Part 3 And 4 Of: Colonization of Yugoslavia

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Posted: May 11, 2022   11:04:40 PM   |   Last updated: May 11, 2022   11:04:40 PM

by Pascal-Denis Lussier

I'll Keep You Posted...


I'm pretty much officially pulling the plug on DMS&UY...

Simply, I feel I'm wasting my time, reaching increasingly few—more so ever since I challenged the dominant Ukraine narrative—and not building meaningful ties, hence, essentially, getting nowhere. The associated disappointment is 'burning me out', in a sense, and I've noticed that I can't even be bothered to do a good and thorough editing job before posting, and the fact that, due to a lack of funds, I can't exploit my platform's data features properly means that I can't even "sell" DMS&UY to its full value and... it's all very circular and mostly unproductive, but so very frustrating. 

I need to move on to another, paying project, so...

The site will stay up, at least until the domain expires in mid-November. It may undergo a rebuild depending on a potential, future re-use I have in mind, and which I’ll do in my spare time, but I don’t plan on posting regular political/geopolitical punditry posts; the interest seems to be there within certain spheres, but without help on the sharing/visibility front, I can no longer justify any more of my time or money going towards it, nor do I have the budget for the required advertising. Hence, without help, which I just can’t seem to get…

Nonetheless, for Part 3 & 4: Rather than forcing myself to post them here this week, they've have been absorbed into a book I'm currently focusing on, as, anyhow, I was already way over the 15,000-word limit I'd mentioned in Part 1. 

The post pic, that's the title I'm aiming to publish it under.

Not sure how long it'll be, but I'm well over 150 pages already. I will post updates on it here.

An early draft will be available, hopefully, fairly soon.

I am looking for an editor, by the way, though not necessarily a publisher.

I’m willing to grant exclusive access and use to an outlet; if interested, feel free to contact me using the “contact” form.

Otherwise: Best of luck to all. While very few seem keenly aware of what's truly happening through, and because of, Ukraine, I’ve absolutely no doubt that things are about to get real ugly out there… so take care.



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