westerners sure can be absolute fools; they’re easy to brainwash and they love to gobble up the same lies over and over again, proving just how much they love to complain, but only do so out of ignorance and whilst being wholly focused on their navel and nothing else, especially not truth.


Is it because, no matter how greedy, nefarious, and elitist-minded the Western powers have been proven to be, people are happier when believing that whomever these same entities point the finger at and label as evil must be so? Or, at least, far more so than Western powers, who do evil things inadvertently, with good intentions in mind, unlike anyone that’s been identified as a foe by Western corporate-driven entities; whomever they point the finger at must be acting in evil ways, doing so because they are pure evil—why else would western powers point them out—hence why claims are sufficient and proof is just gravy, if available?

Why do people claim to distrust the corpo-news networks yet continually eat up their lies? Even the ones who proclaim their independent status, characterizing themselves as progressive, end up merely repackaging the same mainstream narrative they claim to be above—priding themselves on being a “true and alternative” option—whenever it involves a foreign power?

And why is it that those who clutch on to new formulations of the previous generation’s falsehoods that have been established as clear lies that fuel their current indignation bark anti-Establishment slogans the loudest, yet re-spit their generation’s new version of the same old Establishment lies the most aggressively?

People are idiots, is that it? Yet, those who are the quickest to answer with a “Yes, people are total idiots” are the ones who have the hardest time seeing things outside of the black or white, good or evil, box that’s been continually painted for them and proven to be absolute manipulation.

The world functions in the grey! Wake up, for crying out loud!        

Eastern Western Wannabes?

Even the Eastern international news outlets that provide some hope of getting a clearer message out given their reach end up being tools for the rightwing Western powers simply because they themselves have been fooled into the false reality sold by the West, or because they allow their biases and hate to cloud their judgment and, too often, can’t seem to operate outside of their primary goal as nationalist propagandists; some of the worst examples in this respect are Indian news organizations.

That said, America may have been built on racism, but hate also runs deep and seems to be thriving in Central Asia, namely, India; their constant anti-China and anti-Pakistan take on matters are of great help to the US or, if labeled as “Western”, the predominantly US-led institutions, which are those I wish they would see through. Indeed, wishful thinking, I suppose.

An example from Sunday, 1-May-2022: I’m starting to think that the people at WION should heed their own advice in regard to minding their own business and/or stop attacking outlets like The New York Times whenever they write anything on India, which WION is invariably quick to label as propaganda. Pot calling the kettle black, methinks.   

WION - Rolling Thunder propagandaWith the Freedom Convoy that took place across Canada in February, WION not only got all the details wrong as the main host and executive director, Palki Sharma Upadhyay was, clearly, more preoccupied with pushing anti-Trudeau hate—not facts—because he dared to make comments in support of the farmers and their long protest in India, WION ended up pushing the far right narrative, which helped to exacerbate tensions (yes, even if out of India).

Now, again, seeing the description that sums up WION’s take on “Rolling Thunder,” it’s clear that they haven’t a clue about anything relating to that protest, but they’re more than willing, nonetheless, to promote BS that’s sure to play against the Trudeau government.

In all honesty, I haven’t watched the video, being limited in terms of Internet at the moment and carefully choosing what I access as I have to rely on costly mobile data until much awaited funds come in and I can reinstate my unlimited Internet plan. Yep, I’ve reached that point (my last official contract was two years and four months ago; was hoping DMS&UY would lead to me doing what I love, full time, but I was wrong). Any hoot…

However, that rally has NOTHING to do with war veterans, as the description suggests. People did gather around the National War Memorial, and a loosely-organized church ceremony took place at the base of that same memorial at 10:30 am on Sunday, but that’s it.

And there was nothing oppressive in terms of police action, as that same description can also easily lead one to believe. There were seven arrests reported on Friday, four on Saturday—which were justified, due to property damage or aggression against officers—and none have been reported so far for Sunday (as I write this, which is 4.5 hours after I received that notif), though there probably were some, so let’s add nine to the mix just to round way, way up to 20, over three days.

Hundreds of tickets were handed out for parking within a “vehicle exclusion zone,” but I’m willing to bet that such a safety zone exists around India’s parliamentary buildings, especially with terrorists being a far harsher reality in their neck of the woods…

Protest organizers have clearly stated that the rally was in line with the Freedom Convoy’s initial goals and was set up by “Freedom Fighters” to oppose COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Per Pierre (no last name given) a rally spokesperson:

“We are here fighting for liberty and we are here fighting for freedom. It’s all the things to do with the masks and the vaccines. It should be a choice.”

So, WION, what the heck is your goal? Isn’t this propaganda of sorts, so, what makes you any better than The New York Times?

The example I just gave isn’t directly linked to the aforementioned power entities I refer to, but its effect is of great benefit to these entities. 

(I tend to voice criticism of WION and indie outlets rather than MSNBC or CNN or… The latter two are clear and hopeless propagandists with far too much corporate and Establishment backing to make it wholly unrealistic for anyone to expect any positive change from these and similar entities (including Fox). WION, on the other hand, can be painfully biased and agenda-driven at times, but one gets a sense that they’re always aiming for, or willing to improve towards, ‘truth’. As such: I probably don’t give enough praise to outlets like Democracy Now! and The Real News Network, as well as a few others, but I’ll explain briefly, below, why I place more emphasis on WION, albeit without going into great depth; any criticism or disappointment I voiced in the past may become clearer. My assessment and trust is based on a 14-month review of the outlet.)

That Said, All in All

If you'll allow me: I may not be a news anchor, and, despite my experience in media companies, I may not be a “newsperson”, but analysis is one thing I do know; all my post-secondary schooling and training has been focused on just that through different approaches, and it’s something I’ve done professionally, in one form or another, for over 25 years. Albeit “analyst” has never been my official title, my focus has always been on reviewing and filtering through a great deal of info, summarizing it all, identifying issues and bloats, and suggesting or creating solutions, often leading a team through the process. What lies at the heart of that, do you think?

So, when I analyze current events and contrast that with what the news organizations are pushing, what I readily see are, as usual, people driven by their own biases and agendas, set per whatever organization they work for.

And it truly pains me to see just how deep the influence of the anti-peace US elites goes, and just how much power its Establishment holds over the world, and how they’ve been able to distort the truth in a manner that’s beyond disheartening for anyone who truly cares, and truly discouraging for anyone willing to fight for real, positive change and peace.

Finally, I don’t see the current events in the US as being the inevitable step back that’s a precursor to any change, but a major leap forward for the rightwing. Yes, any major change usually instigates turmoil which brings about a period of recoil, so it is normal to expect pushback leading to backwards stumbling given the type of change that a majority are now clamouring for and expecting, but everything signals that this isn’t that.

Since 2020, the world has undergone a drastic and permanent change. We’re experiencing a shift that’s not the inadvertent consequence of haphazard events, but the planned result of a neoliberal and elitist push for economic globalization and Capitalistic dominance over any forms of socialized governance. A new power structure is settling, one that’s bound to result in far greater levels of violence than any that the world has experienced so far, as the volume of people affected is sure to be above the scope of normal expectations, for such underestimations and limited foresightedness are inseparable parts of being human; it’s such a flaw that keeps us hopeful, for sure, but, unfortunately, also and wholly unprepared, doomed to repeat a history that’s best not repeated lest we be, simply, doomed.

What is happening in Ukraine is, in no uncertain terms, a part of this push; I’m certain of this now, having examined all that surrounds the so-called invasion, from what has led to it to all that’s being enforced.

Certainly, Western entities and individuals will accuse me of being all that I am not given my take on the matter. No matter, but please know that, as usual, my only concern is the truth, and in being, above all, fair, providing the best assessment I can based on all the information I’ve been able to access, which happens to be far more than most, though, no doubt, less than those directly involved in top-level decision. Short of absolute confirmation from those who are implicated and who are responsible for ‘calling the shots,’ so to speak, I’ve done my darndest to eliminate any and all speculation out of the conclusions I present.   

The Only Reasonable, Substantiated, and Educated Conclusion One Can Reach

What I’m asserting here is no different than the conclusion I’ve forwarded so far throughout several posts, except I’ll present my take in a far more structured and corroborated manner, validating the mindset that motivated it all and the source of such thinking, as well as how it has been successfully applied through previous events and wars, the breakup of, and attacks on, Yugoslavia providing a case and a vital lesson from which all should be able to see a clear parallel with Ukraine and the West’s (namely, the US and UK) culpability in events underway in Eastern Europe, and the ill intent that lies behind them.

What is to come in the subsequent post(s) seeks to establish these points:

  1. The West presents a far bigger threat to the entire world than any other power, country, or entity.
  2. The West has played a major role in instigating events in Eastern Ukraine; amplifying divisions along ethnic lines is a well-documented ploy developed by the US.
  3. Human rights are issues that the West cares little about; it has created the situation and abuses that allow it to exploit atrocities—which it creates in the absence of any—in order to play on people’s emotions and to elicit the type of reaction that, deceptively, grants support to sanctions and, ultimately, military action.   
  4. In their quest for total dominance, Western powers see all civilians as “collateral damage” whose deaths they can spin in order to benefit their cause.
  5. The West has never wanted nor sought to achieve peace with the Soviet Union or Russia.
  6. The US acts with total disregard for all the institutions and rules it imposes on others.
  7. The West has a long and troubling history of dealing with terrorists and dictators, and the “Nazi” aspect in Ukraine is one that’s greatly downplayed and it’s a facet that the West is keenly aware of; as such accusations made against Putin may be valid, but are greatly exaggerated and, in some respects, completely false.
  8. The IMF, the World Bank, NATO, and, even, the UN, are tools exploited by the West in order to achieve their imperialist ends; the US is merely a flag under which the elite seek to colonize the globe.
  9. Essentially, the West used Ukraine to their own political aim; a diachronic view of events from 1991 to the present indicates two things:
    1. The West has long been gearing up to confront Russia; the ‘war’ between the two ideologies has never really stopped, according to the US, as feared by Russia, both keeping the tensions alive; and
    2. The West has long been preparing Ukraine for this war, never intending to let them join NATO, thus never planning to be engaged directly.

As usual, do know that I take no side, cheer for no tribe, and none of the statements I make are done without basis or lengthy reflection on the subject.

Just to lay the groundwork:

The U.S. and NATO powers thereby succeeded, with guns and money, in breaking up the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia into a half-dozen weak ministates, thus overthrowing the last independent government in Eastern Europe. They succeeded even in confusing many progressives in the West — the imperialist countries — with a well-planned and executed offensive of lies that blamed every problem in the Balkans on Serbia and on Milošević himself. [2]

In 1988, the IMF and World Bank told Yugoslavia that they were cut off from further loans because the country was too indebted, owing $13.5 billion. However, in 2010, after having forced the division of Yugoslavia into six countries, both of these financial institutions have forced the liquidation of these nations’ assets whilst forcing greater loans on these countries, bringing the combined debt level to $184 billion.

That certain entities continue to attack China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as being a purely evil plan devised so China can financially ruin other countries and grab hold of their assets all while either promoting or remaining neutral towards truly predatory and evil entities like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank plays directly into Western plans and needs; these two entities (IMF and World Bank) have a long and established record of ‘evil’ deeds, whereas the more one investigates into the allegations made against China and their lending practices, the more one is bound to see such claims as anti-China propaganda rather than to unearth real and actual evil, finding little actual proof to substantiate the level of accusations made against it.

In this respect, the India-based WION is a major disappointment due to the reasons I previously mentioned. Their bias is laughable at times; you’d think they get paid per negative comment they make against China and Pakistan given how transparently ridiculous their aim is based on the types of self-contradictory claims made by preceding or succeeding sentences.

A recent example was made by the anchor-reporter who replaced Palki Sharma during her vacation, Molly Gambhir, who—despite being someone I'd qualify as very good—sharply accused China of behaving exactly like a “loan shark” because it hadn’t yet offered to delay Sri Lanka’s repayment deadline while it had done so for Pakistan, all while not alluding in any way to the the blatant and highly criminal corruption that’s responsible for Sri Lanka’s dire straits, which, surely, plays a role in China's attitude towards the country.

Clearly, someone needs to explain to her—or WION—how loan sharks function, and why she’s showing her bigotry to shine through by making a blanket accusation that’s contradicted by her previous claim.

It matters. Because outlets like WION present a rare voice and opportunity, one which can (will?) allow ‘truth’ to pierce through in a manner that can make a difference, both locally and internationally. Because it has such a reach, and because it is not trapped in the bipartisan folly that automatically taints anything it has to say as being entirely self-serving and geared towards one party. Being fairly strangled myself, both financially (temporarily, I hope) and due to my own views, I do place much hope and trust on Palki... Outlets such as Deutsche Welle and France 24 aren’t as free, for too high a level of propaganda has been discernible in their handling of Ukraine, as I’ve demonstrated in a previous post, doing so whilst just scratching the surface of their deceit.

Do know that US President Joe Biden has played a major role in pushing the lies behind the agenda that’s outlined below, using the same vocabulary to demonize the then Yugoslavian leaders and militants that dared to oppose Western colonization of their republics that he’s now using to describe Putin and anyone that dares to challenge the mainstream narrative.


Part 2 (and, maybe, 3, to ease things), which is heavy on references and quotes, to come shortly; grant me a day or two to review and post.


1. Tocqueville in America | The New Yorker
2. Catalinotto, John; Milošević trial exposed U.S.- NATO aggression against Yugoslavia | Workers World. March 11, 2021


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