Middle East Went South, And The Mood Up North In The Wild West

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Posted: May 29, 2021   11:37:00 AM   |   Last updated: May 30, 2021   4:07:08 AM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

In Between East and West, the Middle is Doing its Best

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Presently, right now, what’s the current problem with the world?

Did you vote for Biden? Well... then…

Woke to Awake Main PageLike many who spend a large amount of their time dissecting the news and events, I've been feeling somewhat discouraged and a bit depressed; for anyone interested in facts and the truth, the media landscape is rough seas. And humans sure can be scum. 

I'm no longer in the mood to properly dress things up; the world is filled with idiots. And it needs to be said.  

Which is mostly why I've been slow to publish in the last two weeks, as I've also been questioning the worth of these DMS&UY  efforts. As such, I spent some time in the back end, finally getting around to redoing the schemas so data can be exploited for news/informational needs (rather than focused business/service needs).

This includes a new section with a new structure that will allow me to regroup Woke-focused info into an easy-to-access and meaningful format (not yet 'live'). By that, I'm referring to all the disparate topics, ideals, and ideologies that have played a key role—thus linked somehow—in shaping societies' present course in recent years.

Part of this, as I prefer not being bound to a third party,  is a longer, somewhat tedious integration of clickable maps like the one found at the bottom of this post, though I didn't bother to bind data to any of its paths. I'm including various locales and scales, all of which I can easily bind to a DB and reuse as called for by the info to make it more appealing, thus delivering a more meaningful impact. 

My thinking is that I can provide a more valuable balance to the info environment by focusing on providing prepared data and brief analysis, and making that available to the established outlets, which they can use as part of their efforts to counter dis/misinformation and/or the misuse of data that's being put forth to push a given narrative. 

Otherwise, I think I'll only focus on writing humorous posts, using the smart-assy voice I own so well to bring attention to events though satire; this may be the last serious piece I post here?   

Many who spend a large amount of their time dissecting the news and events are finding the times particularly discouraging and somewhat depressing, either for valid or vapid reasons. 

No matter what common sense dictates, and in spite of having all the proof last week that the Leftist media is mostly toxic, the majority of outlets pushing—either willingly or stupidly—an ideologically-benefiting narrative, hence having every reason to believe that the same would apply this week, probably next week, too, but none of that matters, as each new newsworthy event demonstrates.

How can people still be buying into the obviously one-sided and totally left-slanted take that always presents a well-defined foe that so happens to always be an emblem for all that’s to fear from the Right—which is the entire Right, oh my!

Not only has a segment of society become stubbornly unaware of huge and important informational gaps, these same individuals appear to have made it a point of pride, latching on for dear life to unreasonable accounts by anonymous sources, and either flat out refusing to assess the full facts for themselves if potentially perceived as a “Rightist” view or, for those Leftist who are willing to look at both sides of a story, it's a question of going through the motions simply to placate some annoying Rightist as one can rest assured that that info will, in turn, either fuel the most absurd of explanations to counter unquestionable but Rightist-serving evidence, or this will provide just enough to let them say that they've examined both sides, thus, in their minds and as regards their goals, this is all the validity they need; in most cases, it's the only way for them to do so, for, outside of personal attacks and insults, rarely are solid arguments that focus on the issues/event/suspicions/policy/etc. even offered.

Except when they're amongst like-minded peers. Then... oh, boy, do they ever have the right replies and arguments that make anyone who's not in the same camp as them wish they were... 'cause they would have been forever shattered and perpetually ruined after having faced such a verbally destructive force that'd adverbially embarrass them out of existence, for life, had any one of those stupid white-supremacist fake-news factions of Trump humpers still been around all those hours later to hear any of it... 

Firstly, all you friggin’ losers on YouTube who are trying to sell your “guaranteed money-making solutions” and stock schemes—and oh so many "why work, make stocks work for you" ads—and similar, along with the doctors that are offering “what all doctors don’t want you to know” doctor-approved stuff, would you all please get a rare disease tonight and die tomorrow, please. You people are such annoying wastes of digital space—hearing some of you, even if for just those five forced seconds, gets to be unbearable—and I can only imagine that, given the equity strategy and the environement issues we face, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to breathe real air, thank you.

By the way, pardon me, but I'm sorry to have to tell you that it’s not hate speech if you’re polite about it, OK, please, you fuc…

So... Maybe some of have valid products, but they’re going about it as if they haven’t. And for most, getting our money so they'll reveal their get-rich secret is their get-rich scheme.

And, hey, idiots! No, the other guys. Yeah, you. Did you know a commercial SHOULD NOT be the length of a full show or film? Most videos people watch average around 5 mins, so sticking your half-hour long formulaic shit that takes over 4 mins to even mention your POS product is idiotic? I’m not calling you "idiots" for no reason, you idiots!Make money on YouTube

Make a snappy 30-sec vid that gets people’s attention, and direct them to your video and channel; this way, not only can you provide more easy-to-access and always-available info and links, but people will also be able to watch it when convenient, and backtrack and jump forward and re-watch it and save your video in their “Favourites” folder, and share it with friends or enemies, too. Rather than being forced to watch it, now, without any control over the video, so that watching a 4-min video doesn’t take over an hour, inevitably leading to  “Skip Ad”.  

And if viewers missed something or were iffy yet intrigued and wanted to see more but had limited time and/or were engrossed or eager to see the vid they actually wanted to see, they don’t have to sit through any shit that’s there to click on, waiting to see the ads, hoping yours will come back.

I experienced this once; it was a European panel of medical experts discussing COVID. It was over an hour, served up in the middle of a twelve-minute video. I duplicated my tab and was able to watch it later, but missed a few things they were saying, and had no way of rewinding, etc., just “pause”, “play”, and “skip”. I ended up giving up near the halfway point.  

It was slotted as an ad—I’m can only guess as to why, for it was a frank look at the onset and spread that didn’t coalesce with CNN’s fearmongering, whereby any mention of China is pure extreme-right xenophobia from utmost Whiteness Mental Dysfunction sufferers. These people are psychos.

Yes, I’m referring to CNN.

Then again, I recently found myself caught up in an “ad” that was 1 hour and 23 minutes. About a filthy-rich Wall Street guy turned poor Jewish rabbi. He wasn’t selling anything. But I bought it anyway.

Pay for a YouTube subscription so I don’t get any ads? You nuts?

I’ll never pay for a service from a company that applies its rules inconsistently, doing so as it freely censors and demonetizes any voices that don’t adhere to whatever narrative it establishes as the one that’s proper; good luck getting me to sign up for anything related to such a company that isn’t a petition.

This has nothing to do with Biden, of course. What d’you think? That I’m a reverse Dem, i.e. willing to blame even bad wind patterns on Trump's non-Trump equivalent, in this case, Biden?

Just something I felt the world needed to hear so I'd feel better...

Also, 'cause what it highlights is the lack of consistency that's applied by YouTube across the range of "content", as well as the general focus, and the set of values, being promulgated to a whole range of viewers, some for whom YouTube, supplemented with services like Netflix and Prime, represents their entire "TV environment." Ads have always been important shapers of society, I'm wondering how the effects of programmatic adverts and YouTube-like ad environments will have/are having? 

Too often, we're focusing on the wrong thing, I find.

I haven't reviewed any data that would allow me to assert the following in any way I'd stand behind, though I've come across comment and Reddit threads that support it, as I do believe that there's more behind employers' difficulty in finding employees than unemployment checks.  

Plus, as the lists of demonetized and censored channels go up and justifications for these cement reasons that can be summarized as either "non-compliance" and/or "non-Democratic Party supporter," it makes sense I address my content complaints here as I'm hoping some Leftists came to read my views and will pass on the message; it seems like the Dems are far more efficient at regulating the Internet than the FCC. 

Politicizing politization.

It took hardly any time to politicize wearing a mask, this politicization evolving into a highly politicized point of contention, so it makes sense that unmasking turned into a politicized event that politicized and re-politicized all related mask politicizations. 

Only in the USA. And I do mean that in the proverbial, non-politicized politicized way. 

Aside: I was reading Ann Coulter, getting her take on immigration; she holds the view that the US is not a "nation of immigrants," since much of its existence, as a nation, going from 1600 to 1970, stretching it to 1990, was 99% comprised of two groups: white western Europeans—mostly the WASPy kind—and blacks from West Africa—the not so free to decide to come kind. She then specifies:

... but you cannot understand America without talking about blacks. America is the only country to fight a revolution based on the principle that all men are equal before God, and it is the only country to fight a bloody civil war to end slavery and redeem that promise.[1] 

Hate to say it, hon, but that's as idiotic as saying "The day Americans chose to de-mask is the day we, as a great nation, defeated tyranny and won our liberty, all in thanks to Dr. Fauci."

Some places didn't have to fight bloody wars and bayonet their neighbours to grant these unfortunate souls their freedom. Some signed decrees or charters and even Constitutions—US ain't the only one with such a thing, by the way—while others avoided the issue entirely.
U.S. Civil war scene
In Canada, all it took was probably something like:

"Eh, 'ow haboot we don't do de whole slavery thing, eh?"

"Yeah, sure, OK, you hoser," adjusting his tuque, Guy Laurier than added, "Boy, I sure could go for a double-double rigthtsaboot now. When d'ya thnk we gonna get a Tim Horton in this Penetanguishene toone, eh?"

"Oh, yaa-eh!. I'd go for one. And some Canadian bacon, too, but we're not a confederation yet, so no one ever invented Upper Canada pork-behind."

And off they went to trap furs and settle the West, getting drunk off of maple syrup if they didn't get too stoned, literally,  turning rock hard with a blackish hue, through those harsh, pre-confederation winters...

Less exciting, but perhaps more noble than creating a system that leads one to bloody clashes and killing fellow citizens in order to do away with that situation to then be able to boast about how unique and valiant the people in the US are; none of them can possibly be racist as all were doing the work of God. Certainly, at least, not the way BLM and those CRT kooks intend.

I mean, c'mon, bloody war... No other groups have ever fought to free its own people that it had enslaved.

Well, the Vietnam war so happened to be a simple and civil civil war that the Americans turned into hell; Ho Chi Minh was trying to free his people from the enslavement of the colonial capitalists, and after over 200 years of Chinese oppression and a bunch more as a part of Indochina under French rule, it was too big a market for Ford and Coke so rather than letting them have their own freedom and settling their own matters... 

Being proud of that is even more f-cked up then being proud of the first. 

A few other civil war examples, and senseless American meddling, but I'm not in the mood to get any more upset than what the current situation already imposes on anyone who spends a large amount of their time dissecting the news and events, for it does get discouraging, somewhat depressing, too.  

This says much about several of the big problems that plague the US, and the grandiloquent, Hollywood-worthy manner of framing one's role within some of these otherwise mundane Woke ways. Complete with a score by John Williams, but only because Aaron Copland hasn't produced anything new since around 1990—and that can't be a coincidence, right?

Experts now puzzle over Biden's Iran obsessionLike many who spend a large amount of their time dissecting the news and events, I've been feeling somewhat discouraged; there's far too much repetition. News cycles have merged and morphed into prolonged loops of lies and agenda-driven and highly-boxed opinions we're told to accept as the proper reality.

Unless it becomes impossible to maintain such a loop.

How long had I been voicing my concern when "experts" finally began voicing their puzzlement over Biden's Iran obsession in an official manner on 9-May? This received the attention of only a handful of rightwing outlets and, again for the Left, as I remarked on the Afghan angle the corpo-media has been feeding people, The Hill is the only outlet that gave a voice to this story. The rest of the Leftist machine only bring up the Iran Deal if it means putting Trump down or propping Biden up.

And the Taliban! The corpo-media praising Biden's decision to pull the troops out of Afghanistan whilst totally disregarding the deal that had been negotiated with the Trump administration, and then disregarding the threats made by the Taliban if following Biden's plan, which meant violating the deal that was in place. The Leftist machine didn't report any of that, nor did they mention the threats made by the Taliban on the day the Biden administration were now in violation of that deal. But the neoconservatives and other sundry warmongers did weigh in on why Trump had been reckless and Biden is doing a great thing, though maybe it'd be wise to keep some troops there...

Anyhow, troops may be pulled, but the Biden admin is just playing with words, as there's thousands of military and CIA contractors (17,000 or so, I believe) who are expected to remain in the region. Some are speculating that the new base that Pakistan is building near the Afghanistan border is to serve as cover, as it's really meant to be used jointly with the US, given them a foot in the region in order to keep an eye on the Taliban. However, others are saying that China managed to develop a strong hold on Pakistan as Trump began to bring home excess troops spread across the world, refusing to further develop US military interest around the globe. America first. And he meant it. In spite of what you were lead to believe.

And how many months prior to Cuomo's elderly care scandal did I, and several others, all labeled as rightwing racist conspiracy theorists, mention the details of that case while alluding to the existence of many similar cases? 

And the whole Hunter Biden affair? That a great many people learned of the whole affair only after the corpo-media began acknowledging the existence of that infamous laptop months after the election is beyond worrisome, and deserves nothing but anger from individuals.  

Nope. Whatever idiot-approved version of the next newsworthy event comes along, they happily gobble that up, too, as if yesterday never happened, and the news exists to tell the truth becuase it's the ethically newsy thing to do. Except Fox News, of course. 

And now, the Wuhan Lab-Leak theory is finally given honest consideration? In previous posts, I mentioned the exact details that are now offered as cause to keep this venue open since, now, Biden, a top Dem, said so, which encouraged some to type up what was already known a year ago into a US Intelligence report and, as such, it presently warrants further investigation???

Are you f-cking kidding me?! What's to learn from this? If an idiot, reality depends on who says what, not what's said and the proof behind it? F-cking idiots! 

As I mentioned—briefly and only here, aware of the unspoken limitations that had been imposed on this topic by all external forces—I was getting my info from a group called DRASTIC that was operating incognito, and actually feared for their lives; when two members finally revealed themselves in order to make their findings public, only Sky News out of Australia were willing to have them on and give their voice a public space.

Others who had entertained this possibility on Social Media—some mentions made over a year ago—had been temporarily suspended if not banned from those platforms on which they had posted such info; this includes highly-qualified doctors, some were even employed by said Wuhan lab. 

In my 2020 Shitlist, I had pointed out: "Then there's the lab issue, but mentioning it has CNN and their MSM pals breaking in hives, and babbling "conspiracy theory" before screeching like pod-people." What we were seeing wasn't behaviour that was normal, slightly rational, or anywhere near being professional, yet, rather than questioning any of it, people applauded, content to pile on with their "GOP is the party of xenophobic Nazi morons" comments in lieu of real answers from supposed news tellers.

Given their extremelly questionable behaviour, I'm forced to wonder if these people realize the role they played in the deaths of tens of thousands, all of which could have been avoided had they been more interested in doing their jobs instead of affirming their hatred of Trump to the world, then blaming him for the horrid COVID results. Goddamn pricks!

I mention all this, sure, to satisfy that tiny bit of pettiness that makes anyone eager and proud to claim, "Told you so," but mostly to point to—using just those few examples, with many more available—what is a serious problem that ought to be readily seen as such with next to no effort due to the sharp contrast between the version that's being defended by corpo-media versus the one that gets many ridiculed, ostracized,and/or banned but eventually turns out to be true, if not easily verifiable as such without requiring mainstream confirmation.

News outlets like WION are livid; despite taking much care to present only verifiable facts, as well as presenting both sides of the Wuhan story, Facebook had taken down WION's Gravitas' COVID-origin post, labelling it "Fake News" and branding WION a source of disinformation, hence affecting its reputation and its relation with advertisors and investors.  

But this actually points to a far bigger problem: If facts support a conservative/Rightist view and are beneficial to that view, then fuggetabout! Presently, all you can do is keep your eyes peeled skyward, and only when you spot a pig should you engage with such Leftists and any Wokes in the hopes of having a meaningful exchange.

I refuse to accept that much of that is the result of Trump hate and nothing more; certainly, and without a doubt, this applies to many who were/are reacting to the news, but this alone can't possibly be expected to stand as a valid or cogent reason that ought to serve as justification for why any news scribe, crier or disseminator who is guilty of such moronically irresponsible idiocy should keep their job and/or not have to pay a steep fine.  

The few examples I've given here are all important issues that the public should be aware of or, at the very least, not ill-informed on, having been willingly fed disinformation 'cause that's what was best for the Leftist cause!

For those dissecting the news and events, dealing with these senseless and stubborn partisan-born-and-bred hurddles is extremely discouraging; it makes those who spend a large amount of their time figuring out what's going so we can all avoid the course society appears to be set to take wanna yell and insult people, calling them idiots and such.

It's because of idiots, and the morons—can't forget them, the f-cken morons—and because of the evil POS media people, that what we should have all been aware of 6 months ago will, maybe, become common and acceptable knowledge six months down the line.  Doctor Fauci

In the interim, until the mainstream meanies and the idiot dormants have caught up, anyone that dares say anything that can be interpreted as being a public statement vis-à-vis any of these topics—they keep a list—are evil racist scum white supremacists who deserve to be shunned by society, losing their jobs, their real friends (because only real friends would care enough to fear what you've becomed), and any and all positive social standing. These hate-filled losers will, one can only hope—unless the offer of a cash motivation and an untraceable weapon is a possibility—die in some cringy alleyway, probably by choking on their own overdose-induced vomit—their first meal in weeks—unless, of course, they happen to be stabbed by some guy named Bob who's always willing to help out for a bottle of whiskey and a pack of cigarettes.   

I always blame the media, but there sure are a lot of idiotic and easily-manipulated dumbasses out there. Far too many, that's for sure. 

What's your deal? Trump hate? You're convinced anyone that some Woke decided was rightwing is the epitome of racist evil and annoying godliness?  

And some of y'all turned real nasty. Which is kinda of understandable, except you're acting like such idiots that all that anger gets pointed in the wrong direction, so, please, thank you, you motherfu... 

If only idiots were smart enough to learn from their mistakes, and were able to apologize or, at the very least, show some humility... Sigh. Guess not. Let's live it again with the next big event as we stand silent and you call yourselves the smart ones. Because that's what the media-controlling group thinks. Others just go along with it because, I hear, they're complete idiots.  

Secondly(?), I’m sorry Leftists, but you’re so full of shit I get dizzy just thinking about where to start listing all the ways you’re so full of shit. Thank you very much, please.

What's happened with your brains?Zombie Biden

Are we living the zombie apocalypse thingy? Just not so much in the Romero or The Walking Dead kinda way? Did COVID do that? Can't be. That obscenely discernible Loony-Left quality was there before the pandemic, you could see it in the way the eyes twitched and nostrils flared whenever white and vanilla were uttered and "racism" was being used incorrectly—that is, in the usual sense—for, even from afar, to the attuned Woke, these vibrations carried the muted high-frequency wails of the oppressed.

Dogwhistles. You don't hear them. Not because you're not a dog, but because you're racist.

Had someone told me a decade ago—or even just over a year ago—that I’d siding with, and defending the Right, I may have laughed and called you a fool, albeit I do like to think I would've slapped you, and not with a black leather glove. With my hand. Open palm. But I may have gone all paranoid, too, and worried whether they meant I was growing fat and in need of activism, while, if in the context of fiscal responsibility, I might have agreed with them. 

I guess I don't really know what I would have done, do I?

But whatever my point was, I know it was relevant.

Yes, yes, it was!

And it concerns Biden, Bidenites, anti-Trumping terrorists and trumpeters, and AOC worshipers, whose Wokism does not allow them to see the the dumb blonde in the Hispanic brunette. 

What's wrong with your brains? Seriously?

Zombiden attacks CNN


Aside: Because it's the Woke thing to do and I, too, need attention, I'll give it a go: I've decided I'm now a uni-binary binary realization of a single-state binary system. I'm a one, in search of a zero.
Improvement and growth? Last week, my penis was a girl; her pronouns were "big" and "gargantuan". It cried a lot. I think it wanted to be a cheerleader but realized it couldn't? Not yet. But if we keep arguing that they have a mind of their own, one day, dicks everywhere will have the right to vote.
Like those who were convinced that voting for Biden was a good thing.

I've opined on this a few times, as it would explain sudden flops and flips and inconsistencies in the Biden administration's statements and its plan of actions, and I'm prone to agree with Bill O’Reilly, as he stated 20-May-2021 in a recent guest spot he frequently fills on Glen Beck’s podcast, the pair debating the topic: I don’t think that President Biden is fully aware of the consequences of his actions.Biden in a Box

Sam Seder and his The Majority Report (NOTE: My views have since changed; please see the following post) cohorts did a whole segment poking fun at the pair for having had that precise discussion. However, all they did was insult the two and put down Beck, as he has been pushing a somewhat sensationalized view of pending hyperinflation and the economic Great Reset, which is similar to two other of his inflation scares in the last two decades, which turned out to be not so bad... making Beck a fraud and loser and anyone that listens to him is a waste of life and vote. 

Seder, who looks a lot like that Artie Ziff character from The Simpsons, has built a career on being a self-righteous prick who seems to think that arrogance is a moral virtue, thus letting him blow smoke up people's arse as he assigns validity to himself and his show through his constant and puerile attacks on anyone that the Left has openly labelled "rightwing". 

Here he was, doing his tired shtick that even he appears bored of (I'm not going to link to his video, but you can easily find it on YoutTube), telling his viewers that Beck and O'Reilly were out-of-this-world moron and alcoholics that couldn't be trusted for their views regarding Biden's mental capacity because Beck had predicted that inflationary end-times were nigh twice before—he even did his chalkboard thing, what a fool!—and things ended up working out, so...

But then he brushes off any concerns one may have concerning inflation, which is beyond being very reasonable considering the way Biden is running the money printing presses since he got into office. Instead, he scoffs at the notion that Biden is printing new money like mad, stating, as if thinking anything else is like being a moron standing out in the rain wondering why he's wet, that 'there's only more money in circulation because people were stuck at home due to lockdowns, but that's now over, and people will get back to work and spend.' Essentially, anyone worrying about hyperinflation is a fool.    Artie Ziff character from The Simpsons

Well, either Seder forgot to mention it in his weekly memo to all the bona fide economists and financial experts, or none of them watch Seder or pay attention to his venom. As you can see on the third chart I included here, the M1 money stock shoots up in little time, and like never times many times like never before! (This page is but a start toward the data-centric direction I wanna take)

Seder is nothing more but full of shit with an arrogant shell and a Ziff styling. And he represents the bitter and failed-arm of the large segment of media outlets and punditry that's responsible for much of the damage that's been caused and endured, acting as both cheerleaders and bullies. Unfortunately, too few of them have the good sense and degree of self-awareness that'll motivate them to take a good step back and to properly assess their dumbassery and role that's irreparably damaged public trust and communities of all stripes.   

Laughingly, he was quick to dismiss anyone that thought the Wuhan lab-leak possibility warranted further investigation as a crazy conspiracy theorist that should never be allowed to vote.   

I'm not willing to go to the depths that O'Reilly is, as he seems comfortable pinning Biden as a lamebrained degenerating dingleberry dunderhead that's completely clueless about things like inflation. Rather, I think Biden isn't that clueless but, sadly, caught in a demential fog at times, which has allowed others to push their agenda, which he's easily manipulated into agreeing on those aspects that he needs to be made aware of, but he's missing many details and is unable to see the bigger picture. 

Except, he seems to have had a few moments of complete lucidity, whereby Biden took actions or announced decisions that were, in one way or another, a complete reversal from previous statements made and the course established by his administration. The manner by which he refuses to acknowledge these sudden shifts suggests that he's not sure how he got there himself, as he's a bit surprised and overwhelmed (slight embarrassment?) by having taken those previous decisions. 

But he quickly fades back into his mostly foggy world. And his press secretary will set the record straight on reality; there's no longer a need for her to circle back on anything, for she knows the proper reality better than Biden.    

Other than those aforementioned Lefties, everyone pretty much knows that Biden "isn't all there" to call the shots. Honestly, how can anyone have doubts when, half the time, that teleprompter is giving him hell, making I'm wish they could make the words even bigger, and slow it down, gosh darn it! C'mon, man! If they can put a man on the moon and wipe out entire countries with a single bomb, you'd think American ingenuity could offer its President a world-wowing teleprompter option? Maybe if Biden were twenty or so years younger, says the world, but White House science experts, all of them certified to be from the nation's top oppressed groups, disagree, and tell us the only thing we have to worry about is whether slowing racist words down any more will trigger a series of temporal collapses, creating a group of individuals whose heads are stuck in black holes—where the sun never shines—leading to an administration that, being filled with top-tier diversity, will commonly become known as A-Holes, as they appear to be living in a reality that's disjointed with the one experienced by anyone who's not qualified to be a ruling A-Hole; due to the Coriolis effect and the clockwise torque M of gyroscopic forces—which are, clearly, white supremacist concepts—this is anyone that doesn't adhere to the A-Holes' axis of spin but who is affected by it, and which, therefore, must be situated to the right of the true force of power given their racist beliefs that keeping the exact same momentum as before is what's conservative. Joe Biden Spaced-Out Portrait

Apologies; I seemed to have veered into metaphor. And didn't even mention the particles that simply follow the spin like mindless idiots, going along with it all until it's too late and the black holes have snuffed out their state of existence, and now they're forced to be the B-Holes of society.     

I think it's fair to say that Jen Psaki is operating under a mandate and isn't confined by the restrictions one would expect to be placed on the usual mouthpiece role. In other words, she betrays a sense of involvement and ownership that's unlike the "circle back" attitude of her first weeks, which suggests that she's very active in hiding Bumbling Biden's mental incompetence and/or has had to make due with not being able to rely on Biden (or Harris) to be well-armed for her press conferences, either coming to learn through repetition, or plainly being told so, that she was on her own; just do the following: Here are the main points you gotta sell; here's the image you gotta uphold, say what you need. Sure, lie if you have to. I'd be lying if I told you we never did it. [Cue chuckle and cackle] 

Her language clearly indicates how she owns the entire communications/PR side of the Administration and she's not just its spokesperson. The best example is how she now always states positions as if her own, or answers questions from her own stance and point of view, then immediately realizes she needs to frame matters as the White House, so adds something along the lines of: Which is something the President would say/has said himself.   

I don't think it's what she was willing to sign on for, so I wasn't entirely surprised to learn on 7-May-2021 that she had voiced a desire to be out of the White House within a year's time, wanting to resign from her Press Secretary position. Simply releasing such a detail with such vague date is just a way of expressing extreme frustration towards her work while making a muted threat to her bosses, in my opinion. She's fed up, but professional.  

I don't like her; I'm aware of too many of her lies and see through her tricks. But she is highly competent, I'll give her that. 

Fifthly? Sixly? A 6-Jan-2021 Commission? Are you f—king kidding me?! Is this a government or a group of perpetually-hyper-menstruating private high-school sophomore white girls who spend all their time in the gym change room gossiping and bitchin’ out everyone else while silently hating themselves for being fatter than Cindy?Q Shaman - Qrazy

Never seen such a petty, hypocritical, and feckless bunch of too-rich and too-powerful immature adult-wannabes.

Nothing new can be learned by adding a third body to review events; the Capitol Police, in conjunction with several police departments, and the FBI, are already investigating this, never mind all the anal-retentive busy-bodies eager to help CNN and The New York Times, convinced that America—the country and the continents—almost ceased to exist on 6-Jan-2021, for there was no way that some horned shaman was gonna be able to maintain operations without either blowing up, inhaling, or injecting all that is Red, White & Blue. 

If serious about the intentions they put forth today, they would have addressed them during the impeachment, rather than making a travesty out of the procedures just to reap any perceived advantages to come out of a public shaming. 

This has nothing to do with getting to the truth and rectifying security flaws. We know why there were security flaws. This is about resetting and solidifying for history's sake the desired narrative. And a whole lot of deflecting, too, whilst keeping the Trump hate alive. 

Whatever Nancy Pelosi says, it’s got as much value as a pebble lying somewhere in a hot, gooey, and stinky pile of shit next to a huge stack of clean pebbles. That woman gives blowjobs to Satan, I’m sure, the whole time she’s going down on him she’s figuring how she can f-ck him over—in the non-sexual Dem sense! The whole stock/investment story, that should be a scandal, is sign that the Dems no longer give a f-uck about hiding the truth; media spins and distractions... and everybody—the right ones—gets richer and only the poor suckers go to jail. 

What's that? Mostly black poor suckers go to jail, is that what you're saying? Well, I dunno. Let's go ask the Dems; they do know. Biden and Harris better than most.

But... Just shut up! Stay focused. This is all about 6-Jan, the "darkest bleakest day in American history."

And a moment for Chuck Schumer. The way this guy manages to spew grand-but-meaningless statements that impress just by with its raw syllable count to paint the Dems as Marvel heroes handling what's, in truth, the most mundane of events turned into propaganda... what a dick! A real prick.

And, so far, and by far, the winner of the Biggest Two-Faced Hissy Fit award goes to Ohio Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan for his rebuke of the GOP and their firm vote in opposition of the commission. Of course, this was instantly met with countless vapid "they don't want 'cause they're guilty" inane remarks from all ends of the idiotsphere, but I digress. 

The Republicans who voted for a commission: What the hell is the matter with you? Do you really need a commission to review for you the facts that are already there, as you honestly believe the report presented and all accompanying videos and proof will demonstrate what's been a fair and unedited review, and none of that is going to be used as shit-stirring fodder with daily press briefings revealing the latest shocking bit about collusion with Russia and... 

What's wrong with you? Seriously? Are you sleeping with that Cheney chick or somethin'?

What's the positive here? That at least it's not Russiagate all over again? 

Aside: There are two cultures that I envy and have much respect for, believing that it would behoove us all to learn some aspects from these; they are: Jewish (mostly Ashkenazi) and Indian. Though the Indians win; Jewish people tend to go overboard with the whole "anti-Semitic" thing, and who can possibly beat the whimsy of Indian deities? Still, how many goys do you know that read and owns the (non-children) works of Isaac Bashevis Singer? Nonetheless, these cultures intertwine spirituality and family with other areas of life and a definition of success that permeates all they do, and from which the West has much to learn.
My parents were wise. They were non-practicing Roman Catholics but wanted me to be able to explore any options. "In case he wants to leave Christianity and become Jewish or a porn star," I remember my parents telling the doctor moments before I was circumcised.

Aside to the previous aside: In regards to gender issues, conservatives have been affirming their stance even more sternly as of late, assuring anyone who'll listen that gender is sex and sex is binary, period; any mention of "spectrum" is ludicrous, so the science says.
But it actually doesn't; science suggests that, underneath the binary surface realization, there's a spectrum at play that appears to become more pronounced over time, and citing the DSM 5's take on gender dysphoria misses out on truly understanding a fascinating aspect of nature that's been uncovered, presenting an unnecessary barrier to a better understanding. Changing one's overall views does not necessarily imply that laws need to be changed, for the Woke's take isn't what the science actually entails either. I'll explore this in greater detail in the Woke section than what I previously offered.  

Then, one day, there came a distraction from all the divisive tribalism and tribal divisiveness that occupied America; somewhere else, the fragile balance of natural oppression was being challenged! Perceived oppression needed to be injected, stat. 

It all happened for no apparent reason that would suggest anything other than the fact that Israel is filled with oppressive Jews who live to be both Jewish and oppressive, as is the wont of both Jews and oppressives, which is ironic considering that, if anyone should have learnt to be decent people given their history, it's the Jews, am I right? 

After all, isn't it because they love to fornicate with rats in between counting all the money they steal—which gave them wickedly-hooked noses and horns they hide under ringlets—that they were accused of being responsible for the black plague, probably the cholera, the Spanish flu, and anything else that's bad. What about the Wuhan virus? There's at least one Jew in the W.H.O., right? And didn't the antics of Syphilis & Gonorrhea thrive in Wiemar Germany because all the Jews took over the film industry, all of them hellbent on perverting the purehearted and innocent goys through pornography (that's gotta be a Yiddish word, just look at it; it feels Jewish, right?) and other mind-warping films that promoted debauchery, which the poor Germans couldn't resist, as the Jews were all just too evil and cunning for them... 

And Jesus? Christ! I know you normally mock religions and insult anyone who believes in the bible, but no one can be happy about what the Jews did to Jesus—I think it was them—no matter how much of an atheist one is. I mean, holy shit, Jesus H Christ, right!

And never mind their whole share of responsibility behind the entire Judeo-Christian branch thingy. Please do note that it's not Christio-Judaic; Judaism comes first for a reason. What does it mean? Well, essentially, the Jews gave us the religions that gave us nothing but wars, which, if one thinks about it, but not too much, kinda means that all Jews are responsible for all wars in one way or another, and since all media is controlled by all Jews, they have us cheering for wars that kill babies and result in far too many women being raped, and that's why they won't let us see how evil and horned they really are, too.   Tweet from Adeel Raja about needing a new Hitler

I read in an untitled book of anonymous sources that "cabal" is Hebrew for "Jewish bank."  Makes sense, right?

Ask Adeel Raja, a Pakistani freelance contributor with CNN since August 2013 who misses the 'good ol' days.' He knows what's what, right? And with close to 500 "Likes", that's gotta mean he's right, and a vile Rightist, too, right?

That'd be Left, i.e. wrong.

Raja is now an ex-CNN contributor, but only because this particular pro-Hitler Tweet received too much of the wrong kind of attention; this isn't the first supremely anti-Semitic Tweet the twit tweeted. 

Gipsies dancing

And how different is that tweet from all the vehement, hate-filled pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel posts, slogans, and chants that so many have blindly—more so than willingly, I should hope—partaken in in one way or another?

But, I mean, the Jews! Pfff.
They're like Gipsies, but more successful and, unfortunately, less transient, am I right? 


(Just to be sure: I'm ridiculing stereotypes about the Jews to ridicule the hatred towards them; I do not promote in any way whatsoever any race- or religious-based violence against any groups, as well as any non-targeted and unjustified acts that aren't in self defense.) 

Anyone who thinks Hamas was merely retaliating against Jewish oppression of the Jewish kind, reacting to the oppression applied at the al-Aqsa mosque, the kind of oppression-lust that, surely, also motivated the behaviour behind Sheikh Jarrah evictions, for it is hard to be Jewish and not make a big deal out of people who have not only taken over one's property illegally, but who refuse to pay rent following an amply fair court ruling—which the Palestinians could appeal—that granted property rights back to their rightful owners while not allowing these to evict the Palestinians now occupying those homes, providing they paid a just rent on a monthly basis. 

The Palestinians who refused to pay any rent whatsoever, they were the ones with pending evictions; four families in all at the time, out of 28 families which may face eviction.

It wasn't all Palestinians who now live in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, and they aren't being savagely and mercilessly chased out of their homes, per the narrative being pushed by the progressives and the Leftist media—what I'm left wondering is just how aware of the real facts they were as they promoted their deeply anti-Semitic take on events?

There's certainly much that can be debated on this, but it's being done in their courts, under the watchful eye of all; by any measure whatsoever, this can't possibly qualify as a human rights abuse considering all the other truly cold-hearted and cruel evictions that are going unnoticed and unchallenged whilst happening under the nose of the UN. 

The UN no longer operates as it should, and it ought to be seen as a tool to validate bad actions by certain countries and to impose certain directions. But it's not just the UN; the W.H.O. and the Paris Accord, too. Corrupt institutions. Trump was right to leave the last two and to say that the first needed to be dissolved. Ditto for the IMF, the WMF, and...

Incentive and leverage, or strengthened autonomy. Now, none of those are still possible under Biden.  

I don't know how anyone that works in the news media thought it was somehow acceptable to revert to a Party Press mentality like the one that dominated circa 1780s–1830s, then decided it'd be devilishly far more fun to act like preschoolers whose god is a science they don't understand as they operate within ethical bounds they've yet to learn, as they don't apply to prepubescent dolts who haven't yet mastered Basic Colours 101, still being tripped up by black or white.

Anyone glad to see such pricks rise up for moral deficiency and depravity everywhere, and with pride? 

When did the entire news industry think it had the right to un-Right and rewrite—or Leftisize—history (xstory?)? Nothing quite says "I'm a big arrogant piece of shit who thinks far too highly of themselves and should probably do some jail time before becoming a janitor" than what these media heads have been doing, along with the cesspools that attract the feces defecated by shit eaters, such as, for example, Media Matters for [rich Leftist] America.  

Rockets over Israel

You'll notice that one side can be described as "defensive" while the other can be called "an assault". Guess which is which. The "Iron Dome," which is the name given to the missile defense system that protects Israeli skies, is a striking sight. Literally.

By the way, Erick Stakelbeck, Director of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) and host of the news show The Watchmen, provided terrific reporting on the Israel-Palestinian conflict. His focus is on Israel and the Middle East; I would  definitely  recommend his channel  for news out of that area. He is strongly pro-Israel, but entirely fair, in my opinion.  

Like discouraged people who are slightly depressed due to having spent too much time dissecting the news and events, I wasn't surprised to see that hatred of the Jews was back in fashion; I'd written about that, too, months ago. What I wondered, and which is still not clear cut, is how much of Biden's sudden change in the US's Middle East foreign policy—which, basically, could be seen as a repudiation of both Israel and Saudi Arabia—came from Biden himself, and how much of it was motivated by Obama (and the bulk of his administration which is now a part of Biden's), and how much was coerced by The Squad, probably through nagging and threats of crying "sexual harassment" unless Biden gave the proverbial finger to Israel and resumed sending massive funds to Palestine. 

Anti-Israel sentiments expressed in relations to the long-time, on-going, and never-ending conflict between Israel and Palestine is nothing new.

But, undeniably, like too much of what's expressed but shouldn't these days, voicing anti-Semitic feelings has reached new and paradoxical levels of acceptance and support, making Jew-hating the politically correct thing to do. 


Why does the hard left glorify the Palestinians

Expert Jew and proud defender of Israel, lawyer and Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz pondered the issue in a The Hill OpEd piece, where he, unfortunately, delved into that overboard-brand of anti-Semitism I brought up earlier. He's keenly aware of much, yet sums it up as: 

Yet the hard left blames Israel alone, and many on the center-left create a moral equivalence between democratic Israel and terrorist Hamas.

Why? The answer is clear and can be summarized in one word: Jews.

That's a bit of a far too big exaggeration of a tad too simplistic take on the sum of the complex part that matters. Please, thank you. I'm trying to be diplomatic; if I've learned anything it's that obfuscation is key to diplomacy.

By the way (not an "aside"), here's a thumb's up as well as a friendly warning: Good on The Hill for increasingly veering away from tribalistic reporting, but I hope they're aware that they're now well on their way to becoming full-blown rightwing, which is bound to happen to those merely reporting too much of the truth, or any of those substantiated but pesky views that counter the main narrative.   

In support of his "because: Jews" argument, Dershowitz mentions a "double standard universally applied to Jews" which he specifies further as he cites a writer for the Jerusalem Post, Seth Frantzman, who said, "In short, because Jews endured genocide, they have to live according to a higher standard than those who perpetrated genocide."

The view they present assumes that those applying that double standard are fully cognizant of events, possessing an accurate view of instigator and victim. Not only is the situation itself not always real clear, but the media has increasingly played it up as fits their views and agenda, which groups like Hamas have learned to exploit quite well.

I've been guilty of applying that double standard, but not quite in the way intended by either, which, along with Dershowitz's oversimplification, makes me think that this is one of those overboard-perception/two-worlds problems that leaves little room for discussion or resolution given that all is based on complete and unjustified hatred.

When I was young, "Palestinian" was, basically, a synonym for "terrorist". Then, things became less black or white during the Clinton years, keeping that ambiguity through Bush's reign, to finally have the narrative I had grown up with flipped on its head with Obama, revealing the Israelis as the oppressive colonial-minded villains. I referred to that double-standard, and it intensified my anger towards Israel in regards to the on-going conflict with Palestinians, so that it included some degree of hate. After all, how could the Jews treat anyone that way after what they had endured? Hadn't they learned anything?! 

I think it's because this time I approached the situation through a focus on Iran, given all that the Iran Deal entails and Biden's illogical obsession to get back into that crap deal that actually made it easier for Iran to build a dizzying stockpile of rockets and be a few steps closer to nuclear weapons, but taking that back-road back to the conflict in Israel presented things in way where questioning who's the "baddie" didn't even occur to me; becoming cognizant of my assured stance, which was a sudden departure from my previously held position, jarred me. I did question it. 

However, this expression of that double-standard is far different from the one suggested by Dershowitz and Frantzman, which is expressed as a reason why the Jews should suffer silently, understandably,  and not retaliate so fiercely against the Palestinians.    

Palestinians armed protest


Since many conflate Palestinians and the various underlying groups that are responsible for the violence in these conflicts, and given what we're living and the lies that were spread here through a perverse over-exploitation of the "rightwing" label, I instantly saw the animosity being expressed within the US against Israel as a manifestation and extension of the Woke ideology, as did, incidently and reassuringly, Ben Shapiro, who's not just a sympathizing amateur Jew-sorta-wannabe like me; true, he is deeply reviled by many, but not for being a Jew, but for far worse: for being perceived as a far-Right mascot.  

It was all about oppressor/oppressed, and the halls of white supremacy.  

But not in the Middle East. There, it was all about taking advantage of a situation created by a US President that appeared to have forsaken Israel, using the local events as guise in order to test the limits while Iran watched and evaluated how it played out internationally. Calling it an exploratory rehearsal seems real appropriate and accurate, but I could be wrong. Let's wait 6 months before reaching that conclusion, shall we? 

This one, unlike the Rohingas and Uyghurs—which is why the progressives and their fans were careful to use "Islamophobia" instead of "anti-Muslim"—and the Kurds and Chechens, and the Tibetans, can be directly tied back to US Imperialism and the colonial thinking that fuels the Military Industrial Complex. It feeds the oppressed victimhood narrative—which takes on a weird dimension considering that same history of the holocaust which is said to create a double-standard—and allows the progressives to attack by proxy the embodiment of an important, unspoken of American institution—a cabal of Jews—thus winding up to take a stance seeking to weaken its influence on Congress and its possible role in the coming elections.   

And there's the real why. Not just: Jews. 

And did I mention that there are a lot of idiots out there? Many of these haven't a clue what's what and would probably have hard time finding Israel and Gaza on any map that doesn't have the country names. But it feels right given what circulates about the Jews, and, AOC said Jews were bad, conducting mass murders they are, so... and The Squad seemed to agree, so it feels totally legit and good, d'ya feel me? Isn't AOC the greatest? I think she's the greatest.
Hello, I'm a non-binary idiot. What kind of idiot are you? 

As I'd pointed to the Wokists' clear Antisemitism as a possible motivator behind Biden's Bye-Bye Benji move, pulling nearly all troops and material out of the Middle East and announcing a new policy for the region that was to be based on tough-love and support from afar, all that hate that came from, and was incited by, the progressives was the expected reaction, as was Biden's complete lack of one. 

Ihan Omar condemns US-backed violence in Gaza

Idiotic accusations like these are provided without context and without any awareness of the facts surrounding the events that precipitated that cycle of violence, which some airhead US representatives endorsed; some say that such comments are partially responsible for inciting the local acts of violence targeted towards Jewish individuals. 

Both Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib have received criticism in the past due to anti-Semitic remarks made by one or the other in the House, in public, or on social media. 

As regards this conflict, the only squad member for whom it makes any sense to tolerate anything resembling support for what's tantamount to a pure and tyrannical terrorist organization is Tlaib, whose parents were born in Palestine although she was born, and grew up, in Detroit. Nonetheless, between support for Palestine versus fierce opposition to all Jews is a stretch.  

Just curious: How many times did The Squad and the Dems, featuring the Biden Bunch, accuse Trump, Trumpers, and anyone they didn't like, of being anti-Semitic scum. Marjorie Taylor-Green even got severely branded as such—all the way from Jerusalem, to boot—because the Leftist media apparatus came up with "Jewish space laser" and tied that with "crazy conspiracy theorist" because of a post she had written prior to her days in office and which, it turns out, contains a plausible theory re actual solar energy transfer from space, and in which she never mentions Jews or uses the world "laser". 

Yet, despite that, there are some Rightists who, whilst coming to the fore to defend some of MTG's actions and/or comments, invariably take a moment to mention something akin to: "...except for that Jewish space laser deal; that's truly conspiracy crazy land..." No matter what, clearly, they managed to still be fooled to some degree.

What you didn't hear:Rockets fired by Hamas in the Gaza

The whole thing wasn't triggered by overzealous cops acting very Americany; Palestinians are caught on video instigating the whole thing, using the mosque's sacred grounds, which is barred to unescorted Jews, to ambush Jews, inflicting vicious violence on innocent and unsuspecting Jews in a manner that warranted police intervention. 

Just because cops in the US have been told to let rioters destroy cities—let them vent; it'll do citizens good, said prominent Dems—doesn't mean that this is a good strategy that anyone should expect others to model. The stats are there; we've all seen them. Still wanna argue that the BLM "defund the police" plan is a good one?

Many of the deaths suffered by the Palestinians, as well as the major power outage endured through much of the 11 days of fighting, resulted from rockets fired by Hamas that landed on Gaza.  

Hamas fired 4360 rockets at Israel; some were also fired out of Libya. 

Conservatives estimate that roughly 20% of the rockets fired by Hamas fell short; honest progressives and confused Hard-Leftists place that number at 16%

This translates to between 698 and 872 rockets fired by Hamas that fell on the Palestinians, amongst whom they hide, as dead civilians help their cause and boost international outcry. 

It is estimated that Israel's Iron Dome defense system stopped 90% of those that reached Israel. 

The progressives and other Left-minded angst-loving weirdos believe that this gives Israel an unfair advantage; the US should not weaponize the Jews this way. It's bad. Neocolonialistic. Equity says more Jews should die. Equal numbers. No discrimination.  

The UN no longer operates as it should, never did, and it ought not to be seen as a tool to validate bad actions by certain countries and to impose certain directions 

My Outing:  With all that's recently been revealed, I feel safely secure and adequately comfortable with my masculinity to openly admit that I and another once witnessed what could only have been UFOs of extra-terrestrial origin. This was in Northern Ontario. It's a sight I rarely discuss but often think about. Also, despite my penis, I am neither Jewish nor a porn star. 

Al-Jazeera - The Utter Failure of teh Abraham accords

Like anyone who has spent far too much time dissecting events in order to match versions of corroborated reality with the fiction of news headlines, it's frankly depressing and wholly discouraging to see the lengths that A-Holes are willing to go to. With the B-Holes never far behind.

Since Sep-2020, Al Jazeera figures real low on my list of trustworthy channels for all news that impacts G7-or-so countries i.e. the mostly-Western and white global powers of old and the new-and-easily-bullied major players who'd earned a seat at the big-boy table, all of them pro-Woke, per their corpo-news. But I digress. 

Speaking of dickheads, this kind of article (right) is doubly upsetting coming from Al Jazeera, though expected from the NYT. Has idiocy been theorized to have unfathomable depths, and people like Mr. Harb, who can be said to represent far too much of the Left, are doing their best to prove the No-Limits idiots  wrong?  

Harb assures us that, like Trump and because of Trump, everything about Trump, and all that Trump thought of and all he Trump-touched, including this peace deal, exactly like all his White House administration and all his endeavours, foremost his entire family but especially all his children, is pure and utter failure. His only success his a failed insurrection!

I exaggerate, but that's the overall impression one is left with, if the peace deals are discussed at all, for they sure as hell weren't being discussed back then. One had to tie a Lefty to a chair and do nasty things to their pasty bodies before they were willing to even acknowledge the peace accords negotiated while Trump was in office, which was invariably rewarded by having to listen to the most absurd justifications—like Trump used the wrong ink colour—as to why peace was either doomed to fail or was, in fact, based on feelings, a really bad and racist thing to achieve in that region, or anywhere, if Trump, which then meant having to do even nastier things to even more pasty things.

I'm assuming.

Harb's Wokefest-inspired take on the matter? The Abraham Accords are all BS because, though all the Arabs in the region are keeping quiet, one can tell that they are boiling inside, dying to help out the Palestinians and curse the Jews, but, instead, their leaders—who are tyrants, being Arab, by the way—are encouraging their people to keep their heads cool while trying to incite peace talks between Israel and Palestine, but only because of the mutual business interests that were forged through the Accords, not because of a true brotherly-love type of peace! You poor Trump-believing saps were totally sold on his crap? You're patheic and you disgust me. 

That's about the gist, of Harb and of too many pricks without any balls. 

Jen Psaki, too, is also balless—which is no longer excusable through "gender", so there—as she couldn't help taking a pot shot at Trump with a lame, 'See, there's fighting. So much for Trump's peace accords.' 

That, right there, pretty much sums up the Dems' strategy, attitude, and turpitude. The media has trained all the idiots well these past five years, making them useful, so that all it takes is "undoing Trump stuff" from any official-looking person that claims to be from the White House (if white and heterosexual, chances are slim that they're in the Biden administration; play it safe, ask for ID... unless they're black?) and that's enough to convince all pro-ZomBidenites and the balless pricks of this world—while Wokes need never be convinced of what they've convinced others—that whatever is going on is good and decent and a big plus for society, because it ain't Trump?!    

Yet, they all said that peace in the region was impossible, so who are you gonna believe, they, or Trump?  

Trump saw it. Normalize the local people's markets and economies and give them good reasons to trade goods in a manner that will be beneficial to all, and there's no longer a real reason to destroy, and even hate, that weird neighbour that's different.  

Honestly, how much of a myopic and petty A-Hole can one be? Ask the Biden administration; they seem to know as they never cease to amaze me with new depths of pettiness, the kind that's sure to satisfy idiocy. 

 After having taken the time to review matters, I gotta say it: Trump was one hell of a good President for the US, even if with a personality that not only made it easy, it made one want to accept the lies spun by Leftists and their media. 

And I come from a place of hate as far as Trump is concerned; I never liked the man as I always thought that he represented the shallow, callous and crass materialism that's meant to be seen as the American Dream. 

That part is still true, but so is the fact that with age comes change and wisdom. Albeit a bombastic character, he worked hard to satisfy Americans, and he sacrificed much, losing a big chunk of his personal wealth in the process. Nonetheless, he still aimed to deliver what even the Leftists wanted, though perhaps not in the exact package desired.

The public is left with mostly false memories of a crazed man, a man who was shat on and verbally abused unlike anything I've ever witnessed before, spewing bile as they labelled him and his family scum Nazis and all sorts of vile insults, amplifying and twisting anything that could make him appear like a dangerous and ultra-racist tyrant, automatically claiming the opposite of anything announced by Trump. And the tremendous good he did, while also making a few blunders, which pale in comparison to all the evils done by previous administrations, a great deal of which the public seems to have willingly decided to ignore.

I'm not sure why. Because, Trump? There's gotta be a limit to that idiocy, one would think. 

When I review all the facts available in regards to Israel, and the manner by which Netanyahu is accused of veering further and further to the Right with each passing day; when I examine the efforts made towards considering any two-state proposals; it seems that it's always been the Palestinians who are unwilling to discuss the matter, having very firmly and formally—adding "wipe out", "kill", and "all Jews" for emphasis—rejected such a plan. 

When Palestinians claim that they're "occupied", what they really mean is that there are Jews in the region. Let's be clear: The peace they want entails a genocide, in the Hitlerian sense.    .

For your own edification and learning, you can read (link below) the covenant that groups like Hamas, the PLO, Rouhani's regime in Iran, and sundry Arab terrorist organizations homed in the area are operating under, their guns aimed at Israel. 

When you come across anything similar that's dictating the actions of Jews towards Arabs, please do let me know. 

The Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement, 18 August 1988
In The Name Of The Most Merciful Allah: 

The Avalon Project : Hamas Covenant 1988 (yale.edu)



This space is an unconscious manifestation of my whiteness bias.



Daily Caller - CNN and MSNBC ratings plummeting

For those who spend a large amount of their time dissecting the news and events, we're bound to hit some good news on occasion. So don't discourage, as it's not all depressing.

Sometimes the good news is spotting a loophole in the Dairy Queen ads that appeared on different news outlets, thus letting you combine coupons so you can finally afford to go on a date and not look like such a cheap ass. Sometimes it's the news that evil propagandists may not survive the fiscal year. Sometimes, the names of these evil outfits are just letters, like CNN and MSNBC.

On really good days, one learns that said propagandists all have a bizarre kind of brain tumor and will die in 48 hours. 

But that's not all! Scientists say that their propaganda activities were entirely motivated by that tumor—and it's probably Russian?—because all humans are good, and all know in their hearts just how important the role of good, honest reporting is to a free and fair democracy for all (which is to say, not BLM-leaning, of course), and all humans are instinctually constitutionally bound to uphold the Free Speech ethos, and to see that the news outlets of the free world honour their ethical duty to you, to country, and to God, who also just happened to ban CRT in a new psalm released on Reddit. 

I'm sure I've forgotten a few things, seemed like I had more to say... 

Oh, well. 

Just go back to sleep. Enjoy that nap. Today is a good day.    

Additional credits:

Image: Zombiden and CNN, screenshot taken from Black Ops 3 Zombies; additional modifications by pdl/DMS&UY.
     Artie Ziff is a creation of Matt Groening, used here within Fair Use laws and expectations. 

.1. Coulter, Ann, Adios, America!, Regnery Publishing, New York, 2015

Info Source


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