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Posted: Nov 29, 2022   2:05:16 AM   |   Last updated: Nov 29, 2022   2:11:07 AM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

I'm not Sexist; Evil is Evil. But Evil Women Are More So?

Obscure PDLisms: PDL worried he'd upset the info builder, perhaps having downplayed its surprisingly steady, rousing role; a small effort but a big ask nonetheless, circumstances and mood leading PDL to the realisation only in second week of recurrent info building. Speechless. Overwhelmed.
"Fat, hairy Bob?" thought PDL. "Must be."
A disappearance being, singularly, strangely, sorrowful, it had made searching for build info difficult, hence, the intent of an obscure request for confirmation in lieu of these current obscurities, yet, one was delivered Friday before intent could be voiced. Uncanny(?). And not some Bob, at all.
"I am blessed," thought PDL, though nearing the end of a bad flu. "Well, that's not the norm." Speechless. Overwhelmed. Joy.


Have You Noticed: When did two missiles into Poland turn into a single one? I'd reported two, but that appears to be wrong, everyone having settled on just one(?). That would make this an erratum?


Speaking of Errors: I seem to experience a glitch that occurs somewhere in between brain and typing fingers whenever specifying The Majority Report, which I instinctively always type as The Minority Report. I usually correct the error, eventually wondering if I'd made it. Apologies to Sam Seder and gang at The Minority Report.

Dang it! I know me; probably easier if they change the name.


Yes, by the way, that other Progressive piece is coming; this was the new intro to that one. Don't ask.

Indeed, the Problem with Jon Stewart

"You don't fight back because you think you'll win, you fight back because they're fascists." 
I got that quote from comedian and social/political commentator Lee Camp, who attributes it to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges, who paraphrased someone else. I can't imagine a more fitting 'war cry'.

Hard Hitting Liberalism

Video: Hillary Clinton & Condoleezza Rice on America’s Global Role | The Problem With Jon Stewart Podcast

That segment of "The Problem with Jon Stewart" that saw Jon Stewart as a passive host to two of the world's more major war criminals — pathetically so at times — boy, was that ever damn hard to watch. Without swearing, anyway.

I can't imagine that Stewart would have had much of a career had he faced such an opportunity and lobbed the beachball type of softball interview questions he served up to the pair, albeit, one is led to wonder whether, when having a chance to talk, he was doing so simply to give reason to his presence, which gave reason to a show with "Jon" in the title, which provided the two Gorgons an opportunity to reach all those liberals who are no longer surfing cable but who are worth the effort given their neocon wants surfacing should a well-packaged foe illicit the indoctrinated hate that proper consumers are constantly subjected to. A task that, incidentally, has been made harder because of the Internet, hence why Google is filled with CIA people, I'm guessing.

It certainly was sad to see. The people, the mood. All seemed off somehow; normal but unexpected. Even the interrogation-room vibe that the set was giving off, albeit very fitting considering what many think the pair of war criminals ought to undergo before being sent off to rot in a jail until their demise. Their amity and demeanor would have seemed more at home if the pair were sipping wine coolers in some tropical bar, Stewart their eager bartender, whose company they claim to enjoy but tolerate, so long as he knows his place, shuts the hell up, and keeps the drinks coming. 

I do have to ask: Is Hilary Clinton pregnant? She's no longer of age you say? I know that... I was trying to be polite and avoid asking whether she ate Bill? Think I'm exaggerating? Look again and ask yourself: Where's Bill?

Past a certain point, I think Stewart may have gotten bored and 'checked out', hence the awestruck-boy look in his eyes at times, but the empty agreements and acknowledgments he reflexively offered in show of engagement suggested none of the awkward fawning and distrait, open-ended intonation common among 16-year-old girls daydreaming their first kiss while Bob tells her how, after the football game, he and the jocks gave some freak in the changeroom such a fierce wedgie that they'd probably have to call him Cindy, permanently, had they not overswirlied and drowned him, forgetting whose turn it was to pull his head out of the toilet.

Exactly, Jon. Even little girls know better; normal little girls are smart enough to know when to run away, Jon, only the psychotic ones continue their daydreaming, not stopping to say something about Bob being a monster. True, one way to look at it is: Jon is not a little girl? But, from this interaction, I'm still unable to reach a positive conclusion vis-à-vis Stewart even via that assumption.

What's really vile here isn't that the two Gorgons are admitting to having been willing participants in despicable imperialist plans, if not their leading architects, but the casual manner with which they gloss over details to offer up a version of the power lust they played a direct role in satisfying in highly illegal ways; they aren't there to objectively address the topic identified in the title — what's America's global role and obligations — but purely to seed a revisionist history of America's evil deeds in the Middle East, re-painting a pro-interventionist, US-is-never-wrong-even-when-wrong view of the world that showcases grossly criminal acts as good intentions with an unfortunate, undesired side effect, the product of being forced into the role of Reluctant Hero of the World, a burden that the USA accepts seeing that no one else will... and, well, seriously, per White House elite Power OCDs, those who will take on a portion of that responsibility are also badly in need of being policed by US Marines and require a change in government... and a new Free Market, too.  

The empty agreements and acknowledgments that Stewart reflexively offered take on, with repeat listening, once the initial shock has subsided, a tonal colouring that betrays boredom and annoyance more than reverence, so that, assessing the whole for the impression that the pair of war criminals are clearly aiming to impart on the audience, I would have to ask Stewart what they had on him if the threat of sending the IRS his way wasn't enough to have him comply, unless he still owed some favours for aspects related to his late-night success?

Surely, doing what he'd been doing for cable — which promoted Liberal values for the rich but, at least, challenged neocon folly — returning to the game and out of retirement with an indie podcast that's promoted as being free of the corporate dog ready to sic hosts willing to explore certain topics or areas within them, to then serve up that kind of meeting with those two and somehow see that as being in line with one's professed aim, that's just ridiculous; it instantly destroys Stewart's credibility in the eyes of many likely to have been the neocons' targeted audience, softening their views on the US' interventionist ways being the main reason why anyone would produce such revisionist trash, methinks.

So far, at the time when this was written: within six days, the video has gotten 501K views and 6093 comments just on YouTube.

The episode, and Stewart, received a fair share of backlash, but it's hard to say whether the warmongering Establishment's desired effect doesn't outweigh criticism of the pair, though the impact on Stewart's podcast will certainly lean heavily in the "undesired" category.

Using set metrics concerning consumer habits and complaints, we can surmise that at least 150,000 of the 501K viewers on YouTube leaned heavily on the "displeased" side of reception, also exhibiting a strong dislike for the pair; this is far from the majority most would readily assume. The reality may be that 90% of viewers feel that way, but 30% is all that anyone should feel comfortable being certain about based on YouTube numbers.

The main complaint voiced targeted Stewart, harshly criticising his total lack of pushback, never once reframing affairs from a non-hegemonic perspective or rectifying the facts that the pair presented, which, surely — the bulk, at least — Stewart knew were BS. Yet, empty agreements and acknowledgments are all he offered?

This being, I'm certain, so far removed from what he would have set out to achieve, I'm led to wonder just how little he had to do with setting any of it up? The timing, their goal... it's safe to assume that the 'Pentagon' people called up Stewart's people; how much pressure needed to be applied? 

Only neocons brainwashed into seeing half the world as foes, doing so, boiled down to core reasons, due to the "evil" these may present to Western banks and the USD, and the threat this presents to the complete dominance the US is able to attain through economic coercion, only they can possibly find any positive in that segment.

Russia and China's real crimes? Having firmly established not wanting to operate under a US hegemonic world order.

Despite whatever impression Westerners hold, what's provable is that neither China nor Russia are attempting to impose their ways and rule over other countries — and, yes, that includes Ukraine. What they're doing is preventing the US from imposing its ways all over the world. Imagine the flip side of the situation, see the harm the US has caused across the globe, and it's not hard to see who the real foe is here, though it may not be an easy truth to accept. 

Canon, No Boom

Adding to the layers of confusion that sit between their views and their actions, the general reaction voiced by the "NATO-left" progressive outlets married irreconcilable realities into one view, providing a clear example of the firm patriotism held by these individuals toward key US institutions, which is expressed in relation to nationalist issues if these arise while the Dems are at the helm. Otherwise, the same receive disproportionate venom if occurring while the GOP is leading the ship.

Note: Although I did specify a liking for the "TYT-Progressives" label to identify the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) supporting 'Lefties' who advocate for the 'fight-from-the-inside' path (but, ultimately, end up being Dem supporters), I don't think it's a good idea for progressives to negatively typify an outlet that could potentially prove to be a true ally to the cause.


The Bottom Squiggle

While I was aware of the USD's "valueless" status and the synthetic worth that drives the folly of Wall Street, I hadn't realized just how hollowed out the US had become until, given the situation the US has played a major role in instigating in Ukraine and its eagerness to poke China, tipping the world ever closer to a world war, I examined that side in more depth, trying to figure out just what kind of leverage or longevity the US was playing with, and just how dependent it was on the petrodollar to sustain the value of the USD, and where was the "or else" situated after which the US may actually find itself in a way worse situation than Russia of the early 90s.

Things are, perhaps, more shocking than anyone would like to assume. At first. Let it simmer. The shock quickly transforms into anger considering that there's little more behind USA's value than what it's been able to extract from others, its current standing dependent on next month's earnings... there's not much that's tangible anywhere.

With manufacturing having been lured overseas and America’s focus having turned toward a service economy driven by the needs of those in the growing synthetic-wealth creation sector — USA’s real financial engine — all now relies on the needs of synthetic-wealth creators, since servicing them requires people with service needs who require people with service needs, and so on.

Today’s Wall Street has little to do with the one that was initially created, ditto in regard to its goals. It now has more in common with a casino than with a proper investment bank; connecting investors with businesses in need of investments has become an annoyance that doesn’t generate an income anywhere near as interesting as betting on anything, so long as there’s someone willing to bet on it.

That said, in regard to the student debt, I'd wanted to mention in my last post, but forgot:

Remember the subprime mortgage market that led to the crash of 2008? Well, the student loans have been packaged in much the same way, their version known as student loan asset-backed securities, or SLABS.

These loans are repackaged in securities made available to investors, and function much like an average bond, delivering regular payments per the established schedule (usually quarterly). This lets lending agencies spread the default risk, which lets them issue more loans and generate regular income through securitization services, as well as debt collection.

The quality of the loans that make up these packages varies, hence what minimizes the risk. In terms of rating, I've not looked into how they're spread across investment offerings, but, honestly, whether Standard & Poor or Moody's, neither can be trusted as far as I'm concerned, which is as far as they've demonstrated, having been too generous with their triple-As in order to avoid vexing connections with the big investment firms, having thus played a key role in 2008's crash, as well as in other schemes that turned out to be fraudulent. Because it's to their advantage to overvalue the quality of an investment product, they will do so. After all, Reagan paved the way so Clinton could, in 1999, defenestrate Steagall's glass with his act, which saw him take banking protections and throw them out the window of — I wanna say — the Steagall building, built in 1933?

Fine, maybe I am too lazy to Google why its called the Glass-Steagall Act. Or, maybe I, too, wanna be considered a professional and make shit up. Like facts and stuff. Even nobody bloggers can have an agenda, you know? What's that? Really?! Fine, I'll be professional on my own time.

Because I've no choice, it seems: Facts are, the whole student debt situation is far more emblematic of the rot that's weakening the empty shell that lies under the Freedom that covers the country, the result of Capitalism practiced as a cult, damn it, when what's needed, proclaims a chunk of the country, is a fully-deregulated Capitalism that can rise to a full-blown religion. Amen. May Credit be with you, and Spending fill your soul.

Not too long ago, the current US student debt sat at roughly $1.46 trillion. Not only is that shameful, placing about 46 million Americans in debt while simultaneously boasting being the richest country, hence confirming just how skewed and nearsighted US focus has become ever since they've allowed Capitalism to do their thinking, and just how quickly the country itself began disintegrating once neoliberalism became de facto policy approach and form.

Compared to other rich countries — as in cash-rich, not "on the books" rich — the US is the only one that gouges its citizens, crushing them with debt should one wish to receive the education required in order to play a contributing role in a competitive workforce, which, today, depends heavily on highly-specialized brain trust and neural capital.

Consider what precedes and the tribal fights surrounding K-12 schooling, the GOP always fanning the flames of Culture War by targeting some random cases and turning them into freak shows that, they'll have you believe, occur everyday in every school across the country — expect mega-freak shows in blue states — all of it done to continually degrade the public schools to the point where shutting them down and converting the entire education system to private schools only — here comes the voucher system — will show itself to be the logical option, the Republicans finally winning that long battle when that becomes fait accompli. And it's all at the expense of your kids' learning, theirs being enrolled in snooty private schools, unaffected by the idiotic ideology that propels them to play such destructive games, proving themselves to be worse lowlifes than one can imagine with every turn. Indeed, that's slimy scum-snot level of filth.

So, setting aside their theater, as the Dems are equally guilty in their own way — they just have better intentions that are never allowed to materialize — not only does the government not prioritize education, it's willingly partaking in sabotaging your kid's experience, which isn't likely to put them on the same footing as the elites' kids for all that follows and relies on competition, so, who cares about anything they have to say regarding "meritocracy" when so-called leaders do not even care to uphold the most basic principles required to qualify as such.

On the purely financial end of things:McConnell and McCarthy

Given the size of the debt and how these are spread throughout the gamut of SLABS available to investors, there are two scenarios that currently scare the hell out of everyone involved on the lending and repackaging side of student debt; they are:

1. A large enough number of debtors decide to default all at once;

2. A sufficient size of the debt is wiped clean; amounts simply "wiped off the books".

The students' debts aren't, simply, just pure abstractions the Biden Bunch can print away, as the debts aren't 'just sitting there', so to speak, and collecting interest while being paid off. There's a whole chain of money-making that trickled out of your money needs.

Number 1 has many fearing a repeat of the subprime mortgage scandal that's responsible for 2008, this being in great part responsible for what has led to young people not being able to afford to buy a home and live the American Dream, having student debts...  This also indicates the tremendous power that's in the hands of people, should they be able to organize on this front.

However, by so doing, they could be hurting normal investors, though, in this market, the majority probably aren't mom & pop investors. But how intertwined with other products, or within mutual funds, are these debts now spread?

Really, to be fair — as absurd as it may sound considering that it's Capitalism I'm speaking about — the government would have to pay out the dollar amount it cancels unless it claims a default of $10,000 on behalf of each debtor, which is to be applied to each account, the penalties going to...? By agreeing to package their debt this way, they themselves face contractual obligations, much like the debtor does to the government, per loan conditions. The paperwork and headache generated, that's gotta be costly, well in the millions. The total cost on firms as well as governmental time?

It really isn't a matter of "just cancelling" the student debt as many cry out. Otherwise, every argument for doing so — and lessening the cost of education — makes great sense, and would provide a big positive boost to the economy. Except, the US specialty now being manufacturing money-making schemes out of synthetic identifiers of anything and everything whilst having nothing to back any of it except other country's planned weapon and oil purchases, may translate into a sensible act having a far greater and immediate cost across the country, and elsewhere, than the value granted to those with student debts.

Otherwise, the Republican arguments... pure BS. From greedy BSers.

Capitalism. It always finds surprising ways to screw us over.    

But, hey! Bright side: Freedom & Democracy in all things made the rich richer. So, down with Russia; destroy China! And bend over for US Freedom™.

Wondering what's really behind the social decay and degraded and discarded values? You honestly think it's the Wokes or the Build Back Better bill (which was never even voted on) that have led to the present state of things — that quickly, really?! —  corroding the "traditional family", on which all decent, community-geared social life depends on, any other non-traditional mix being sure to end in an orgy and grooming party???

I should think that anyone with a brain would point to the anything-goes corporate approaches and the money-matters-more-than-mortals mantras, combined with a hearty and ongoing indoctrination regimen steeped in a glorification of violence that's delivered within an environment that can no longer fulfill — never mind sustain — the basic promise it claims as its identity, the disjointed fabric woven between what one is told to expect in a meritocracy and the reality that one faces day after day with barely a respite to provide a moment of clarity lending a reminder that the sacrifice will be worth the effort; the inevitable despair that arises out of a fatigue for which one sees no end in sight bubbling up to produce all sorts of undesired effects, granting justifications for self-centred behaviour that's detached from any shared reality other than through the isolated, uncommunicated anguish that eventually manifests itself as self-destruction, per one's natural inclinations and the influences that surround them.

Alcohol, drugs, promiscuity, shopping addiction, self-mutilation, and other modes with which one internally, silently, screams out one's pain and confusion, the sorrows and regrets, their vulnerability and bare rawness of being, seizing the completely precarious nature of all that we find security in, all of it being gambled without so much of our say so into matters; instead we are offered lies meant to illicit the consent that facilitates matters for them.

Suicide and mass shootings. A personal resolve. An end.

It isn't the lack of bootstraps or the desire to pull on them that's the problem.

If cheap labour is in great part what made China rich, having attracted manufacturing from all over, then what to make of free labour and the wealth that that generates? And because WWII was fought in most parts of the world except the Americas, and because the US found a way to bank on the first world war that let them stumble on a better way to cash in on the misery its badly structured loan would eventually trigger, along with the profits to be made out of an entire continent in need of rebuilding, US leaders, solidifying the 'collective/political West' seemed to have allowed circumstances to cloud their judgment, interpreting their good fortune as the product of crafty cunning and superior strategising, but the weight of the biggest army — always at the ready — purchased and maintained with the endless supply of funds gained through shameless conniving and abuses, appears to be what has kept the illusion going.

Gas needs and bad planning

Whatever good strategising and cunning was there... seeing what's been applied since WWII, I'd say that was all circumstancial, more likely due to a lack of integrity and ethics, not a superior sense of these.

Should, after WWII, any of the allies find themselves questioning whether the US had dared take advantage of them and of Europe, an act they followed through with NATO after handling the banking situation, well, I do believe it's fair to say that these leaders have now been granted a firm confirmation, the US having established a strong willingness to do so with Nord Stream, and, as they're doing so right now through Ukraine and the economic sanctions that appear to have been a boon to Russia whilst on their way to turning all of Europe into a fully-dependent US vassal.

The US offering subsidies to companies willing to leave Europe and resettle in the US since, you know, the energy crisis thingy in Europe... that's all sorts of scummy behaviour. Europe is quietly countering with subsidies it can't afford, although the EU did send out a ripple through the media, though that felt like they were just making a show of it for the show that is. 

Should Europeans find themselves questioning whether their leaders have their best interests at heart, I'd say: You're gonna freeze and starve to help save the USD, what do you think?

And, well, that whole sanctions thing... I mean, just that... like, wow. I'm not saying that Western leaders are stupid, but I'm also not not saying it loudly. Very loudly. 

Unless Europeans wake up? Take charge.

Are leaders smart or are voters stupid?

The Unbearable Emptiness of Thin Air

In order to understand what's happening, one must accept these two perspectives as accepted truths by those involved:

  1. This is an existential fight for Russia.
    1. The US-led collective West wants to break up Russia, doing the same thing it did with Yugoslavia, hence, letting it take over all industries and resources for fractions of pennies on the dollar.
    2. Remove Russia from the equation in order to take China down.
  2. For the US, this is an existential fight.
    1. Given the economic reality outlined above, the US is, essentially, riding on air and other nation's riches, and the only way to preserve the power of the USD and US dominance in the world, is to enforce the USD on the world.
    2. Russia and China having expressed their desire to detach themselves from the USD, this presented a risk, should they offer a competing system and many followed suit.

Ironically, the asinine sanctions war has made sure to bring about 2.b., and doing it in an accelerated manner, solidifying the resolve of many to follow suit, and scaring away many from investing in the USD.

I hate to say it, but have you given any serious thought to what it'll mean if the US can no longer rely on its magic printing press, being forced to live within its means, and stuck holding a $31 trillion debt that the world will want to collect on? 

Should the world suffer, millions sent to their death just to preserve the way of life of tyrants. 

And, no, I didn't forget. That there's no question mark on the last is not a typo  


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