Country: Ukraine

Down my Street and Up Yours

Floyd's Pinko Roger Vodkas Against The Sheep And Pigs - On Media And War

Riots HEADER France Israel Waters 3 v3

Warmongering for Dummies - Preliminaries And Foreplay

Ukraine v2 ResizedImageWzk3Miw1MDBd.ATaleAsOldasTime HEADER

Hunter Biden’s Laptop And Twitter Files. On Censorship And Tribes

HuntersDickPics 3

Big Missiles And Little Richards: Western Pin Pricks

BigMissilesAndSmallRichards HEADER v2.pngPNG

Imperial Impressions Versus Reality - Folly Taking Us To The Brink

FistBumb RealityVersusMemory Landscape HEADER

Bullies And Terrorists, Rebels And People. Is the Sun Setting in the East?

TerroristsAre KerchBridge HEADERpng

Donbass, You Dumbass. Repudiating The West; Revealing Our BS

Donbas Annexation HEADER Lloyded 2

Mixed Bag - Some Meaningful Mid-September Pre-World War Events

MixedBag HEADER 2

Polly Ticking In Ukrainian Times, Or: If That's Progressive, What's Tardy?

BenShapiro Polly Ticking CenkUygur HEADER 3 v3

Brain Dugin Put In Putin?

Dugin Brains 2 HEADER

Amnesty Versus Amnesia: Reevaluating 'Good' Vs. 'Bad'

Ukraine Amnesty theRealOtherSide

The Economy. Making Sense of Stupid

Ukraine RealityChallenge HEADER

Putin, Paradox, And Plot Twists: From Hegemony to Edge Of Money,

Nicaragua Speech Anti US

Biden Bunch And The Bendable Buddies Vs. Komendant Ruskie

Hydra HEADER 3

Insanity Is... (Sigh. If Only The Democracy Pushers Had Let Us Have A Say)

TheUS WinnersOfTheUniverse HEADER 2

Regressive Recursion: The New Disorder Or Chaos, As Ordered?

Biden WW3 SanctionFail HEADER

India, China, And Russian Sanctions: Western Bullying And Propaganda

Russian ExportsAndHypocrisy

West Vs East, Right Vs Left, And, As Always, Double Standards

DoubleStandards HEADER 2

Belgorod?! But, But... That's In Russia. Ukraine On The Offensive?

FuelDepotStrike Belgorod Russia

Because. War. That's What I'm Deeply Opposed To

Ukraine Yemen War HEADER 2

A Ukrainian Says To A Russian in Belarusian...

Ukraine Dialects HEADER

US Empire: Crumbling or Globalizing? Part 3 - Views And Double Standards

EndOfAn Empire Burning Flags HEADER PART3 1

US Empire: Crumbling or Globalizing? Part 2

EndOfAn Empire Burning Flags HEADER PART2 2

US Empire: Crumbling or Globalizing? Is Ukraine The Fulcrum?

EndOfAn Empire Burning Flags HEADER 2 v2

Bioweapons Labs, Conspiracies, Crazy And Real

Ukraine Bio Labs HEADER 2png

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