Freedom Convoy, Fundraising For Hate From Canada To India

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Posted: Feb 3, 2022   6:34:49 PM   |   Last updated: Feb 3, 2022   6:34:49 PM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

Organized by the Far-Right, and Now Taken Advantage of by Terrorists


The US raid on ISIS leader. I know, big. But first, this:

The Freedom Convoy and rallies. Seeing how all of this is playing out across the media is both hilarious and extremely maddening.

As I stated yesterday, the whole thing is being used as a platform for a far-Right Nationalist agenda, though I realize that I wasn’t as explicit as that, assuming that the corpo-media was disseminating the basics that established the rest.

I guess not.

When I say that I’m consistently amazed by the media’s incompetence, I mean it; it’s not just something I say on occasion for no reason.

First off, it’s not turning into an anti-Trudeau movement per se; at its core, the whole is an organized, ultra-conservative anti-government and separatist effort with clearly stated white supremacist beliefs and goals. Convoy organizers are counting on the reality that Canadians, like the world, are irritated by the overall state of things, their anger easily redirected towards certain entities at the moment, due to COVID.

Nonetheless, there is frustration to be had, and there are many “good people” (real ones) who are voicing both legitimate and misinformed concerns, and this is now being abused through a general dislike of the Trudeau government in order to funnel the anger towards him while their original vaccine and mandate arguments are unfurling and losing support, more so since all became aware that the US impose the same restrictions, which are equally applied in the majority of countries.

But those with “F-ck Trudeau” flags are mostly the same who fly “Don’t tread on me” flags for antagonistic reasons, if not flying any of the other well-known or more obscure hate symbols.

Trudeau isn’t highly popular, but we kept him there in the recent elections, we simply didn’t give him what he wanted, majority control, because the NDP is presently real weak, the Green Party is still for hippies but gaining, ever slowly, and the Conservatives are always a scary option—though I gotta admit that Harper was probably the best choice through the 2008 crash; we hardly felt a bump, albeit, we do have common-sense regulations.   

The whole thing is giving life and legitimacy to far-Right groups, but through a false, exploitative front, and it’s fueling action towards a direction Canadians don’t want.

To make matters worse, added elements are now taking advantage of the situation to funnel money back to a terrorist organization that operates in India. 

Need Proof

It’s organized by far-Right and intensely-pro-white people who openly promote pro-white stuff that isn’t a bit racist, it’s supremely wildly so.

Freedom Convoy 2022Here are a few of the obvious names you can educate yourself on, see if they speak for you:

Pat King is such a vile man that the rest of the organization is trying to distance themselves from him even though he’s one of the main organizers as his name is on the paperwork. He promotes the supremacy of the white Anglo-Saxons, he’s extremely anti-immigration, and spews Great Replacement idiocy whenever he can. As extreme-Right as they come.

Benjamin Dichter, one of the fundraiser organizers, is the kind that promotes the word “Orwellian” before good sense. He’s a conspiracy theorist that calls himself an “equal rights advocate,” which, for him, entails fighting equally for Nazis as one would for a Jew or Black—we’re all wonderful humans with ideas worth sharing, says he. As you can guess, he’s often on Fox and with Tucker Carlson these days.

In every single image one sees there’s at least one symbol of hate, but those are all feds running false flag ops, according to the primary spokespersons for the rally, Dichter (name appears on GoFundMe), who had a nice chat with far-Right ex-Rebel Media hate pushers, Keean Bexte and Lauren Southern.

And anyways, he went on, and explained how he welcomes such symbols as he wants to be open to all ideas and he loves to be intellectually challenged… Not once did anyone involved in that discussion denounce the hate symbols, especially the presence of the Confederate flag—a head spinning spin they put on that one; hurts my brain.

Tamara Lich is the one that created the GoFundMe on 14-Jan-2022. She’s with the Maverick party, a far-Right separatist group out of Alberta. I owned a place in Calgary at some point and I’m familiar with the mentality—it’s a special one; they hate Ottawa—but the Rockies make up for the lack of culture one finds in Montreal or Toronto.

GoFundMe did freeze the funds as the fundraiser is under review, the organization still waiting for a formal plan explicating where the money will go, and I think they realized what types of people are at the other end, and wanna be real careful before releasing any more funds.

Because GoFundMe did release a million to Lich, who, apparently, is now nowhere to be seen; she seems to have vanished.

Oddly (not really), the bulk of the donations made on the charity are made under a fake name or made anonymously. Nothing really strange there except for the abnormal ratio—supporting, but not proudly—though I can understand why some don’t want to be openly attached to certain efforts, everything being highly politicized these days and with the potential to bite one back.

However, there’s also an abnormally high level of $500+ donations, several in the thousands, and the highest was $25,000 until one for $35,000 came in. Seems to me that certain groups have an interest in keeping this going that isn’t really about the issues purported to be at the heart of the protest. Further, much comes from outside Canada.

There’s also irony in the fact that those who spin politically self-serving propaganda in regard to the actual causes of the inflation or bare shelves are hurting the supply chain, which Fox and the likes will blame on Trudeau and Biden, of course.

By the way, the organization that represents the truckers’ doesn’t support the Freedom Convoy and they’ve been anti-mandate all along, up until this Freedom Convoy happened, that is.

Here’s the official statement made by the president of the Canadian Trucking Alliance on 2-Feb-2022:

“As an industry we must adapt and comply with this mandate and the vast majority have. While a number of Canadians are in Ottawa to voice their displeasure over this mandate, it also appears that a great number of these protestors have no connection to the trucking industry and have a separate agenda beyond a disagreement over cross border vaccine requirements. As these protests unfold over the weekend, we ask the Canadian public to be aware that many of the people you see and hear in media reports do not have a connection to the trucking industry.”
(Source: Statement by Canadian Trucking Alliance President on Ottawa Protests - Canadian Trucking Alliance )

Rebel News Aiding Terrorists?

Ezra Levant and his trash media Rebel News are having a field day. He really is scum. He takes advantage of a BLM and Indigenous peoples protest in the background to film a segment he sells as being fully representative of the Freedom Convoy. I don't share his stuff, but you can find it on the Rebel News YouTube channel. 

The guy is so clueless, taking advantage of anything he can, like the irresponsible arse he is. “Did you know there’s something called the Sikh Freedom Alliance? I didn’t know about it, now I do and now you do,” he says before presenting a YT clip from the group, its spokesperson saying freedom sees no race or colour to then condemn Justin Trudeau for calling everyone there a “terrorist” when he is the real terrorist.

Switch back to Levant smugly offering a derisive, “White supremacist thing.”

You’re a stupid man, Levant. While he’s laughing at CNN immediately after, proposing the kind of stuff Levant normally peddles in, saying Putin is behind the rally, but only because the defense-funded liberal media is pushing for a war against Russia, he stills proves himself to be the biggest idiot.  Sikh Freedom Alliance is tied to the Sikhs for Justice, which has terrorist bona fides. It’s also a separatist organization, and it’s kinda known for planting bombs to separate Punjab from India, forming Khalistan. A truly despicable, incompetent POS. Sensationalist garbage.

I’m willing to bet they got the idea after seeing those Sikhs caught on the American side of the border that a good portion of the media reported on, as they can’t move their trucks due to the blockade. Don't mind me if I don't share their GoFundMe link.

AND ALL THE NUMBERS GIVEN ARE WRONG! You’d think Trump was feeding these digits to the news. There’s never been anything close to 50,000 trucks, and Canada DOES NOT have the record for the longest protest convoy. It’s still Egypt with 480 trucks!

As a matter of fact, especially for the Alberta-US border blockade, many of the trucks and vehicles “joining in” the protest aren’t doing it by choice; they’re trapped. They can’t move their vehicles, which is one of the reasons why the RCMP will eventually have to intervene.

And I’m willing to bet that this is exactly what the Convoy leaders want.



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