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Posted: Jul 17, 2022   5:53:03 AM   |   Last updated: Jul 17, 2022   5:53:03 AM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

Opportunity Missed for Many, Opportunist Spotted by Most?


Mysteries are eventually solved, and I think I’ve just resolved one, or, rather, she resolved herself and, by so doing, revealed what, I believe, is to be expected of India, for, despite its position of non-alignment, there always comes a time when one must choose a side; which one will India take if that time comes? That’s the real question anyone aware of India’s foreign policy is asking, as all are expecting the current show of neutrality.

However, as the saying goes, “Deciding not to decide is still making a choice.” Staying out of many things may fall under the rubric of “neutrality,” but a refusal to act on many things also becomes an “endorsement.”

And many decisions unrelated to one’s position could have position-related consequences or interpretations, and the external influence of one party over one’s decisions, normally with demands or benefits established through any partnership, usually normalizes a position.

The “she” I’m referring to above is Gravitas’ Palki Sharma-Upadhyay who, being the Managing Editor for ZEE News’ WION channel, which is pro-Hindutva and pro-BJP, pretty much provides an accurate view of Indian Prime Minister Modi’s international stance, and a superficial one of his domestic position, per the channel’s scope.

Unfortunately, on this front, WION acts as a PR box and not journalists on anything concerning the Modi government, and I’m tempted to say that Modi could be found raping a young girl and they’d somehow find a way to present only the good in that. But if you want to know what Modi is doing or his campaign-level take on anything, or why his policies are good or the neighbouring countries are always wrong and India is better, or who dared criticize India, addressed after critizing others for 20 minutes, then Gravitas is a good place for that kind of fare. And if one has ever navigated the sea of Indian media, one recognizes that it's one of the saner outlets for that. Nonetheless, for a fair, balanced, and in-depth critical analysis on anything involving India, or for a guaranteed integrity/objectivity that's a constant regardless of who's the focus of a news story, one should get that info elsewhere, and to expect many info gaps on several story types. Mind you, WION also does some great work, but real news is a holistic affair that can't have any of its parts dedicated to propaganda, petty politics, and spreading one's hatred. Although, I have to admit that, in the past week, the Gravitas host kept things nearly entirely hate free, while still delivering a limited-view filled with focused and greatly baseless criticisms on her usual and expected targets, of course, but at least the hate wasn't palbable through the Internet.      

I’m not entirely convinced that this is done free of any reluctance, while there's a certain amount of reactionary hate that's too genuine to be imposed, and the end product is the same, anyhow, and that’s the impression it gives: a clear inability to seriously question any of the government’s decisions or actions, and a focus on anti-China and anti-Pakistan material, real or fake. Is it that the mandate dictates that the station dispenses so much hate per hour and to defend its positions and decisions no matter what?

Once one is aware of the RSS-vibe—with it's Nazi roots as well, while we're at it—which resonates through any opinion or report that lends itself to a nationalistic slant and the implications of this on the news that's served up, one learns to navigate around the hate and to decipher the importance through inconsistencies and contradictions, as well as omissions, and relevant meaning of key global events through an atypical Western view wrapped in Eastern envy, insecurity, and indignation, marked expressions of these, in combination, being a clear consequence of colonialism—I recognize parallels with once prominent Quebecois attitudes and reactions—and not natural Asian traits. 

As a propaganda-focused outlet, it's absolutely no worse than any other corporate media in this respect—actually less destructive than many US models—and better than authoritarian state media given a great deal of editorial control that’s still possessed. But one watches WION to get the lowdown on Modi’s view and seize his broad perspective, and certainly not to get a critical political analysis of Modi’s position on any issues.

And that is why, following her 15-Jul-22 episode that featured a segment justifying India’s Quad involvement and the i2u2 Summit amid the Middle East peace-spreading efforts of Joe Biden, I’m now tipping almost entirely towards seeing in Modi’s attitude and politics an exploitation of the non-alignment philosophy that’s turning the original intent into it now being about “selfish wants” and self-serving justifications, and nothing about open negotiations through a fair position to attain “peace” by bridging, rather than jeopardizing, one’s interests with either party.

Technically, if India’s non-alignment is called on, then it’s because it finds itself in a situation between conflicting parties, otherwise, neutrality or side aren’t an issue, period. Instead, Modi uses non-alignment to detach India from any conflict and as a free-pass to justify certain decisions, doing so with only business in mind, this aspect already betraying Modi's self-serving exploitation of a label with no real thought for non-alignment beyond the best deal he can get, this aspect also made clear through a very aligned position against China, which provided the reason to revive the Quad, and an opening allowing the US to focus that annoyance into a warring ally and limit the "Axis of Demonic Tyrants" forces (not sure what the US are calling the current iteration of this axis, but it seems like the level of idiocy they're at) and, on the West, with i2u2, curb the efforts of the "Axis of Resistance", which includes Iraq, Iran, and Syria.   

I’m not delving into hyperbole—or maybe I am, time will say—but I genuinely believe that the next course the world is to embark on could be entirely decided by India, should it realize its importance and act accordingly, and with the wisdom to truly chart its course and decide its own partners and not be drawn so easily towards big lollipops. You can tell it wants to; the will is there… but look at the colours on that sucker! If India is to confirm its importance based on the say so or empty actions of another, then, clearly, India hasn’t yet matured to the status of Superpower, its position as such residing purely in numbers.

Currently, India is the most important strategic piece for the long term, and it’s trying to convince itself it has strategic value because a US memo said so and, look, only important countries get a CAATSA waiver? That’s not the type of independent spirit that many were hoping to see, I’m sure. Unless all that one knows of the world comes from CNN or the BBC, a clear indication of India's resolve is what many were looking for, and what's seen aren't principles centred around a morality, cemented in loyalty, its egocentricism and an opportunistic focus, and I say this while still willing to defend India’s refusal to take a clear political stance through any official bodies, so far, and its energy-related purchases from Russia aren't what I'm basing my conclusions on, not one bit, although this aspect contributes towards the overall character demonstrated.


The CAATSA waiver recommended by Indian-American US Congressman Ro Khanna for the $5 billion deal India had made with Russia for 5 S-400 units in 2018 represents another wasted opportunity to assert itself and force a needed change, but that’s never quite what’s demonstrated.

CAATSA grants US administrations the power to impose sanctions on any country that purchases major military equipment from Russia. The law was passed in response to “Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014 and its alleged meddling in the 2016 US presidential elections.”

The reasons themselves demonstrate zero self-awareness on the part of the Americans, or shameless bullying if so.

The US sanctioned Turkey for the same purchase, which led to many wondering whether it would do the same to India, which kinda shows how the “Law and Order” country not only makes its own laws and, consequently, those of the world, and it applies them to suit its needs, and not in a law-and-order sort of way. The reasons listed for Turkey, on top of the purchase, are all things that the US is deeply guilty of itself. 

For India, the possibility of sanctions was there since before the purchase in Oct-2018, as India had only received a warning from the Trump administration that 'going ahead with their purchase could invite US sanctions'; talks of these materializing into a reality were revived once India refused to take a clear position against Russia. More bullying... but best not to upset India by applying the sanctions until India has made it clear whether it supports the US or hates Russia. Yep. Those are the only two options.

That it was Ro Khanna who submitted the bill is no coincidence, as, given the timing, the whole thing is clealry a PR stunt to kiss India’s butt and sway it towards the US’ side and away from China and Russia, and it seems to have worked better than flowers and chocolates and a bottle of Peach Snaps.

A purely empty gesture out of the US' normal, bullying ways from a country that absolutely wants to impose US-style Free Market Capitalism all over the globe but not let anyone be free to buy from the market they want.

The Modi of 2018 that had the “balls” to not care what the Americans had to say and to go ahead with the purchase anyway, that’s not the Modi that’s present today, certainly not through his actions; it really is an “opportunistic” one that’s emerging, and there's nothing about saying that that makes me happy.

Even WION’s Sharma-Upadhyay had a different attitude about such sanctions a year ago; the impression she gave in last Friday's segment is one of a willingness to get on one’s knees to offer thanks if it'll confirm the waiver's passage.          

Here's the marketing blurb that came with Khanna’s act: "While India faces immediate needs to maintain its heavily Russian-built weapons systems, a waiver to sanctions under CAATSA during transition period is in the best interests of US and US-India defense partnership to deter aggressors in light of Russia and China’s close partnership."

This guy is meant to be a prime member of the Progressive Caucus, which is how I know that this is pure PR that was forced on him, and so was that speech. It would have looked odd had Pramila Jayapal submitted the request and, well, that left Khanna as the other Indian-American…

Read that text carefully. It implies a “transition period” which relates to “immediate needs,” hence, it’s understood that India better not do that again, OK? From now on, only buy US weapons!

“To deter aggressors in light of Russia and China’s close partnership.” No one is bothered by how, all of a sudden, the US decided that China was Russia’s clear ally, acting with them on Ukraine and learning what they could for the upcoming Taiwan invasion of their own, and all without anything changing in China’s behaviour or actions. The US has been doing everything to provoke them and use that to paint them as dangerous aggressors simply because they can’t accept that these challenge their hegemony, and, in spite of the US’ own record, everybody just goes with that?

This decision is what’s pushed, China doesn’t even have a say. If one listened to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s 9-Jul-22 speech given in Bali, Indonesia, then it should have been clear then, as well, that the US decided that China isn’t neutral, and the world ought to be “concerned about the PRC’s alignment with Russia,” and this is despite “what you hear from Beijing… that it claims to be neutral.”

To anyone that would believe China, Blinken suggests that they be answered with, “I would start with the proposition that it’s pretty hard to be neutral when it comes to this aggression. There is a clear aggressor. There is a clear victim. There is a clear challenge not only to the lives and livelihoods of people in Ukraine, but there is a challenge to the international order.”

“International order.” Interesting. No other country can lead, and no other system can exist. Got that? Blinken is a hardline ideologue and part of the group that’s been salivating for several years over the thought of doing to Russia what the US, EU, and NATO did to Yugoslavia. He’s clearly lying through his teeth and well aware of it, not to mention that the US has done three times worse and everyone looks at the ground and the sky, not really saying anything, going along with the folly.

Here's Larry Summers, Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary, who was recently interviewed by CNN's Fareed Zakaria, stating, “Inflation is a serious problem, this will make it worse, but preserving the world order is much more fundamental and much more important than an extra percentage point or an extra three percentage point [sic] on the CPI, uh, over some interval, so let’s have our priorities straight.”

The "this" that "will make it worse" refers to Biden's tactic to solve the situation in combination with new spend on Ukraine and his devotion to supporting a continuation of the War. I won't get into that here, but, as I alluded to in a previous post, what's happening on a global scale precisely resembles the plan that's been used in many areas by the US and the IMF and World Bank, from the creation of all sorts of cultural conflicts to destabilizing all aspects of society to letting an economy implode. Whether or not voluntary, with "The Great Reset" folks at the WEF saying that the suffering of some, more than others, is an expected and necessary part of the transition we're set for, this theory is gaining more ground as Biden is running around, trying to get his ducks in a row and assert an anti-China and anti-Russia commitment from true allies dedicated to Democracy, which all happen to be countries in the grips of fascism if not already under a human-rights-violating autocracy. Meanwhile, the Biden Bunch is taking care of next to nothing back home except make excuses and spread BS, and focusing mostly on Ukraine when Biden is in DC. 

Importance and Squandered

If one were aware of one's strategic importance, not requiring a US-stamped memo to reach that conclusion, one would, with what's currently underway and what's clearly in the plans, use that to one's advantage to force concrete steps towards peace in East Asia and in Ukraine, rather than help hegemonically-obsessed, sociopathic imperialists who've destroyed dozens of countries, defining morality per their unilateral needs, to crush and dominate one's neighbour, solidifying white supremacy across the globe. 

With the role that Modi has accepted, and with the lasting ignorance he's displayed through his acceptance of the i2u2, many in the West and most of the World seems to see someone who was quick to jump into a subordinate role and perhaps too much of an opportunist to realize it, but unarguably naive to seize it, while all the Western politicians and pro-West pundits who addressed the matter clearly state that exploiting India through its role as subordinate is what's in the plans for India.

Biden’s national security advisor Jake Sullivan spoke candidly just the other day:

 “We’re playing the long game here. We are investing in a relationship [with India] that we are not going to judge by one issue even if that issue is quite consequential, but rather that we are going to judge over the fullness of time, as we try to work to convergence on the major strategic questions facing our two countries.

“On one of those questions — how to deal with the challenge posed by China — there’s much more convergence today, and that is important to US foreign policy. On the question of Russia, obviously, we have different historical perspectives, different muscle memories, but we feel confident that the dialogue we have going with India right now will bear fruit over time.”


The Press Call that's on the White House site offers these explanations for Biden's puzzling/controversial visit in the Middle East; a White House official said Biden intends:

  • To demonstrate “the return of American leadership to bring countries together”;
  • To create “new frameworks that aim to harness unique American capabilities to enable partners to work more closely together, which is essential to a more secure, prosperous, and stable Middle East region over the long term”;
  • To build on the “resounding vote isolating Iran last week at the IAEA Board of Governors in Vienna where 30 countries condemned Iran’s lack of compliance with safeguard obligations” (where India, by the way, had abstained from supporting the US move);
  • “To make sure we’re doing all we can to strengthen Israel’s security, prosperity, and integration into the larger region, both now and over the longer term”;
  • To “focus on Israel’s increasing integration into the region” through new formats other than Abraham Accords, such as the “entirely new grouping of partners… what we call I2U2”!

In terms of Saudi Arabia: Congratulations, America! You're back into being buddies with Saudi Arabia, but it's a good thing because they're guaranteed to keep the military-industrial complex rolling strong, and all done with petrodollars, hence synthetically maintaining the US dollard with killing machines to back its value. Now that's kinda sad. So is how quickly a portion of the so-called developed world completely switched to a militarized mode and embarked on a weapon-purchasing frenzy based on falsehoods, rewarding those who are truly responsible for the state of things, rerouting necessary, constructive efforts towards violent, destructive ones, and at a time when coming together, doing anything but our very human and pathetically normal is crucial, the so-called leaders of the world focus on uncollaborative plays and strategic hegemonic gains, pushing weapons sales, and sealing the fate of all as long as there's a Ukrainian left standing.

I do believe that, given our state of awareness and scientific gains, politics is making this out to be humankind's most pathetic moment in all of history to date.

Sharma-Upadhyay joked that Israel is often called the 51st state, but it's far more often thought of as a satelite territory that Washington DC is unofficially a part of. Of course, just relaying that makes me anti-Semitic. Anyone questioning the integrity or goal of any Jewish person in power probably represents at least 90% of all the times I've witnessed someone being accused of anti-Semitism while, simultaneously, invariably, being accused of spreading conspiracy theories. This aspect has worn thin, but still manages to have most wanting to avoid voicing a common grief among many Americans as both parties and their media continually put it to their use, which is how the Holocaust was abused into becoming a valid simile like bad prunes or a metaphor for Bob having to pay taxes. 

Semantics aside, it's clear that Israel matters; India is a prop. It serves a purpose.  

Seeing what was mentioned when touching upon the obvious—of course every party always has a selfish need behind such things—which was aimed at the Quads and the CAATSA waiver, it's evident that, unless additional guarantees were made that the public isn't aware of, this aspect was only superficially glanced at, and either naiveté, not having clued into what's really underway, or malice can explain such a shallow reading of the real costs to India.  

There’s a specific reason why the US decided to include India in the Quads, which, for the second, the i2u2, many puzzled over as it may not have been as blatant in 2021, but it’s real hard to miss in July of 2022.

Forced Alignment

No one finds it weird that India didn't walk away with the possibility of a project and the potential for a huge investment, plan pending, it got a $2.3 billion deposit for a food park project? First thing one learns in these circles, which India instantly fell for: Not jeopardizing that investment or risking the project now takes precedence, restricting one's options and actions.

Boxing India in so it can't act when Iran needs to be taken down because they're angry at what the US did to them and hurting because of their sanctions. And while Israel has pretty much been given a back-handed thumbs up to bulldoze the Palestinians out of there, Iran needs to be contained until it fizzles out, because it's not civilized in a US-serving way. And the people got rid of the Shah they'd installed. A superpower does not forgive or forget that type of thing. Look at Cuba. But what does India care: non-aligned, and there's money to be made!

Biden recently vowed during his Middle East trip that he’s ready to use force as a “last resort” against Iran to stop them having a nuclear weapons program, should things go that way, as he’s still hoping to rejoin the JCPOA and establish a friendly, productive relationship with the country against whom he’s also assembling an anti-Iran coalition tentatively known as Arab NATO. You’d be dumb to turn your back on that type of friend…

Sharma-Upadhyay had emphasized that Modi had been pressured—maybe wrong word, but impression I was left with—into a vow to respect and uphold the Abraham Accord. Through that, is Modi still sure he can maintain a relation with Iran without risking sanctions?

Why is the US leading the energy project? Because energy becomes a national security issue that warrants a military presence and/or intervention to protect their interests, and if they feel they need boots on the ground in the region for whatever reason, and if not that administration, it'll be another. This is their asset. The same can be said for the food parks in terms of national security warranting military mobilization.

Is India that green and clueless on the geopolitical stage, just too blinded by opportunism, or a happy go-lucky and consciously complicit partner bought out to take the place of its neighbour, which dared to be a challenge to whitey, and deserves being dismantled also?

Find me one country other than UK—US' partners in crime—or one lead by an oil-drenched dictator, that'd willingly be in partnership with the US again were there anyone else that could provide it, not being blocked by USA's abusive hold on the world to be forced into a partnership with them. That's why the Belt & Road proved to be so successful and a breath of fresh air, it turns out, in that area, and all audits give the program a huge pass and commend China, for the approach is way different than the twistedly predatory approach of the IMF and World Bank that turns countries over to the West, and it's sad that intense bigotry totally blocks many from examining the depths of the project, the good it's accomplished, and that idiocy would prefer remaining ignorant of what these entities have done, just to keep vilifying a neighbour it hates intensely because of a border dispute it can't resolve. Not real superpower behaviour there, India.

Finally, the US is weak, right when the earth and humankind needs it, and everyone just wants their power to fade and for it to become a global teamplayer rather than a power-obsessed tyrant, and India is pandering to them, avoiding all the simple acts it could do instead, and failing Russia miserably, while being a petty, ugly participant in a sore-loser's war against China. 

The Modi government must, by now, be aware of important truths in regard to provocations and sequence of events? And it prefers remaining quiet to be courted by fascists? Big disappointment. But concordant with the "focus on its own interests," per the current, highly-discouraging interpretation of non-alignment it's bent to its opportunistic vision.  

Look around, see the number of bases the US built around China, and actually listen to Washington these days and what you hear is the desire to finally take over Russia and break it up, and a longing to reduce China to a US-owned factory, which echoes the many "the threat of China" speeches made ever since its GDP was set to surpass the USA's. Because that's all that matters on this earth, obviously. I would be antsie if I were Chinese, and looking for ways to beef up my footing however I could, I suppose. But how has China demonstrated that it's a threat to the trade routes—which it's the number one trade partner on—unless embroiled in something that implicates the US somehow?

When do Asians and Russians go play in the US' territory and meddle with their partners and allies? People realize that the US made up all the crap about invading Taiwan? They break their agreement with China, decide to take the Island away from them, and any move China does to assert control over its territory, the US screams rape and invasion and, are willing to engage in war with China should it challenge the US. Talk about manufacturing a reason? And India just watches this and decides to be a part of it. You'd think that, with Kashmir—which India should have taken away just to learn the lesson and not be so obtuse in the future—more thought would go into the significance and implications for China, as well as all Asians, and India would be more sympathetic to China's reaction rather than shouting "rape" loudest of all whenever China flies one of its jets next to its territory. 

Such territories are wrong? Talk to the US and UK, they each have more, and I can tell you some pretty horrid stories about treatment of the citizens. 

Sadly, if anyone is pumping out a constant stream of propaganda on the other, its India towards China, and not the other way around. I've no doubt that having China as a neighbour is trying at times, but so is having India as a neighbour, I'm sure, especially when a segment of its media decided to prove itself as stupid as Americans who manage to frighten themselves silly over an entire nation based on their very own propaganda. Is it a shared far-Right ultranationalist quirk?    

Instead of focusing on shoring up those who present a new path forward, truly being non-aligned if not applying the label to work directly for peace, or on growing and advancing a more involved engagement in the BRICS or building similar coalitions of its own, all its doing is rendering itself vulnerable and showing itself to be opportunistic through it, working to preserve what the world was hoping would change. And it's squandered all of its soft power.   

The first Quad was revived and the second created specifically with political goals in mind against an entity the US is determined to see as a foe no matter what, because only the US are kings. That's the reason! All the blah-blah? Does anyone really believe the flowery, empty nothings that fill grand-sounding abstractions meant to describe the alliance’s mission and intended spend? If all those speeches and write ups for these coalitions were true and delivered on, we’d all be petting unicorns and living in glorious peace. Not so.

How many projects like that does the US announce per year? Depends on whether it's an election year, how many brothers-in-law are contractors, how many heads of states they want to grease, and whether the public needs to feel good about not all of the US' money going towards weapons, wars, and bribes. How many does it finish? Don't much hear about those.  

Yeah, but, Biden condemned Palestinians, but at least he donated money for a hospital, right? That money is recirculated back in the US and, if it ever leaves the Central Bank, usually goes straight to contractors and suppliers who squander it. What locals can build in half the time for $1 million, let's say, the US will have spent $7 million on and not be close to finished. Almost all of that is for show and benefits US Establishment and their buddies way more.     

The most striking thing, however, was hearing Sharma-Upadhyay recently start putting out prepared pro-Biden propaganda, buttering up his accomplishments in the Middle East—providing an info gap I had mentioned—but truly surprising me when, rather than address any of the claims regarding the supply line that Russia was accused of blocking, which is alleged to be a means for the US to smuggle weapons to al-Qaeda in Syria, a version that's well supported, she instead embarks on an old tale sounding like an indoctrinated pawn she claims to fear: "Look at the Americans, they're heroes, stopping ISIS from using toxic weapons; they saved the region that day." Sure, if someone is stupid enough to disregard that ISIS is their creation, and despite bombing huge parts of the Middle East, Pakistan, and Afghanistan to get rid of them, they keep sending them money and arms and using them in proxy wars, and I'm willing to bet that the US had something to do with the toxic weapons too, one way or another. Truly a lame attempt. There's something wrong and the change is marked. Did they receive a huge cheque to start pumping out such shit? No shame in doing so? 

And so, with that, the most disappointing part of all this, for it seals the certainty that no real change is to come except the one that’s to be imposed on all, done by those who've continually proved their incompetence, is the level of myopia that's on display, which allows the type of ridiculous political focus someone like Sharma-Upadhyay pushes, or Fox News, for that matter, whilst listing what needs to be done without doing anything to forward real change, still caught in their ridiculous poliitical games that have been out of date for a few years now unless they aimed to play a key role in making sure this is where we end up... and it appears they did, because being petty and bought by power is what defines succesful media.

Anything these people have to say about “better world” is worthless. Complete garbage. They are cowards and/or frauds.

However, what completely betrays one’s real values and moral character, is the propaganda that one willingly disseminates within a given context in which one does so. For Sharma-Upadhyay to end her latest Gravitas Plus segment on Sri Lanka’s crisis with three lessons the world should retain, the first being the fact that leaders should take care of their citizens, the second being “beware of Chinese investments” and... I can’t remember what the third is, but she’s stripped any value out of whatever she had to say, anyhow.

The petty malice. Disgusting. One can’t be in her position and be that clueless or have such incompetent staff, and she’d recently stopped making every Sri Lanka piece about Chinese debt trapping, which implies that she’s aware of the research and clear conclusions, so she knows full well she’s continuing to promulgate a lie, making her a willing propagandist. Given the time, given the implications, the fact that she refuses to address the underlying issues that were caused by the IMF, to correct her previous comments, and what the implications of another IMF loan are, pushing that “lesson” just like that, I think she’s managed to obliterate any respect I did have for her, as I was still hopeful she’d help advance a non-destructive, non-selfish course, but, when it comes down to it and forced to make a choice, she and WION are empty slogans with little substance who'd opt for the Nazis if that time comes.

Now, following this, I absolutely fail to see how she can ever justify complaining about NYT spreading any lies about India. Her behaviour is worse than NYT's, I think, with the "World is One" slogan despite all the hate, and its description emphasizing their commitment to be different, to be honest, and act with integrity, and to not be like an NYT.


If you wanna be trash, you gotta act like it. As others have said: US and India are natural partners.

Such lies. This is precisely the type of behaviour the world wants to see end, the one that's led to such distrust of media and government, the one that WION dares to boast as the reason why they exist in their description. 

Sad. Push things and you're bound to get a clarifying reaction. I've my answer. No longer much of a mystery there, methinks. Her and Modi's India. 


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