Progressive PAC Backs Shontel Brown Over Nina Turner, And It Makes Me Happy

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Posted: Apr 19, 2022   12:06:49 AM   |   Last updated: Apr 20, 2022   2:44:05 PM

by Pascal-Denis Lussier

Given the Fight and the People's Wants, the PAC Isn't a Plus


Note: Anyone actively serving up content that presents certain views regarding the war in Ukraine and the West's role in all of that has immediately felt public pressure as well as the one of a murky, unseen force that's been pushing down on them; they've seen their reach being limited and potential gains being crushed. This aspect should be of real concern to anyone I'd qualify as being a worthwhile, evolved human; the rest are what I call morons or warmongering idiots and their cheerleaders. So, any surprise in my telling you that DMS&UY's reach is being severely strangled?

This has now made it nearly pointless to even publish anything given that I'm already very familiar with the facts I've unearthed and the conclusions I've reached. I'm not kidding when I say that readership went from decent to abysmal in the blink of an eye, and the analog server data shows a clear restriction being applied through Big Tech platforms.

That said, please consider sharing, helping out with a brief mention, etc. Direct traffic is what DMS&UY now has to rely on. Otherwise, the frustration far outweighs the passion, turns the effort into wasted energy... 
Plus, adding an extra level to my frustration: Despite taking a wee break from Gravitas last week (I wouldn't want to obsess over its host or anything), it seems I can't make up for it this week with a proper Palki Sharma fix, nor watch last week's episodes to get one. Hmmm... sincerely hope she's well. Sure, I'm real critical of her news—I'm critical of everything (and give praise, too)—but she's worth, and, as executive editor, makes it worth, the effort. Such is the impression I'm left with anyhow.


20-Apr-2022 update: Made a few spelling/grammatical corrections, and tied loose ends in the last sections, having written in a bout of passion.

Nina Turner. So far, she has been just another, crappy politician, much like The Squad and all others that came before them, being—no matter the reluctance seen from DC—welcomed into the halls of the Establishment's House albeit if for just one purpose: not to feed anti-elitism and/or to give meaning to working-class hope for a change and greater equality, but just to placate those who express such desires, syphoning all their energy by redirecting their attention towards an internal entity that invariably ends up serving the Establishment.

When I revived DMS&UY, the first piece I wrote that focused on Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez was one that expressed how much of a disappointment she represented, having quickly turned into the expected thing that befit her title: a run-of-the-mill politician. She was being turned into the progressive cause's poster girl for all that she inadvertently provided to the opposition, who could attack her without appearing racist, unlike, for example, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, although that didn't stop the Right's real crazies, like Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Boebert, from severely crossing that line by referring to them as the "Jihad Squad", which is just one among many examples.

This type of moderated entity and their claimed goal of wanting to change things from the inside no longer hold any weight with anyone who's seriously desiring a positive change towards a for-the-people focus and weakening the corporate and military-industrial complex grip on DC.

I do believe that there's a handful of individuals who truly want to make it happen; there's at least six members of the Progressive Caucus who've convinced me that their aim is genuine. What they need is a veritable leader. Nina Turner is the only person I see who's actually in a position to potentially fill that role. Will she if given the chance?

Because she lost last year's Ohio 11th District special election; because of the immoral circumstances that led to her defeat (by 6%); because the Congressional Progressive Caucus opted for Brown over her, I do think her fuse is lit and tapped into her in a way that's bound to have a positive progressive boom.

Nina Turner; because the passion she presents is genuine, which has the power to fire me up and fight for change; few can manage that in quite the way she can. In a very oblique way, however, the mindset possessed by Palki Sharma Upadhyay, which resides in another sphere entirely (metaphysically), is the type that, through her structured and informative push for change through relevant awareness, motivates me to keep DMS&UY alive and 'aboveboard' on all fronts. I mention the latter because: an individual that can reconcile the two types—a Bernie Sanders-like figure but with the strength and youth to really fight it out outside of the set institutions—is what the progressive movement really needs, methinks. 

Because, the real solution lies at the grassroots, street level; it depends on the people's willingness to unite, and for them to take the fight to the House, not in passive waiting, hoping for the day that someone else comes along and makes the desired change happen for them. BLM, outside of the BLMGNF (Black Lives Matter Global Network Fund) issues and negatives that came out of that level, should have taught us all that making this happen isn't a thing of the past or a far-fetched notion. 

Because, without a meaningful coalition that can bring a full-scale, country-wide movement to life and rally that into a third party, the desired change won't happen within the two-party, one Establishment institution that serves elites only.

If ever there was a time to set those wheels in motion and a chance to move the people towards lasting, for-the-people change, well, that ideal time was three years ago, maybe two... though right now is always just as good! 

Those who are reined in by the two-party folks and their money—despite the front they present—will tell you that "now" is too late to make it happen for 2024, 2028 would be far more realistic. Plus, 2024 would mean jeopardizing whatever role people like Turner can play in, at the very least, highlighting just how little DC really cares about anyone but the 1%.

However, given the damage done by Democrats, showing to all just how empty all their election promises were... I don't foresee good things for the Blue in both the mid-term and Presidential elections.

•     •     •

Last week, the Congressional Progressive Caucus Political Action Committee (CPC PAC) announced their endorsements for the upcoming 2022 primary; a great deal of hubbub was made over the committee’s decision to back Rep. Shontel Brown, not Nina Turner.

The Ohio 11th District Democratic primary, to be held on 3-May-2022 (the general elections are in November, as always), is aligning itself to be one of the races that’ll garner the most attention no matter which side of the two-party line one associates with.

Why? If anything, it’s because there’s a great deal of symbolism attached to this one battle. In many ways, this will set the tone for what’s to come, either completely snuffing out or reviving some optimism among a sub-section of voters who are not only underrepresented at the media level (never mind the governmental one), having no competitively sizable outlet that makes their voice matter in a forceful way—which, ironically, keeps the majority in the fringes—but who also appear to be more keenly aware of certain political aspects than those outlets that claim to represent them.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-DC), the first Indian-American woman (born in Chennai, India) to serve in the US House of Representatives, and the current Chair of the CPC, explained the PAC’s choice as being a purely pro forma decision. From that we’re to assume that Brown was the obvious choice that needed no official mention due to the fact that she’s already an elected member of congress. Although, offering no real explanation besides labeling it “pro forma,” one can assume that Brown is the CPC’s clear choice because Turner simply won’t do.

The CPC, founded in 1991, may be said to “represent the most Left-leaning faction of the Democratic Party,” but anyone that’s actually Left-leaning knows all too well by now that the “most Left-leaning” is still far from being actually situated on the Left, let alone being a faction that represents Progressive ideals. If anyone still had any doubts about that after the results of the September 2021 BIF/BBB split and fiasco (see below), then, I'm sorry to say, all I have for you are very negative words situated in between "naive" and "stupid".

With that, following their reaction, their takes, and the manner with which they shared the news of the CPC PAC's announcement, it goes without saying that the many outlets who promote themselves as progressive ones—being for the 'people'—are as full of crap as the politicians they want you to support and back, doing so with your time and money, and doing so blindly in order to assure that your attention isn't properly redirected towards any entity that can trigger real, positive change.

If not familiar with PACs (Political Action Committees) or their importance: Electoral campaigns impose limits on the amount of money they can accept from any single individual, while significantly larger (see: huge) contributions can be made through PACS. It's all very democratic... providing one sees the individual as being meaningless, otherwise rich, manipulative a-holes that exploit government grants and donations—never using their own money, on which they avoid paying their fair share of taxes—while calling themselves Libertarians, like Elon Musk, may take advantage of the electoral system. And that's why PACs, which take mega sums from individuals and corporations and focuses these amounts through special-interest groups, make so much sense, and why I've a completely wrong understanding regarding the meaning of "makes sense".

In a weird twist, things have reached a point where one can't fight to get money out of politics without substantial money being invested in the politics of that fight...

Hurts my brain thinking about this.

Calling It a Strategy Isn't False, But... 

Strategy for whom was the real question; events have provided the answer, and it wasn't "the progressives."

Support for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (BIF) and the Build Back Better Act (BBB) and the Progressives' reconciliation strategy, and all that was said and done—and not done—concerning these turned out to be the real eye-opener that was needed to finally reveal the CPC for what it truly is, ditto in regard to the real role played by many of its supporters. The CPC is nothing more than an appeasement arm of the Democratic Party; it'll always end up bending to Democrat wants  

The fact that the Progressives' strategy is one that was supported by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden should have stirred far greater indignation post hoc once it had become clear that the whole BBB side of things was being flushed down the toilet.

The plan had been to pair the BIF and BBB and to treat it as one big reconciliation package, in which case, either both pass or neither do. The BIF had next-to-full bipartisan support as it focused on the usual infrastructure needs, including widening the broadband one, granting easier Internet access to more isolated parts of the US; given that roads were crumbling and sinking and bridges were falling, this part was a no-brainer, more so as it focused on areas and needs where more well-to-do and politician folks reside, a few of them, like Pelosi, adding one or two personally-beneficial developments to the bill.

In August, a group led by Rep. Josh Gottheimer, D-N.J., backed by the dark money group No Labels, successfully split the two packages apart by winning a promise of a vote on the bipartisan bill on September 27. In order to keep the two together, progressives must either complete work on their larger bill by that date, or defeat or stall the bipartisan bill on September 27. Gottheimer was offered a vote, not passage, after all. 
Source: So This Is Pramila Jayapal’s Strategy (

We all know how things turned out, right, or are you hanging on with bated breath, hoping for a happy ending?

All that would have helped the regular folks, that was in the BBB, which also included all the climate stuff, so who cares about that, right? Well, maybe all those in need, and the world, too, but who cares about those people, geesh! Stop saying silly things and bend over for the rich, will ya?

Included below are the details concerning how the Democratic lawmakers were intending to vote; the agreed-upon strategy offered to the Progressives and their supporters promised that the BIF would receive insufficient "Yay" votes, thus forcing a later vote on a version that combined both the BIF and the BBB. Anyone with an ounce of brains feared that if the BIF was voted through, the the BBB would go by the wayside.

  • Out of the 94 CPC members, only 28 had offered a public commitment and only 2 had been honest enough to offer a clear "no".
  • Out of the non-CPC Dems, only one offered a "yes".
  • Oddly, only 4, only one of which is a CPC member, offered an "undecided", the 'truer' politician's response.
  • The rest dodged the question entirely, preferring to give zero indication in regard to their intent
  • Rep. Ed Perlmutter of Colorado had actually provided a response, which indicated a refusal to answer "yes" or "no".


Clearly, as should have been the conclusion of anyone reached by anyone looking at the table below, the numbers weren't there to guarantee the wanted outcome; counting on that was a pure gamble or BS. Even without scum snot individuals like Kirsten Sinema and Joe Manchin.

Rightfully, due to their role in leading the pack, Rep. Pramila Jayapal and Rep. Ro Khanna, along with a few others, received much well-deserved flack, as this had demonstrated just how inefficient and naive they are, being true Dems willing to kiss Pelosi butt, their meaningless political career worth more to them than regular Americans and next-geners.

And although entities such as The Young Turks patted themselves on the back for having growled at people like Jayapal and Khanna after the fact, what the hell did someone like Cenk Uygur do to rally public pressure and to mobilize people before hand... other than to ask for donations or to subscribe to their channel, because a Progressive future depends on TYT. Bigger wankers, they are!

Only these six held up their end—and received unfair backlash for it, their brave action having been spun into an anti-American act since, after all, how could these "Commies" not want bridges that don't fall down...

They earned my respect; but I still see them as little more than politicians who are expected to fall in line, gaslight, and serve the needs and wants of money, or find another job; they are:

  • Rep. Jamaal Bowman of New York
  • Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri
  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York
  • Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota
  • Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts
  • Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan

(Scroll down to see totals; resize pulling bottom-right corner)

DEM = DFI + GOP ÷ PAC; iff( ∋Turner{CPC}, ¬PAC); ∴ ¬Turner

The Democratic Majority for Israel (DMFI PAC) had officially announced their decision to back Brown over Turner on 31-Jan-2022, and even made a point of stepping on Turner to promote their worth:

Each of these 15 endorsed candidates is committed to strengthening the U.S.-Israel relationship, supports U.S. military assistance to Israel without additional conditions and rejects the BDS Movement. All of DMFI PAC’s endorsed candidates have a proven track record of tireless advocacy for their communities and will work with the Biden administration to advance the Democratic agenda.


In 2021, DMFI PAC played a pivotal role in helping Congresswoman Shontel Brown defeat Nina Turner. Ms. Turner has chosen to challenge Congresswoman Brown yet again in 2022 and we are endorsing Brown today.
Source: DMFI PAC announces first slate of endorsements for the House of Representatives in the 2022 Midterm election cycle - DMFI PAC

That says it all, as far as I’m concerned, as you should also know that DFI people and money also place much pressure on CPC people and money...

On the plus side: The Progressive Democratic Women’s Caucus PAC (PDWC-PAC) extended it's application date, though I'm not sure they operate at the congressional level. 

But the best way to show that one isn't fighting for the interests of some special interest groups is? 

If the thinking behind resolving this issue is anything like, "To have less shootings, we need more guns," then... [big sigh]

This Does Not Bode Well

There's so much that's wrong—though not necessarily factually; I didn't fact check all that's there—with the following press release and statement 'issued by' Nina Turner, unfortunately, incoherent logic being the first thing that struck me, the overall pettiness it betrays and what it feeds to the opposition the second, detachment being the third, conciseness issues being the fourth, accuracy of statements (within public perspective) being the fifth, attribution and focus being a sixth... and all of these, and more—given their effects—were evident to me with just a cursory read; focusing on the minutiae takes us well into the double digits.

If Turner or her people (to be sure: referring to campaign, not race) are interested, I'll provide an in-depth analysis for an amply-reasonable fee—which will have them avoid repeats. I haven't been able to have a decent meal in over a month given all I sacrificed for DMS&UY (that I now can't exploit properly given the non-bargain-bin server costs to do so), and which is now having a negative impact job/contract-wise, as what's here brands me as an antagonistic anti-corporate and/or anti-Western, pro-Putin individual in the eyes of non-thinking folks, so... (Either I take it down and have nothing to show for how I spent my time over the last two years and a bit, nor have recent programming work to show (in this field, that's equivalent to ten years) or I consider a job flipping burgers despite 11 years of uni (just to function within the imposed social institutions I've been continually fighting against in all sorts of ways my whole life... I reached a point where I'd prefer offing myself or sell all I've left, and roam the globe, just me and my backpack (very tempting).) Don't mind be; just venting... or am I?

Here's a frebbie: Talk about a sdrawkcab-ssa statement: "The reason special interests are committed to this election is because Shontel Brown relies on their money to stay in power." [major sigh times two]

Really??? No one saw the stupidity in that or saw fit to call it out? Are we supposed to assume that if Brown and other elected politician were rich, special interest groups would vanish? Lobbyists too? That's just for starters? I can write at least three pages on the stupidity exhibited in that one statement and its negative impact without even having to give any real thought to it.

This type of politics, exploited this way, won't have the desired effect with the desired group, I'm sure of that. 

Team Nina Turner Press Release

The Ineffective, Non-Working Class Concerned, Old-Wannabe New Media 

How can I tell that the so-called new media is anything but new except in the way it mimics Rightwing approaches in even more meaningless ways? Gee, I dunno...

The type of outlets I target here actually end up serving Establishment needs more often then not, which they've made real apparent due to the way they treated this particular subject, and this is true even if they promote themselves as something entirely other, and like to present themselves as independent thinking folks and media, which they're not on almost all topics, merely repeating what the people and outlets they most associate with do serve up (note that some of these do deserve a broader view as they do offer some good content nonetheless, which I won't get into in this post). 

What nearly all the better-known Left-leaning outlets served up was reactionary anger to something that was amply clear months ago; they directed all their energy on painting what the people they hope to target already know full well whilst these are expecting entities that will actually act towards being agents of real change, providing a relevant and unifying voice.

Other than anti-Right content and hate and a constant reminder that they're the best and above real reproach—after all, they corrected themselves that one time, maybe twice—and, although wealthy, that they need your money, all as they're being a hindrance to the shared truths that will trigger change, what good does a vile and smug bigot-box like TYT offer (doesn't apply to all persons there, mind you)? Other than insulting anyone that doesn't share their exact views and act in a certain way that supports the exact crowd that represents a larger faction of people they now devote their time to crapping on for something so obvious because, what, they're surprised that their preferred candidate wasn't the go-to choice for a PAC that the majority of people they hope to target long believes is blood money that will lock the candidate in a manner that's sure to guarantee that the working class gets shafted, once again, like, say, a few months ago... what have these outlets actually done to bring about what people are loudly clamouring for in order to take the fight to the White House in a momentous way??? [Insert lots of swears here!!!]

If they want to claim that they're just a news outlet, then act like one. You can't claim to push an agenda in order to draw people in and then do and say things that actually harms that agenda and still expect people to respect you down the line.

I target TYT because they're the largest 'indie' voice, which too many are trying to model themselves after. But, yeah, I've reached a point where I now deeply loathe the two hosts and many of the secondary ones; they do incredible harm, offering nothing more than the hate-filled stupidity that reinforces the stereotypes they claim to want to overcome. 

Meanwhile, those that can, what are any of them actually doing and providing that would help us to move away from the tired, old business-focused models—info should live in a decentralized and easily accessible, non Big Tech-controlled realm that promotes all voices and opens itself to new generations, not limit itself to established ones over and over again. That is, if we're to move away from the structures and institutions that limit progress and a better, equal world.

Focusing on slipping a new dress over the old... [sigh]    

Can Nina Turner tap into that side? That's what the people she says she wants to fight for are looking for. Otherwise, why bother? This group of people simply don't believe in these types of politicians anymore. Not one bit.      

YouTube vids on betrayal of Nina Turner


Progressive voices and TYT

Running my sentiment analysis script on scraped comments on select channels quickly highlighted some of the key aspects that confirmed what lies behind the general but unofficially-broadly voiced reaction and sentiment of working-class, non-boutique Leftists. 

As I'm not here to serve up what they need to ameliorate their channel for free, especially not after catching a 'rich' outlet like TYT feeding off of my material on a few occasions—whilst they pretend to fight for 'equality' yet fight off having a union within their own walls (Uygur is scum)—I won't provide the details here, but will make them and my analysis available upon request, either for a fee or for free, depending on the entity that's asking. However, I've hand picked—from only two oultets—a few comments that best represent some of these issues that should be of concern to certain types of outlets as well as to Turner's team.

Notice how the first collection draws a parallel between Establishment and Dem-serving politicians and TYT, and how the second focuses on jadedness and how all politicians serve, basically, the same interests... which isn't them (the working class, regular folks).

Of course, any negative comment made against TYT come from insane Rightwingers who are too dumb to tie their own shoes, or loser and/or Russian trolls, right? Or, so the hosts would have you think.

Note that, since the inception of the approach and its hype and peak over a decade ago, I've never been a big fan of sentiment analysis, which I'd been fairly vocal on at the time, having worked on the linguistics end of a few large-scale commercial developments. In recent years, as the smoke cleared and its flaws and limitations became clearer to those investing in such things, this approach has lost much ground. It's better suited to products, not punditry, but, properly exploited in limited ways within a broader analytical approach, it remains, nonetheless, a powerful tool.

Comments - The Young Turks Video

  • The Progressive Caucus let Brown in months ago. You didn't see this coming? Where was the outrage video then? The only question is TYT that incompetent or just full of crap? Imo both.
  • Nina runs a corporate lobbying firm and she aligned herself with people like TYT.
  • That's why I get tired of it. I used to be a big TYT supporter, but then they took this Tea Party like turn of saying that the only real Dems think completely like them.
  • Like her boss Cenk, Nina’s campaign isn’t taken seriously by anyone. I guess it’s fitting that she’s employed by TYT.
  • TYT's part in this fraud is they lead the viewers to believe the progressive movement was a real/solid/cause. We can't run a government or even have a society of any meaning when our leaders and media commit fraud constantly. TYT has become the national enquirer and is no longer a political force of any kind. They are functionally as worthless as BLM or the Democrat party.
  • Yes TYT you know all about not having standards, you know that Clinton donor cash, but your just shrugs it off while this nitwit is criticizing corporate Democrats while being one herself. How does this show still have an audience? Oh wait I know how, the MSNBC crowd.

Nina Turner BETRAYED By Progressive Caucus | YouTube

Comments - The Breaking Point Video (below)

  • I can only support progressives.  I don't 'dislike' the rest... but I do wish The Squad, Nina, Bernie would stop calling themselves progressives. They are at best wonderful centrists.
    A progressive would never have voted for speaker Pelosi, it's that simple.
    An example of a true progressive: Cornel West.
  • I like Nina, I really do, I think she is a good person, that said I cant take her seriously. She makes too many excuses for the DNC, she keeps altering the message to play nice, and she just got betrayed by the faux-progressive squad when they just supported the corporate candidate, but she is still trying to get people to register Dem. Basically Nina is always trying to pinch the fuse instead of lighting it, just like Bernie did. Also Nina talking about nihilism is more DNC BS, its another way of saying "The problem is with you. Never us." The problem is not us, we don't have the time in the survival/economic hunger games we are locked into to support anyone not truly willing to fight.
  • Well good for her. I hope she sees how few in Congress are actually progressive, in terms of having the courage to support her over corporate friendly candidates. I have little hope for any politician to affect positive change for the working class. It seems after enough time in Congress, progressives end up being used by the Democratic Party to cheelead for their incremental changes.
  • Sorry but Nina is just another BS politician like the Squad and Bernie. Big talk but once in power will follow the establishment rules. Tired of this BS. Voting third party only.

Nina Turner: Why I'm Running Again Despite SMEAR Campaign | Krystal Kyle & Friends Podcast

Said in YouTube titlelian: This video UPLOADED last Friday FRAMES Turner's passionate spirit well, PROVIDING the seeds for what I SEE as being a genuine intent and NOT JUST political rhetoric. (Hence why I've included it.) 

The static screen image/thumbnail is off-putting in many ways, but one shouldn't judge a video by its cover...


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