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Posted: Nov 18, 2022   8:13:02 AM   |   Last updated: Nov 18, 2022   3:16:39 PM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

Pro-State Missiles in US-A-Holes

Obscure PDLisms: "Info building and more. The timing and interval, the low energy... mind reader? The effect is immediate even if a delayed reflection. By the way, I cracked. I lost; you win: I did look. But didn't find; got a link (please)? To avoid feeling like a creep crawling to find one, though haven't I already established that making a fool of myself isn't something I fear," said the crazy guy to nobody.

Aside: Rough weeks lately. Demands demand delays. And, now, winter is upon us. Officially. The whiteness of it on top of the cold (or below it?). Nature's way of glorifying white supremacy? Perfect reason to hate winter if the cold doesn't do it. I hate winter.

I did spend some time in the backend, frontend changes being the goal. That said, I did decide to renew the domain and hosting. Of course I did. But I'll probably express the same doubts again in some future, I'm sure... After all, I am human (I checked); guess I need some attention, too, from time to time. Sigh.

I changed the order, the progressive and Donbass ones practically ready to go; I may not have posted, but I did do plenty of pre-posting stuff. 

Fast Quickies
JCPOA unlikely, says White House


Announced a few weeks ago, but I never got around to mentioning it. Neither did mainstream outlets.

The goal is to get an "independent U.N. investigator on human rights in Iran." In other words, get the UN in there in order to justify NATO meddling or a regime change. If the US really cared, they wouldn't have toyed with Iran with the JCPOA, nor impose all those sanctions, certainly not for the lame reasons that disregard the US' own involvement in human rights absuses in Iran.

The White House had approached Elon Musk to discuss the possibility of installing Starlink technology over Iran (with free Twitter). He'd been thrown off by that, afraid it would ascerbate matters, but who knows what they may be negotiating in some backroom.     

The US gets a chuckle out of treating Iranians like dogs, promotes false claims about executing 15,000 protesters and prefers imposing its sanctions, dicks them around with the JCPOA, then tries to act humanitarian, wanting to bring the Internet to the people so they can free their oppressed women and children.

Do you scum-snots ever take five minutes to listen to yourselves? How idiotically psychotic you come across, and always wrong, too? Obviously not, or we'd see some humility instead of enhanced scumminess. You are humanity's garbage.

Zeeskyy and Kompany now want peace... like they've always wanted and have always been ready for, unlike Russia, per Western media.

Several retired US Intelligence officers and Generals have tried to draw heed, suddenly providing a fairer, more accurate account of Russia's strategy and successes, one that was a bit less flattering for the West than all the back-patting, flower-throwing BS that's been served to its public, but one that's still far from the harsh reality that awaits all the deluded Western souls who still count on the moral good of their leaders to be rewarded with the cosmic karma that's bound to smolder Russia to smithereens. If you have faith in the Pentagon, what scares you, son?

That the Kyiv regime that fought off peace in spite of claiming to want it now claims to really be open to wanting it after Western officials stated that Ukraine should seek it... none of that strikes you as weird? Still willing to argue that it's not a proxy war and that the khakied Zeeskyy is more than an actor?

Germany and the Green Agenda: I'm still trying to understand the ideological drive that's justified the willing self-destruction of one's country, and, consequently, of the EU as well. Democracy. Please! Baerbock said it, though not as succinctly: Screw German voters! Ukrainians come first. (Which is why they're willing to sacrifice every single one of them.) Such head-spinning ideology at work.  

Yes, the West, let's talk about Democracy, shall we? No, I'll do the talking; listening to you would be like listening to a sewer cleaner when what one needs is a proctologist.

I know I sound nuts, but, here goes: Fourth Reich, anyone? 

Poland under attack? 

Maybe. It seems like that country is always looking for a bruising it can barely survive. Tough people, those Poles.

Speaking of poles, why code it: major pricks and dicks and supreme A-Holes are what's running the US.

Serious sociopaths. No fooling; it's what I firmly believe.

Hence why I'm so very relieved to see all parties adopt the path of good sense on this event — the same can't be said in regard to any other facets of the conflict so far. Western media kept trying to push the propaganda despite Western authorities finally admitting that Russia was in no way responsible for that strike; those were Ukrainian missiles. I was aware of this early on, having accessed images that clearly established the found fragments as being from Ukrainian S-300s, the proof lying in an engine part that was stamped as having been manufactured in Ukraine.

No, they're not Russian-built, as everyone claims, the Western media using the qualifier to impress Russia's fault on viewers; technically, which kinda really matters: they're Soviet-built, using a system that hasn't been produced in Russia or maintained by them for at least 30 years. They're a throwback from the pre-1991 USSR years, having been left sitting somewhere in Ukraine since then, none of the systems that were in Warsaw Pact countries having been repatriated to Russia after 1991.

It really is quite painful to see how, yet again, per some fierce-yet-easily-proven-false campaign to manufacture another unearthly foe that threatens humanity itself, far too many have been, clearly, brainwashed into believing that Russia is evil and Putin is Satan's son — these individuals are plentiful yet none are able to provide actual, solid proof beyond repeating Western claims that are, at best, gross exaggerations and, at worst, flat-out lies. Unhesitatingly, obediently, willing to take on faith Russia's culpability in anything resulting in anything bad, everyone in that country only ever harbouring ill-intent, obsessed with ruling the world and unafraid to exploit nuclear blackmail to do so, or else destroy it if they can't have it. Anyone caught in a situation against Russia is, invariably, an angel and a victim of a vile monster that the world ought to rid itself of.

For a dollar. Literally.

And all of it based on lies.

Although Russia certainly has its share of culpability for the devastation that rained down on Ukraine, they've wanted absolutely no part of it whatsoever, unlike the White House; I'm now convinced that there was very little more that Putin could have done to avoid a showdown that the West is determined to have as long as Russia and China refuse to subjugate themselves to Western rules-based order and the USD's hegemonic rule.

Had Putin not sent the troops to intervene in Ukraine when he did, I'm fairly confident that Donbass wouldn't have too many ethnic Russians left by now, and that the West and its NATO would be settling into the easternmost part of Ukraine and preparing for a direct confrontation with Russia, the West's first salvo being a nuclear strike on Moscow, fired from a distance that the West would be willing to bet didn't allow sufficient time for a retaliatory strike. Therefore, the only real option open to him to avoid more senseless death in the Donbass than those continually caused by the Western-backed neo-Nazi groups and Ukrainian forces — done precisely to draw Russian troops in to intervene — whilst not letting NATO think that it could saunter in and set up its nuclear missiles as it pleases, would have been to draw the fight inside of Russia's borders.

It turns out that the neo-Nazis needed no invitation or reason whatsoever beyond a deep hatred of Russians that had been purposefully revived and amplified — they've been real ready and eager to invade Russia, as absurd as it sounds — but the West had, on this, at least, the good sense to hold them back. But, as everyone knows, as briefly discussed below: When one gets a desire to kill Russians, Invading Russia to kill them all is just, so... you know, unavoidable.

The pictures and testimonies and expert analysis trickled out of the more obscure spaces of the Internet and onto mainstream social media platforms whilst Russian authorities denied the instant torrent of vehement accusations that blamed Putin and all Russians, of course. Reluctantly, having already concluded the investigation that granted them the necessary confidence to firmly pronounce a judgment on the Poland incident, Western leaders publicly denied Russia's involvement and Liberal media actually disseminated that news albeit some, like the Kyiv regime, held off sharing this new info and continued to repeat the false version of events, increasing the intensity with which they called for action from other leaders.

Yet, it seems as if the most plausible of all explanations is the one that sees the system having been triggered by the Russian missiles fired at infrastructure targets throughout Ukraine on that day (yes, even if Western media has been telling us for weeks now that Russia is completely out of weapons, especially mid- and long-range rockets). Probably due to a glitch, the system being old and badly maintained, the tracking and/or navigation went haywire and sent the missiles off course and into Poland, two unfortunate souls were their victims.

Those facts and the evidence? C'mon, man: Russian propaganda; it's what they do, it's all they know. So much so, in fact, that no Russian has had an accurate grasp on reality ever since they'd gone overboard with the 1812 war propaganda, still being new players in the info game and all, and wholly unprepared for any side effects. This partially explains why Russians get an erection and an urge to add cognac to their vodka upon hearing the canon salvos voicing the refrain in Tchaikovsky's famous overture.

We Westerners praise Fyódor Dostoyévskiy, but we totally misunderstand him; those weren't works of fiction and he didn't establish Russian existentialism or address any Christian issues of existential importance, especially in relation to morals and guilt. He was trying to establish his existence through a reality all could share outside of the Russian propaganda all knew. Little known: God was the name of Dostoyévskiy's dog. Those Russians always had to keep things real simple, reality being what it is... whatever it may be. Unfortunately, Dostoyévskiy stumbled upon, and created, fake news when he wrote "Crime and Punishment" and Russia has been one big toilet filled with BS since then. Some time back in between 1990 and 1986 — if one trusts the dates — the KGB shot and killed the last guy that said something that proved to be accurate; surely he was a Western witch. So they then sent him to a gulag. Truth is now completely dead in Russia. Maybe.

Saving it from being a toilet, transforming Russia into real countries is why the West truly wants to rescue Russians. Big maybe. The sad part is: our behaviour regarding Russia validates the looniness of the last two paragraphs, i.e., given the way we act, those background details make perfect sense if seeking to explain our behaviour, even if they're far from being sensical. Or because they're nonsensical?

From Do Do to Dum-Dum: Western Evolution  

Hence, hearing that the missiles were launched by Ukraine wasn't good enough, for, deep down, it had to be Russia... It just had to. Can you be so sure? So long as no one has conclusively proven that those missiles weren't stolen from Ukraine by Russians, or fired by Russians disguised as Ukrainians, or that Russians didn't stock old missile systems and parts just to manufacture facts in order to conceal "Russia's sick and twisted blood lust," a phrase I've heard disturbingly too often lately, usually from Westerners complaining that the Biden Bunch aren't being aggressive enough and should have sent troops into Ukraine long ago, as they now ought to execute a tactical nuclear strike... How can anyone not get it? Look! Putin is already moving on to Poland; all of Europe is next.

And there's the problem with these radical-Lefty types like Joe Biden and the Marxist-fetishizing Commies, "The Squad," who want to negotiate peace with a madman who's unwilling to discuss the weather with the West: such people continually tend to always potentially be secret tools of Putin and the Kremlin, I'm sure of it.

These last two paragraphs are, however, a bit too accurate; although they amalgamate different reactions, these are actual comments I've come across, some recurringly. The full US political spectrum is represented in them, from far-Right to progressives. The ignorance of some views is, indeed, baffling.

Otherwise, on the flip side, there are those who suspect that Ukraine may have purposefully launched those missiles on Poland, hoping that this would trigger "Article 5" and involve NATO directly in Ukraine. I still consider this a possibility as it fits a wider pattern (which I'll discuss in an upcoming post), but see no good reason to challenge the "glitch" version, it being the most sensible one.

Keep in mind: The US is obsessed with tracking anything launched from anywhere in normal times; the number of satellites and imagery systems pointed down on Ukraine and capturing every second of its sky in real-time and every object that flies anywhere near that zone setting off how many alarm bells? The US knows.

I've absolutely no doubt that the US' top brass, including Biden — if he's clued in on developments as they happen — knew that those missiles came from a Ukrainian launcher, fired from a Ukrainian location, within minutes after the impact occurred in Poland.

Within hours after the impact, all of the Russophobic and hawkish West pointed the finger at Russia, far too many of these were foaming at the mouth, calling for Article 5 and for the US-led NATO to go "bomb the shit out of Russia." Poland had already filed for Article 4 in preparation for an Article 5 intervention.

However, once the news had flowed through all social media platforms and rumbled back to those who still attempted to blame Russia, Polish President Andrzej Duda assured all, Wednesday morning (16-Nov), “There is nothing, absolutely nothing, to suggest that it was an intentional attack on Poland.”

In a press conference held that same day, US Secretary of State Lloyd Austin didn't blame Russia but emphasized that, ultimately, Russia was the responsible party who deserved all the blame. 

“We’re still gathering information but we have seen nothing that contradicts President Duda’s preliminary assessment that this explosion was most likely the result of a Ukrainian air defense missile that unfortunately landed in Poland. And whatever the final conclusions may be, the world knows that Russia bears ultimate responsibility for this incident,” Austin said.

Likewise, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, after a "routine" meeting of 50 defense chiefs discussing "Russia's invasion", said that findings of US experts assisting with the investigation in Poland supported Poland’s findings. Note that he and Austin are making an increased number of public appearances lately. This doesn't normally presage a 'good', peaceful course. 

Oh, and ditto for NATO. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, who was at a meeting of the 30-nation military alliance in Brussels, took a moment to comment, affirming that... uh... vatever the Amerikans said iz true... um... ya, that iz the true. The preliminary Polish findings are vat NATO supports.

Ukraine's Zeeskyy, as aggressively determined as always, snort, sniff, remained convinced: they just had to be Russian, see, because his top army guy gave him a report that said it wasn't Ukraine, OK?

The other big headline: "Russia didn’t take US phone call after Poland missile strike." Surprised? I wouldn't expect anyone to take my call if I were 1/10th the dick the US has been to Russia. That anyone thinks the White House phone number and domain aren't on everyone's SPAM blacklist, rather than working from that assumption. Wow. Truly arrogant pricks, these Western 'leaders'.

With that, this, for me, provided an extra layer of confirmation; much was revealed thanks to those lost missiles.

Western leaders top-politicians are scum. 

Perhaps it's not so evident to all those who bought into the Western narrative, and who still stupidly believe the tsarist-imperialist idiocy given the limitations imposed on the news that reach them, but, if aware of all the lies that marked key events and the direction that was set by the false interpretation that was accepted because 'Russia bad', one will have noticed a marked difference with all those other times: The near-choreographed manner by which certain actors, and who was in the role, asserted a version that downplayed Russia's culpability.

The bastards let it ride as long as they could, amplifying any blame directly on Russia, instantly convinced they were the culprit — they eat Ukrainian babies for breakfast, after all, and use mustard, not Ketchup. Ugh!

Why the change? Because, right now, anyway, the lot of John-Wayne-wannabe scum-snots fear one thing more than a nuclear war: Article 5.

Neither the US nor Europe can afford a war with Russia; China would quickly hop in to aid Russia, knowing full well its survival depends on the West losing its grip on the world. Depite all the patriotic propaganda, the West is no match. Except were it to go 'nuclear'. 

If lying on that, what else are they lying on?
Fuck! What took you so long? Never mind. Just glad to have you on the sane, peace-seeking 'side'.  

Given what the strays that went into Poland signify, below is just a small sample, and one that doesn't include any atrocities perpetrated by Ukraine onto Russians.

Far too much has gone unnoticed. For far too long. 

De Human Eyes, Da?

What you don't see. Sealing the dehumanization, assuring its message; savages can't be victims, so citizens can't be people.

As for what prompted the entry of Russian troops into the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, that was due to a whole facet that's been kept from the West, and played off as "Putin talking points/propaganda", obviously. I've focused that into a post of its own, of which this was initially a part of.

Belgorod - Ukraine attacks in Russia

However, with what has transpired following Ukraine's reaction to claims made concerning the missiles that landed in Poland, the Kyiv regime doubling down with its certainty that those were Russian missiles, which triggered Article 5, OK? Now, NATO, go war now or you Russian lover, please, thank you.  

How aware are you of the attacks on Russian soil that have been on-going since the spring? Below is just a tiny taste. Some small Russian cities near the Ukraine border have been turned into rubble, per reports out of the area.

And that's why the US and all NATO allies aren't too keen on sending anything that qualifies as "long range"; when I said, above, that it's the West that's holding back the far-Right extremists from invading Russia, I wasn't kidding. Apparently, the US has had to threaten to cut off all funding and weapons aid should military excursions officially occur inside of Russia.

11-Oct-2022 – A major fire broke out at a power substation in Shebekino, near Russia’s Belgorod, leaving at least 2,000 residents without electricity, the Governor of Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov reported; he alleged that Ukrainian forces shelled the facility.

13-Oct-2022 – Ukrainian shelling on civilian area, part of the roof of a multi-story building is alleged to have collapsed. Three injuries and one death reported.

14-Oct-2022 – A fire broke out at the Luch thermal power plant in Belgorod after sounds of powerful explosions were heard over the city.

A local substation also caught fire as a result of the explosion, some residents were left without electricity.

Three members of Russia’s National Guard were killed and more than 10 were injured as a result of explosions in the village of Oktyabrsky near the city of Belgorod,

15-Oct-2022 – Explosions were heard in the Russian city of Belgorod, and an oil depot caught fire, the governor of the Belgorod region of Russia, Vladislav Gladkov, reported on Telegram.

Two gunmen attacked a military training ground in the Belgorod region, killing 11 volunteers and wounding 15 more.

16-Oct-2022 – Shelling of civilian areas in Belgorod regions; 4 injuries reported.

Attack on Belgorod airportRussian news agency RIA Novosti reported there had been at least 16 explosions and that air defense systems had been activated.

There have been more attacks since then; I provide a few just to establish the reality, one of many facets of this conflict that's kept from the public, if not badly twisted to convince you that Russians are even more evil than you thought.

Tatars Aren't the Sauce

The 15-Oct attack on the training ground did receive attention in Western news, but this was presented in a way that suggested unrest within Russia, especially the military, the idea that a mutiny from within and an overthrow of the Putin regime was imminent being, after all, a regularly featured story in mainstream news. Plus, this occurring after announcement of Russia's mobilization had been made, many outlets barely touched the details, content with "two volunteers opened fire on other troops," using that as a take-off point to discuss how all of Russian men were fleeing, being staunchly against "Putin's war" and "the forced draft" all the more.

However, in news from that part of the world, the attack was attributed to Atesh, an anti-Russian terrorist group comprised of Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar nationalist radicals. Another however: They've offered nothing to substantiate their involvement. This has some suspecting that the Kyiv regime is trying to pin the blame on Atesh and Crimean Tatars in order to raise ethnic tensions and fuel unrest. 

The Tatars are a Turkic ethnic group, representing about 14% of Crimea's population. Tatar is used as a broad label for Turkic groups with a common origin that followed a certain historical path, branching off into various groups that populated different area pockets in regions of Central Asia, but the Crimean Tatars are indigenous to Crimea, and are generally considered as a nation, adding another layer of historically-linked, sovereignty-seeking hatred into the mix, just to render complex political matters all the more interesting, all the more so given the Tatars' experience with the Soviet Union, and, consequently, due to their convenience as anti-Russian pawns that Kiyv heartlessly exploits and sacrifices, only treating them as 'people' when the world is watching and it can be spun into an anti-Russian bit. 

Additionally, both before the second world war and immediately after, the Crimean Tatars didn't have the best of luck with the Soviets, being forced to face a famine that killed many in 1921, to then find themselves facing an order of deportation in 1944, the bulk of Tatars being shipped off to Turkey and Uzbekistan, many ending up in gulags and into forced labour. This is referred to as the Sürgün, a term originating from the Ottoman Empire, which refers to the forced migration of a large group of people. The Soviet Union struck down the order in 1967, allowing the Tatars to return, and the Supreme State of the Soviet Union completely dissolved the order in 1989, condemning it an "illegal and inhumane act."

Things haven't been that simple or rosy, however, and it's persistent Tatars willing to legally fight the government that finally led to the complete dissolution of the order in 1989. 

After the annexation of Crimea in 2014, Tatars in Crimea feared a repeat of the persecution they'd endured; the president of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, a Volga Tatar, was sent to quell Crimean Tatars' concerns, stating that "in the 23 years of Ukraine's independence the Ukrainian leaders have been using Crimean Tatars as pawns in their political games without doing them any tangible favors."

This created a segment within a segment, with many Tatars simply wanting to be left to their own thing, but out of this arose a segment of angst-filled Tatars who could be easily exploited by Ukraine to channel the rage they felt toward Russia for its past actions and the lack of reparations offered for the land they had lost and were unable to return to.

Atesh is known to have played a direct role in "creating fake reports about the alleged murders of soldiers in the Naval Hospital in Sevastopol," and the group was also responsible for inciting fear among Crimean Tatars following Russia's announced mobilization by spreading propaganda that exploited memories of past persecutions, as Tatars were warned that the Russians were to recruit all male Tatars and stick them on the frontline as a buffer for Russian soldiers.

It had the desired effect, striking panic and motivating Tatar males to flee, creating issues in neighbouring countries whilst the West exploited that aspect as an additional show of anti-Russian sentiments from an oppressed people that Russians also want to exterminate.

Yet, it's not the Russians who blocked off water to the island, creating all sorts of trouble for Crimean's in all sorts of ways, not to mention the recent attack on the Kerch bridge.


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