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Posted: Mar 6, 2021   1:23:48 AM   |   Last updated: Mar 6, 2021   5:11:14 AM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

CNN's Plan? Give Snoot to Shown Facts so Fox Sounds Absurd?

You can add curls and a patriotic—though very French-feeling—background to snot, but you still get useless snoot when the phlegm comes from a CNN cough and is called Brianna Keilar.

Or so I thought, for if Fox News is "partisan junk food," then it only makes sense to reframe one's perspective and consider CNN in the following manner:

Think of scum that accumulates on the sides of a toilet, and imagine the grotesque, bacterium-like parasitic and cannibalistic scum-suckers that feed off of that scum and each other. Now imagine a scummier scum coming out of these scum-suckers once they're done digesting. 

And that's how the world got Brian Stelter and Brianna Keilar. CNN is the restroom in the fast-food restaurant that serves Carlson, as far as I'm concerned. 

By the way, just keep this headline in mind when you listen to Keilar whine snootily about Carlson's motivations. If most of the clips she used didn't happen to be stuff that I've verified myself, or a general opinion that expresses my own sentiments, then I wouldn't even question her "fast food" conspiracy theory (it's all of Fox, she says, which means several people colluding), but CNN is now just a big ball of predictable without any feel-good moments. 


Even if Tucker Carlson delivered an in-hell version of five different Chris Cuomos doing a TMZ-styled show that focused on Chris Cuomo, what she's doing right now, and for a big part of the last four years, would still automatically place her and CNN a notch below Carlson and, to some degree, Fox News (all corpo media are short on Tidy-Bowl but not on toilets).  

If I could sense any degree of discomfort, and less snoot, in playing the role she's assumed, then I wouldn't be so harsh.

But, once one has passed certain thresholds, participated in certain strategies, and betrayed their profession's ethics in such a vile and dangerous way, and with absolutely no sign of hesitation or regret—not to mention a snooty attitude to boot—one has allowed themselves to be no better than the lowest of insults they deserve; the inverse, the default state, can never apply to you again, not in my books.

If one were to offer any kind of apology, rather than twist a clip of a colleague that's human enough to do so, and/or if they left said profession and did anything unrelated to that, doing so in recognition of their wrongs and their duplicitous ways and the damage they've inflicted on trust, then I'd be real willing to treat them like humans again, even if they ended up cleaning toilets in a fast-food joint.

Until then...

Hey, scum! Ya, you, Keilar. Have you no shame or any principles? Is sociopathy a condition of being scummier scum? 

Though I do like the curls, by the way. Looks nice. Provides a less severe snoot with more bounce. 

Friggin' media.

Snoot, snoot!


'Partisan junk food': Keilar sounds off on Tucker Carlson's show


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