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Posted: Jan 29, 2023   10:43:15 AM   |   Last updated: Jan 29, 2023   10:43:15 AM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

It'd be Hypocritical to not Talk About the Hypocrisy


Obscure PDLisms: Truly missing your smile and wit. No, I didn't mean you, Bob. (Geesh... I seem to be losing my handle on "obscure", methinks.)

PDLing: Incorporating changes, still. Didn't have the chance to do as much as I'd wanted over the holidays. Work and fatigue, and something inevitably getting in the way.

Spent the last week mostly physically incapacitated, my left side jammed up. Built-up stress. Life, more life, and, added to that, a major change at work that all could see coming without knowing the what or why, but it was increasingly clear  they were looking for any excuse to fire people, the constant stream of emails advising managers that so-and-so had left the company spicing up the uncertainty that creeped in. Dominated. Which convinced me we'd lost the contract I was assigned to, leading me to think that I could forego stability in 2023.

We did lose it. Although I would have thought so last fall, because of the when, I tend to agree with my bosses: It's nothing we did. An atrocious client; somewhat intolerant, even racist, too. And a humanitarian org, if you'll believe that.

I'm still there. But, once comfortably satisfied I'd still have an income — plus, I've criticisms of procedural aspects of the company, but zero beef with the company, its heads, or staff — and with the memory of last spring and of the bad situation I found myself in still being very fresh, all I'd pushed deep down found release... cramping me up solid, back and neck. 

You may have noticed small changes and certain things being added or removed. I'm redoing underlying fundamentals and the data handling so I can re-automate otherwise painful tasks, as well as some cosmetic sprucing up, so it's site wide; I'm implementing changes piecemeal so all devs follow the same progress, which makes some aspects easier and avoids any major "undo to redo" situation. There's a new "DMS&UY News" format that I'll update regularly re the features that are functional and other site-related news. 

Two rss feeds available. Atom and RSS formats supported. This is the raw xml; you need a feed reader. If going, "Uh?": You're more than likely using at least one and not aware that's what it is. Nonetheless, I'll dress us a version with thumbnails of header images that people can tap into and embed. 


Almost three months after the FBI's raid on former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence, which resulted in the discovery of classified documents leading to widescale indignation and calls of 'Trump the spy' by Dem supporters, it would appear that "[a] number of government documents marked classified were found this fall by lawyers for President Joe Biden in a closet in a Washington, D.C., office used by Biden when he was a private citizen."

Piles keep popping upThis event isn't all that surprising, really, and, yet, it is. And it keeps on delivering the surprises.

Notice the date on that AP piece; that means that a fourth pile was found last Friday (20-Jan) following a search of his home by the FBI. Didn't he and his special counsel advise the public a couple of piles ago that that was it, "there's no there there," whatever that means; all docs have been turned over? 

As much as I've come to despise US President Joe Biden — let's just say that listening to his asinine, division-reinforcing rhetoric and patriotically saccharine and patriarchal BS makes me wish for a highly-localized act-of-God happening wherever he's doing the talking — and even though I'd have a hard time trusting him to melt ice without dirtying the waters, there's something very sloppy about those documents being found, as well as the when, that makes this affair seem atypical as concerns Biden's end of it. Atypical, but typically awkward since Biden is involved, which entails, at the very least, misplaced or sure-to-bite-back comments, much like the ones he's made on the matter last year, concerning Trump's document mess, on "60 Minutes" and in news briefings.

Of course, forgetting such things, due to his age... but, then again, Chomsky has 14 years over Biden and he probably recalls where he placed every document he touched in the last 50 years. Six years ago when he'd left office, was Biden already so forgetful? If so, how the hell did he even manage to qualify as a candidate.

De-Class if Y

Personally, it's the type of thing that's bound to happen to anyone, and, albeit not a job for anyone, US Presidents are people, too — clearly, sadly, despite their self-avowed supremacy — so it's to be expected from these individuals, too. And with Clinton, Biden, and Trump, even if you wouldn't think so given their level and type of humanity, by golly, they're people, too!

But, on this — the issue of hiding information — I trust Clinton less than Biden and the pair far less than I do Trump. I trust Trump less than the pair on other things, but it's not those that this post addresses. But within that descriptor as well, "hiding info," it varies and depends more on a per case basis, but I do know that I have nothing but mistrust for Clinton and Biden in regard to whatever may be linked to their neolib globalist obsessions and any scheme that pertains to US hegemony. There are Dems that I consider to be more evil than Republicans, despite not being Republicans.

What's presently required is for sane people to keep an eye on the Dems and not allow them to make any foreign policy decisions whilst fool-proof mechanisms block any policies the Republicans try to pass; meanwhile, the non war-obsessed and sane people are focused on building a third-party path and devising means to break the corporate stranglehold on DC as rapidly as possible.

No, not in an ideal world. In an ideal world we wouldn't even be having this discussion. Especially not one about Trump or Biden.  

Trump wants to please others and he mostly doesn't care if the US bombs anyone or not unless it makes him look weak, whereas Biden and Clinton are part of a club that's been doing nothing but lying to the world to justify bombing the crap out of countries in order to bend the world to Western corporate will. Trump will hide info about some real estate corruption; Clinton and Biden will hide info about some coup and corrupt ties, and thousands of deaths overseas will be linked to that info.

Trump schemed a takeover of government, but the Dems' actions since 2016 can easily be characterized as one big coup; they were desperate to get Trump out of there, and sabotaged governmental function in all sorts of ways, and demonized half the population to boot, relying on the liberal media to instill a disgust of Trump and Republican voters that far surpassed verifiable reality, the erratic, non-democratic behaviour from the establishment Dems finally making sense within a timeline that established a planned, marked shift in Europe's economy — with global repercussions — and the plan that's now played out through Ukraine.

That isn't to say that Trump is a "people's man"; he's an elitist with contempt for the working class, and he's not anti-establishment other than he doesn't fit in with the current establishment main crowd. Plus, although he did seem to clue in on this after his first term, Trump surrounded himself with some truly awful ideologues who steered him in the wrong direction and pressured him into approving aggressive military acts. 

Nonetheless, regardless of the being that is Trump and whatever the world thinks of him, be it intense love or hatred, I couldn't give a hoot about Trump in regard to my opinion of Biden or how I assess anything related to Biden. Trump is Trump; when he's a part of the equation, then he's figured in, but, otherwise, I never analyse the Dems by taking a closer look at only the idiotic stuff that came out of the Republicans, and, so, I don't evaluate the Biden Bunch and grade them based on how much I hate or support Trump, nor am I unable to appreciate aspects of anyone not on the "same team." This may seem trivial, but all that's said and done by global-minded, war-lovin' Dems and their vocally-opposed-but-vocationally-emulating CPC Progs and Caucus-Leftists suggest otherwise, tribalism being an all-or-nothing, black-or-white world, after all.

Because I'm not a tribalist who can only assess the worth of X based on Y, placing my focus and energy on finding and amplifying all of Y's foibles and/or on denying and downplaying all that may subtract from X to add to the division, I'm usually able to see X and Y for what they're worth, with some slight adjustments for bias (big ones, on occasion). In this case it implies seeing the Biden case and the Trump case as two instances of the same problem, as well as presenting two very different issues, both arising out of different motivations, both offering two different reasons to worry.

It's not establishing the worst of the two cases that should be of interest to sane, non-tribalists.

Classify Ain't Foshizzle Talk for "Being Schooled"

The world certainly isn't lacking in the examples department, but, due the damage done by tribalism, having another example that showcases how devious, disingenuous, and hypocritical the Dems have become can't do any harm, I suppose, unless this is falsely interpreted to mean that the Republicans must be who you'll want to vote for. That's crazy talk. 

In my opinion, anyways. And, nope, don't go there. If I were an actual Dem supporter, I'd call you a far-Right loser and Nazi — while denying the potential threat of other, kind Euro-Nazis — and I'd tell you to go vote for your groping group of GOP, wouldn't I? But, if if I were a rightwinging closet conservative, I'd tell you all to pull your bootstraps back to wherever you belong and Woke off, wouldn't I? So, shut up, you Nazi, and pull your bootstraps toward sound reason. 

An important detail that received little mention is the fact that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden weren't in the Big-Chief seat when they kept documents or illegaly stored their communications on private servers. This means that neither of them had a presidential De-classification Magic Wand (DMW) like Trump has, which, incidentally, the pair caught comparing the lenght of the wands, is what lead to that bit of confusion over Iraq, as both Bush Jr. and Tony Blair secretly suffer from dyslexia and were too embarrassed to admit that, initially, WMDs, hadn't even crossed their minds. The lie just got bigger. Out of hand. So, Iraqi people committed mass suicide to preserve their secret. That's how it went. Maybe.

At least we can all relate to that version to some degree. I can't relate at all with the psychopathic, blow-shit-up, neo-imperialist reality, can you?

And why did I go there and why do I bring up Hillary Clinton? Because I've zero interest in discussing Chelsea and CNN and the other media goons decided to make Hillary a part of the discourse.

And, now, with former Vice President Mike Pence failing the doc test — and actually self-reporting, unlike Biden (or Trump) — after some classified content was found in his home in Carmel, Indiana, last week following a verification having been conducted by his attorneys. Two boxes containing classified documents were turned over to the FBI.The biggest crooks are the cleanest?

Pence's lawyer, Greg Jacob, stated in a letter to the National Archives that the records "appear to be a small number of documents bearing classified markings that were inadvertently boxed and transported to the personal home of the former vice president at the end of the last administration," adding that Pence had been "unaware of the existence of sensitive or classified documents at his personal residence" prior to the search and he "understands the high importance of protecting sensitive and classified information and stands ready and willing to cooperate fully with the National Archives and any appropriate inquiry."

That's the version that all of liberal media is very happy to go with, praising Pence — as best as liberal media can manage — adding phrases like "relief for Biden" and "fully supports the conduct offered to explain" Biden's case.

On the bright side: The Three Amigos, neolib best buddies, say they have no classified documents. 

And who wouldn't trust those guys, right? 

Bliss, My Ignorance

Hold on! Before commenting on these cases, do know:

CNN - If all three, then there's a problem

Source: Analysis: There's a larger 'classified' problem to confront | CNN Politics

I love the subtle ways they contrast Biden and Clinton's case with Trump, the latter written in a way to conjure up crime-scene photos in one's mind whilst painting Trump a disorganized mess that leaves classified material lying all over the place.

And, do we really not know what documents were on Hillary Clinton's personal server? We may not know all of them, but not all are as ignorant as CNN folks, it seems, though that should have been clear long ago. (And gimme a break; huge red flag! No way she didn't know better or to not advise appropriate bodies for security review and approval — governmental info on an unauthorized private server is, in my mind, like taking documents home, in many cases, actually worse.)

Same Diff. On Any Tribal Day

Bipolarity being a necessary part of American life, it's clear that both cases — Trump and Biden's — couldn't both, simply, be about classified documents. Here, too, things are seen through a partisan lens and one's viewpoint on the matter defines one's entire philosophy and politics, Of course.

Per what's become "the usual," anyone that dares to see these two events existing within the same sphere of reality is severely deluded! I mean... boomer Biden and traitor Trump, the criminal fascist. Just saying their names conveys the evil intent Trump operates under, no?

The Washington Post agrees, informing us that, sure, there may be some parallels, but it's all about the differences, "both in the volume of the documents and in the apparent effort by Biden’s legal team to quickly return the documents to government custody. Trump’s resistance to returning the documents led to the court-approved FBI search of his residence at Mar-a-Lago in August and is central to the legal jeopardy he currently faces."

CNN - The three stooges
Axios confirms it: "However, the two cases differ in several ways. It was Biden's attorneys who discovered the documents and notified the Archives. Trump, on the other hand, did not turn over all of the records in his possession until the FBI executed a search warrant in August."

One of the more laughable aspects to come out of this "classified documents" fiasco is the liberal media's Janus faced pretense of professionalism, suddenly doing a 180 on the gravity of such an act.

With Trump: this was the ultimate treason. He and anything and anyone that associates as MAGA — or that we label MAGA — need to be taken down!

With Biden: So, what?! He forgot; they were locked, and there's an over-classified problem in Washington... all docs are labeled confidential by default. This is nothing like Trump... Trump, Trump... Trump... Trump, Trump, Trump, Tr—Are you interrupting me? You must be a Trump-lovin' far-Right extremist! C'mon, people, "there's no there there."

You may have noticed that any mention of the Biden docs sees at least 20% of its content being devoted to Trump, drawing a stark contrast between the two cases, making sure to tack on adjectives and verbs that paint a dark image to Trump's oopsies.

With Biden, "This is getting absurd. Americans have had the opportunity to choose from between three people to be president since 2016, and all three have been found to have classified documents they should not have. Clearly, there’s a larger problem," claimed CNN.

The author of the above right CNN piece, Zachary Wolf, wrote a similar piece after Trump was raided by the FBI, which, essentially, tells of an overzeal to classify too much, for real life and people's work habits make it near impossible to keep everything that's 'very liberally" marked as "classified" classified while "Top Secret" often gets slapped on willy-nilly and usually contains info coming from a mainstream news source.

As Wolf points out:

A fascinating Twitter thread by the former CIA lawyer Brian Greer explains that most of the information classified by the government is put under classification by default, as a “derivative classification decision.”

He links to a 2016 estimate from the Information Security Oversight Office at the National Archives that estimates that in that year alone, there were more than 102 million pages of US government documents reviewed for declassification and about 44 million pages were declassified.

That means most of what the government could declassify that year, it didn’t.


A more recent report by the same agency outlines that there are 2,116 distinct “security classification guides” by which different government agencies classify documents. The Archives argues these should be assessed and streamlined in a comprehensive way that still acknowledges the different needs of the 18 distinct US intelligence agencies.

(Source: Analysis: There's a larger 'classified' problem to confront | CNN Politics }

That's the version titled, "There's a larger 'classified' problem to confront," published on CNN's site 16-Jan-2023. The emphasis in that piece is all on highlighting the issue shared by both cases, which concerns the over-application of the "classified" label on almost anything produced by and for the government and its institutions, effectively criminalizing the act of info sharing as an "us versus them" affair that wedges a barrier between the people and the whole of the body meant to serve them.

CNN doesn't explore that why, though, painting it as an overly-careful Washington having to always be mindful of foreign actors and a Trump — the "r" and "u" in his name is no coincidence, by the way — which inadvertently hurt the good Bidens and Hillary Clintons of the land.


The Difference!

The two paragraphs below appearing at the close of a Reuters article establish the distinction we're meant to seize quite well:

Officials said Biden's attorneys discovered fewer than a dozen classified records inside the office and informed the U.S. National Archives, the agency responsible for the preservation of government records, turned over the materials and cooperated with the Archives and the Justice Department. Biden said he was "surprised to learn that there were any government records that were taken there to that office" and did not know their contents.

In Trump's case, FBI agents carried out a court-approved search last August at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. About 100 documents marked as classified were among thousands of records seized during the search. Biden in September called his predecessor's handling of classified documents "totally irresponsible."

This CNN graphic, from that same Wolf piece, also lays it out clearly:

CNN - Bad and biased comparison

Few issues with that, which I address further down. There's just something way off with the whole Biden affair and too many lies or timely omissions, while the Trump one was way overblown, part of the liberal media's efforts to prevent a Trump return, per establishment wants.

Plus, the Trump case is clear. He was in the wrong; was told about it. Forcing a resolve with the FBI is excessive, but deemed to be 'warranted' by a judge. In this instance, I do believe NARA acted within its purview and obligations, and the FBI was justly used in that manner.

Conversely, the headline below is for the (anti-)Trump version of that topic by the same author, published 16-Aug-2022.

The version for Trump

A few paragraphs in the author's intent becomes all too clear: Crap on Trump to defend Hillary Clinton's email no-no and reinforce the notion that all's peaceful with Biden as the country's guiding light.

What's that? De-dollarization of the world being accelerated down to a year rather than a couple of decades? Nah, that's entirely Putin's doing. He begged Biden for sanctions while abusing the US' good graces, forcing it to obliterate whatever trust other countries still had in the reserve-fund-freezing pipeline blowers (to be sure: that's not a sexual euphemism).

Top secret? Secret? Classified?

According to a 2009 executive order, the classification system is as follows:

  • Top Secret: Information that reasonably could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.
    • Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI): Used for info "derived from intelligence sources. Access to an SCI document can be even further restricted to a smaller group of people with specific security clearances."
  • Secret: Information that presents a potential risk of causing "serious damage" to national security if revealed.
  • Confidential: Lowest classification level; applied to information that is reasonably expected to cause "damage" to national security if disclosed.

Other than to downplay the first few of many piles found stashed around the Biden properties and in one of the offices he used, though that was just a quick in-n'-out business, the topic of classified documents has been mostly kept focused on the ill-intent one is likely to have as motivation for having top secret files in one's possession (see what I did there). And, sure enough, for the public, too, what makes the bigger impact is the mention of classified documents, "top secret" triggering all sorts of expectations, or "meh" if a Biden is involved... for it takes a certain edge away from Trump's crime?

Duh, me! What am I thinking? The two case aren't in any way comparable.

I don't quite see things that way given that, no matter the claims, there's less transparency as concerns Biden's case, Congress having, so far, been barred from  reviewing the files that were in Biden's possession. Yes, the investigation is still underway, but Biden has been nothing but shielded, otherwise people would have seen him for the lying, highly-corrupt legume he's become before voting for him.

For all that was communicated and unsealed in rapid time for Trump, the complete opposite is true for Biden, and for too long, and over too much.

For a man who's so keen on cooperating, why did he withold info whilst also sitting on the first find for two months, and neither he or his lawyers disclosed the second batch that were found in his home weeks before having disclosed the existence of the first batch?

Why does it matter? Per David S. Ferriero, Archivist of the United States:

“The Presidential Records Act is critical to our democracy, in which the government is held accountable by the people,” Ferriero said in the statement. “Whether through the creation of adequate and proper documentation, sound records management practices, the preservation of records, or the timely transfer of them to the National Archives at the end of an Administration, there should be no question as to need for both diligence and vigilance. Records matter.”

As someone whose focus has primarily been on data, I sympathize with Ferriero; Trump probably would have had me crying myself to sleep on more than one occasion were I responsible for NARA while he was in office. Fuck the FBI! I'd wanna send in the Marines, after an air strike! DON'T MESS WITH MY RECORDS.

The Washington Post had reported on 7-Feb-2022, that: "Trump advisers deny any nefarious intent and said the boxes contained mementos, gifts, letters from world leaders and other correspondence," including a letter from Kim Jong Un and one from Barack Obama" which, no doubt, explained the standard stuff one lists when transferring one's home to another, namely, which days are for garbage pick ups, which days for recycling, the name of the kid that mows the lawn, local schools sorted by Wokeness level, who delivers the best rogan josh in the area, when and how much salt one should put in the water softener, the watering restrictions in summer, whether aliens are real, the alarm code, who really killed Elvis, the warranty number for the fridge... the usual.

Keep in mind:

All recent administrations have had some Presidential Records Act violations, most often involving the use of unofficial email and telephone accounts. White House documents from multiple administrations also have been retrieved by the Archives after a president has left office.

Bill and Hillary Clinton had to return thousands of dollars worth of gifts they took with them when they left the White House in 2001. Shortly after George W. Bush was sworn in as Bill Clinton’s successor, The Post reported that the Clintons left the White House with $28,000 in furnishings that they said were personal gifts but were actually given to the National Park Service for the White House permanent collection.

(Source: National Archives had to retrieve Trump White House records from Mar-a-Lago | The Washington Post)

How many documents were found?

Try to get a clear fix on the numbers, I dare you. Outlets use vague, mass nouns to play the numbers up or down, while they include some material in the count of one that they omit for the other, considering a folder containing 30 sheets of paper as either one item or as 31, and whether there's a classified stamp makes all the difference, but only if you're not Trump.

Here's what I was able to work out:   

Trump: Truckloads. For those that Trump and his treasonous team reluctantly handed over, mumbling something about "revenge" and "another January 6th", according to a source with some familiarity with Bob's girlfriend, who's heard about the situation. Then, requiring a judge and an army, there were the truckloads more that the FBI bravely recovered, claimed an anonymous source, surely, the agents risking their lives in a raid fraught with potential peril, presenting far greater dangers than any bust on the Mara Salvatrucha ever could, for Russia could rain down from the sky at any moment to save Trump and recoup their investment, AK-47 bullets shredding — skull to groin — the proud, duty-bound individuals serving you, the people, against all enemies, orange and undomesticated, only to leave behind little beau Bob and sweet, tiny Babs, who'll be split, sent in different directions to grow up with new families, the Fosters. And though they'll be loved, even if inappropriately, they'll always be asking: Why did the Russians install a fake orange president in the greatest country in the world and kill my parents, mummy Maibee? Is it because they are jealous of our Freedom and Exceptional Greatness, pappa Prawxee?

And all of it — from Agent Cooper's PTSD to Babs now being forced to turn tricks on the street corner to help support Prawxee Fosters' Jackson Hinkle super-chat  addiction — all because a greedy orange with no pulp had to rob Americans of all the paper that was their due — he just couldn't help himself. And you know what else they print on paper? That's right: Trump cards! Featuring Trump the Astronaut and Trump, Saviour of the World (Čsheeynə included). Get your pack today. You know what? Get yourself two! You deserve it.

And that's why Trump and Putin are virtually the same man.

Biden: Scraps. And Biden cooperated fully wih the Document Dorks — he's always eager to collaborate so he can finally have his nap — and he bent over backwards, then forwards, then thought of Corn Pops, and that's when the dude with the Demerol, Ben-gay, and hernia girdle had to be called in. Unlike Trump, who faces criminal charges for the truckloads of security-compromising documents. Hardly anything — maybe one small binder — was in Biden's possession and all of it was irrelevant, non-nuclear — you know, binder is vague; it was more like a one-page, one-sided document of no value that had been stamped "Classified" by error, for sure —  and Binden's blunders couldn't be sold to the Russians, unlike traitor Trump's mega stash of security sensitive info.  Thinking back, really, what Biden had was more like a matchbook with some doodles on them, but you know how insane Republicans get over that stuff, seeing wild conspiracies in everything. The doodle probably looked like an "H" and they tied that to Hunter Biden. Why? Because Republicans want more dick pics, of course.

Reality Is...

"Roughly two dozen. Ten in a Washington, D.C., office in November, more in Biden’s Delaware garage — plus five more documents found on Thursday evening." Plus... wait for it! Yep, yet another pile of 'oopsies' found.

  • Penn Biden Center: 10-12 (16)
  • Home
    • Garage: 1 + 5 (10)
    • Library: 6 (12)

The numbers in brackets are also mentioned but stand less firm than the non-bracketed ones.


No matter which case they're discussing, the following reminder is invariably offered by the main liberal outlets:11 sets of classified docs

"Trump is currently under criminal investigation after roughly 300 documents with classified markings, including at the top-secret level, were discovered at Mar-a-Lago."

The numbers don't quite match, outlets and Dem-supporting officials obscuring the counts, downplaying the number for Biden and amping up the volume with Trump. For the latter, outlets use terms like "sets of documents"

Reuters and others claim:

"In Trump's case, FBI agents carried out a court-approved search last August at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. About 100 documents marked as classified were among thousands of records seized during the search."

In terms of truly sensitive info, it appears that Trump and Biden are guilty of a roughly comparable count? Indeed, the numbers will confuse you.

The real issue with Trump is how little he cared about the 'archiving of history" aspect of it, failing to respect the obligations imposed on a head of the US government, ripping documents and trashing them. His presidency will be remembered in the archives as the one with scotched-taped papers.

Most of what he left with qualify as "mementos", which belong to NARA, nonetheless, but which has more to do with "ego" than with "evil", perhaps?

Attempting to add a dark shine to the "[Trump] administration's cavalier handling of presidential records," The Washington Post reported that: "Two former advisers described a frenzied packing process in the final days of the administration because Trump did not want to pack or accept defeat for much of the transition."

Could be that, in his case, too, lots ended up there by mistake?

However, I personally, suspect that, given the volume that did end up in Mar-a-Lago, Trump wanted to take as much as possible so he could sort through it at his leisure, probably convinced they were going to go straight back to the White House within a few week's time...

His continued 'cavalier' attitude toward NARA throughout 2021 was just Trump being his usual big baby self, methinks. The entire institution that is Washington having offered plenty to suggest that a current takeover of government by corporate powers being applied through the Dems is underway, which, it seems key Republicans are fine with as long as they dictate how the social policies are to play out, and, having been treated in the manner that he was, I'm apt to think that his lack of desire to comply hasn't got much to do with nefarious Trump plans involving the Russians.

I've seen more than plenty from the media in recent years to suggest that any of their claims regarding Trump having top secret nuclear-weapons-related files may very well refer to a Three Mile Island tourist pamphlet. Or maybe not. Trump.

Jan-2022: Materials voluntarily turned over by Trump to NARA

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) apparently had a rough go of recuperating the documents that Trump is said to have left the White House with, the matter requiring repeated demands from NARA to Trump’s lawyers throughout 2021. An initial agreement had been made to voluntarily return the material in Dec-2021, but the matter had been pushed until Jan-2022. What was returned:

  • 15 boxes containing:
  • 700+ pages among 184 classified documents.
  • 184 classified documents:
    • 67 documents marked “Confidential”
    • 92 documents marked “Secret”
    • 25 documents marked “Top Secret”

Jun-2022: Materials turned over by Trump to DOJ under subpoena

The DoJ obtained a grand jury subpoena in May, demanding the return of all classified material still at Mar-a-Lago; Trump's lawyers turned over one Redweld envelope (expanding, folder-like document holder).

The envelope is alleged to have contained:

  • 38 unique classified documents
  • 5 documents marked “Confidential”
  • 1 documents marked “Secret”
  • 17 documents marked “Top Secret”

Aug-2022: Materials seized by FBI during search of Mar-a-Lago

Upon execution of a search warrant in August, the FBI is said to have recovered 103 classified documents and a total of 33 boxes of materials from Mar-a-Lago.

  • 31 documents marked “Confidential”
  • 54 documents marked “Secret”
  • 18 documents marked “Top Secret”
  • 2 binders of photos

On 11-Aug-2022, the FBI had unsealed the receipt for the items it had collected from Trump's property on 5-Aug, following the execution of a duly-filled search warrant. The receipt, available in one of the tabs below, reveals that the FBI removed at least 26 boxes of documents as well as documents in binders, envelopes, and leather-bound folders. 

CNN reported: "The FBI search resulted in the recovery of 11 sets of classified documents; some material is marked "TR/SCI" (Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information) and some is marked "classified" while the rest appears to be  — one of the highest levels of classification, according to documents from the search warrant that were released Friday."

CNN - What it claims to be on FBI receipt

Source: Live updates: Trump and the FBI search warrant documents | CNN

The Russians! Trump May Not Even Be American?

Perhaps it's fair to ask to see Trump's birth certificate? Surely he was given birth to smack dab in the middle of the Red Square, no?

For Trump this was automatically seen in the worse possible way, adding more proof to the claim that a chunk of the country had turned into crazed, brainless, far-Right racists too dumb to realize that they're supporting the antichrist and ushering the end of civilization. Have your doubts? Two words: classified documents.

Google search - Trump the traitor spy?

Yet, Biden is the one with all sorts of questionable financial gains and dealings linked to 'dead-ends' we are not to question, as key elements of the establishment are quick to build a tenuous defense the public readily absorbs, vehemently vilifying persistent people and boxing them in as social undesirables. But nearly every facet of his life contains at least one major discrepancy, proven lies, racist attitudes, morally-reprehensible acts of war, shady events we're to take on faith as being above board?

Federal agents seized just one set of “top secret/SCI” documents, according to the search warrant receipt. Agents took four sets of “top secret” documents, three sets of “secret” documents, and three sets of “confidential” documents.

Meanwhile, no holds were barred for Trump; people were foaming at the mouth with their variation on the "lock her up" MAGA anthem whilst all ideologically-motivated liberals (see: tribal) forgive Biden — 'cause he's no Trump, know what I mean — while the rest of the world waits for details to come in, though the Republicans aren't doing so to be in a better position to make a fairer assessment, but to know with which method they'll exact their revenge.

Party and politics aside, I can't blame them. All shades of Dems and their media along with the Caucus-Leftists and their indie media, they're either being willingly real daft or they're too tribally stuck in their modes of thinking and haven't treated GOPs like humans for so long (and vice versa) that they're unable to comprehend the rage and frustration that conservatives are feeling in light of the way they were treated by far too many, so, being able to empathize in order to turn all of that into a positive that's aimed at the right culprits... fuggedaboutit.

Nope. Sorry. Trump, Bannon, et al. are only partially responsible. They're not the ones who vilified and demonized and pushed to ban or deplatform anyone not in line with whatever narrative the Dems deemed to be the correct one, an aspect that drew greater sympathy for rightwingers and their claims regarding the vile, oppressive atmosphere they endured — incrementally so — for all of Trump's reign.

How many Dems and Caucus-Leftists are still holding on to Russiagate despite the various reports and studies. I've read five (it's "my field"); and I've long been satisfied with the evidence: US establishment folks and holier-than-thou Dems did way worse meddling in Russia — just per what's on the record — than what they want all to believe that the Russians did in 2016. Russian interference my arse! Their so-called campaign was as effective as spitting in a pool to raise the water level (try urinating next time, dummies!).

Oh! Sliding this in: Did Matt Taibi permenantly put a nail in the idiotic Russiagate obsession that says more about the believers than about Trump, Putin, or Russians?  

And, sure enough, given what we now know through the "Twitter Files", Russiagate was, is, and will always be BS. Accept it. It doesn't mean Trump's a saint, it just means that that whole charade was just that, and, for many mainstream and indie news and information folks... this doesn't place them in an embarrassing position, mind you, but it does confirm that that's what they should be feeling, and it provides more counterarguments to chew on in the hopes that these people will wake up!

That said, have these people clued in to the fact that, rather than having to rely on good sense based on all that was there despite what wasn't, Twitter-related communications have now sufficiently filled that gap and actually establish what I've always suspected: Democrats and the liberal media played a far more nefarious role, and meddled in its own elections in ways I'd qualify as being far worse than anything the Russians managed to achieve, and being real despicable dicks about it, too, given the level of hypocrisy the Dems managed to put on display; that level and kind should make anyone reconsider the value of a death penalty, right, given how offensive Americans find the thought of Russia meddling into their affairs and the fact that this in no way comes close to a fraction of a fragment of what the US has done in terms of meddling, both in Russia and around the world?

When choosing your demons and foes, do know that "not us" is no longer good enough, and it's fast becoming intolerable. The US has done far, far worse than Russia around the globe — it's not even close to comparable — and trust me, it's done for Free Markets, not Freedom. Free Market means: to the US' advantage.

And the US couldn't give a shit about Democracy unless, at home, it's the Republicans in power, and, elsewhere, only if it's a dictator that's not favourable to US Banks and Corps (soon to be merged under: Amazoney(?)).

For that kind of thing, like the Twitter Files, ardent tribalism that bars one from seeing the far more important and wide-ranging issues and/or any threats to our freedom and any risks imposed on our welfare — as citizens of the world — that such cases represent is, in my opinion, yep, you guessed it: a serious sign of brain damage.


Biden Timeline

The first pile of documents was found on 4-Nov-2022; the info was withheld in order to not upset the midterms.

20-Jan-2017: Biden no longer in office (VP position under Obama).

Mid-2017 (until 2019): We are told that the documents found at the Penn Biden Center were in an office that Biden had been using with mixed frequency from mid-2017 until his leave of absence to campaign.

Most were too busy hating on Trump while the liberal media covered for Biden as Obama and the Clinton's, too, covered more ground than Biden during his campaign, the bulk of it he seemed happy to spend locked up in his basement, probably thanking his God for COVID, for people would surely have clued in otherwise. 

Yet, with Trump absorbing every minute of attention from those who claim to hate him... maybe not. 

Granted, campaigning the way these people do it — at a cost of several millions per day — has got to be tiring at 50, it can't get easier at 78, but all of it leads me to think that opening that center wasn't Biden's idea, regardless of the impression that the The Washington Post tries to paint, Biden doing the usual ex-presidential thing and opening his own think tank. I address this in more depth further down.

Of note: Before its official opening, the work being completed in 2017, the space to be occupied by the center underwent serious renovation work that lasted 14 weeks. The documents could not have landed there 'since his time in office', needing to have been moved at least twice before ending up in that "locked closet."  

8-Feb-2018: The Penn Biden Center officially opened its doors.

The Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement at the University of Pennsylvania is founded on the principle that a democratic, open, secure, tolerant, and interconnected world benefits all Americans. Based in our nation's capital, the Penn Biden Center works with Penn's students, partners, faculty, and global centers to convene world leaders, develop and advance smart policy, and strengthen the national debate for continued American global leadership in the 21st century. (Source: Introducing the Penn Biden Center | YouTube)

Of note: Anthony Bliken, Biden's Secretary of State, was acting as the center's managing director from 2017 to 2019.

26-Apr-2019: Biden takes a leave of absence from the center. The center had not closed down, but neither was it serving much purpose without the name that was there to be exploited, the center's most visible  closed, but its work is somewhat stymied without its most visible administrator.

14-May-2022: CNN reports:

“The White House has hired Richard Sauber to assist in the Biden administration’s response to potential future investigations should Republicans win back majorities in Congress in the midterm elections,” said Ian Sams, a White House counsel spokesperson. 

“As we have since the transition, we are ensuring the White House is prepared for the issues we are facing or will face in the future, and we have built and continue to build a strong legal team to conduct our work and serve the public and the President.”

Sauber had been appointed by Biden as head counsel of the Department of Veterans Affairs in February of  2021. He was asked to act as Biden's Special Counsel (not the White House's; neither is Sauber acting as Biden's personal counsel, however).

Despite claims of being optimistic regarding the outcome of the midterms, Biden and his own lawyers think it best to disrupt VA operations, at a cost, and  to add a big salary to the payroll... just in case the Republicans get the power to be all Republicanny about things? Gimme a break.

This, like sending lawyers to box and remove files, are preemptive decisions that one takes in order to shield oneself of something.  

2-Nov-2022: Biden's personal counsel states that Obama-Biden administration documents were found in a locked closet at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Engagement where Biden had an office (being paid handsomely to just sit on his chair while the university exploited his name and standing... much like brother and son?).

The lawyers were, apparently, packing up Biden's office in order to close it out. (I wonder whether these lawyers have preferential mover rates or if they charge their usual $300+/hr rate plus expenses, where 1 minute or 59 of them is still an hour — prorating is for sissies — and the first hour/contact is double?)

Nov. 3, 2022: The National Archives takes possession of the documents.

4-Nov-2022: The National Archives inspector general contacted the Justice Department to inform them that the White House notified the National Archives that documents bearing classification markings were identified at the Penn Biden Center. According to Biden's attorneys, the classified materials were from his vice presidency.

8-Nov-2022: Midterm elections.

Nov - Dec-2022: Biden’s lawyers search the president’s homes in Wilmington, Delaware, and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, to see if there are other documents from his vice presidency.

9-Nov-2022: The FBI launched an investigation to ascertain whether classified information had been mishandled, and under what circumstances did these files end up where they were..

14-Nov-2022: Garland assigned US Attorney John R. Lausch Jr. of Illinois — a 2017 Trump nominee to the position — to help Garland determine whether a special prosecutor is warranted, per the result of his investigation.

20-Nov-2022: Biden's personal counsel, Sauber, informed Lausch that additional documents bearing classification markings were identified in the garage of Biden's Wilmington, Delaware, home. The FBI went to the location and secured those documents, Garland said.

5-Nov-2022: U.S. Attorney Lausch advised Garland that further investigation by a special counsel was warranted. In the days since, Lausch continued the investigation and the DOJ identified Hur for appointment as special counsel.

20-Dec-2022: A second batch of documents is found "in Biden's garage in his Wilmington, Delaware residence.

Biden claimed that the documents at his Wilmington home were stored in a "locked garage" along with his Corvette. Merrick Garland confirmed the classified documents at the Biden residence were found on that date, but only brought to the attention of the media in mid-January.

Note that Biden is seen reversing his Corvette in a 2020 campaign video. Which means he probably saw the files.

5-Jan-2023: Lausch advises Garland that a special counsel should be appointed.

9-Jan-2023: CBS News first reported the discovery on this day; only then did the White House confirm that a batch of classified documents had been found on 2-Nov. No mention is made of the second batch that had been found on 20-Dec-2022 

Biden already has special counsel appointed to him: The Department of Justice and the National Archives and Records Administration are reviewing the circumstances surrounding the documents, according to Biden’s special counsel Richard Sauber. (CNBC)

A statement prepared by Sauber and provided by the White House on Monday indicates that "[t]he documents were discovered when the President's personal attorneys were packing files housed in a locked closet to prepare to vacate office space at the" center." Sauber added, "[t]he President periodically used this space from mid-2017 until the start of the 2020 campaign," Sauber said. (ABC)

Richard Sauber, special counsel to the president, said in a statement on Monday that classified materials were identified in a locked closet by personal attorneys for Biden on Nov. 2 when they were packing files at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, a University of Pennsylvania think tank. (Reuters)

Again: who hires lawyers to do one's packing? It doesn't sound like they were overseeing workers or that would have introduced a potential breach

Note: Sauber's statement was made after the CBS new broke.

12-Jan-2023: A third batch of five additional sets of classified documents were found in a storage space in Biden's Wilmington residence and officially reported; all documents are said to date back to Biden's time as VP.

Biden said his legal team found a small number of documents with classified markings in storage areas and file cabinets in his personal library at his Wilmington home. The library is attached to his garage, which Biden said is locked.

The lawyers flagged an envelope that contained roughly 10 documents that had classification markings and included intelligence about Iran, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom dated from 2013 to 2016, according to CNN. The documents also included "sensitive compartmented information." 

Garland had previously assigned US Attorney John Lausch, a Trump appointee, to handle the Justice Department’s investigation into Biden's alleged mishandling of classified documents.

But wait! A Special counsel is assigned to Biden. We are told that "Garland signed an order appointing Hur as special counsel and briefed the public on this decision. A spokesman for the White House counsel's office, Ian Sams, told ABC News that the White House did not get advance notice Garland was appointing a special counsel."

The Biden admin, his counsel, and the liberal media all went out of their way to specify that Hur was a Trump appointed lawyer, because justice depends on transparency and the opposite of "conflict of interest."

All we ever get from Biden are lies that give the semblance of transparency, which appears to be satisfactory for tribalists, this alone telling me I'd have to be brain damaged to accept such BS from POSOTUS and his POS entourage (see: handlers)

14-Jan-2023: "Special counsel for Biden, Richard Sauber, confirmed that 'five additional pages' of classified information were found when he was working with the Department of Justice to hand over a one-page classified document found days earlier at the Wilmington home."

This statement confuses me: "In a Jan. 14 statement, Sauber said lawyers who initially found a classified document in Biden’s home three days earlier did not have a security clearance. Sauber does have one, though, and he went to Biden’s home on Jan. 12 to facilitate the transfer of documents to the Justice Department."

However, records indicate that the second batch was found on 20-Dec-2022, not 11-Jan-2023. All the claims made regarding Biden carry some discrepancy that's imposssible to reconcile with all other claims and vice versan and, like I said, just try to come with numbers you'd feel certain about, I dare you. 

20-Jan-2023: More documents were found! Following a 13-hour search of Biden's home by the FBI, more documents were discovered as well as handwritten notes and other material that Biden should have handed over but failed to do.

Don't forget: The very same house that housed the garage that housed the corvette that housed more misplaced classified documents also temporarily housed Hunter Biden, who paid Daddy Joe rent to the tune of $49,910 per month, for a total of $550,000 for the 11 months that Hunter Biden is said to have lived there.

And Biden was so eager to divulge and collaborate that you may have forgotten this headline?: 

Biden 'frustrated' by aides who packed the classified documents and brought the ongoing fallout: | NBC (

  • They waited two months to divulge, and the FBI knew about it — apparently the first batch of docs were returned to them in Nov-2022 — and the FBI helped to keep it under wraps for that period, the CIA apparantly also aware.
  • While already aware that documents had been found at Biden's home, they disclosed just the first batch.
  • You send lawyers to recuperate sensitive documents or to ensure a procedurally secure course of actions that aren't going to bite back in some future. Did Biden have important personal papers whose retrieval was best left to lawyers that he kept stored in an office he barely used? If just "teaching" material (yeah, right), then a custodian or other university staff could have packed those in a box and courriered them over at a fraction of the cost. Or sending lawyers to pack up boxes is what Biden feels is a good use of tax dollars?
  • Sauber is a shark whose expertise seems to be seeding doubt to get corporations off the hook. He's big on "disinformation" cases and the type of situation that Hunter is sure to face... and you can tell, he's already prepping to deliver a Trump-&-Putin-did-it defence. And most Dems and CLs will probably gobble it all up and demand more, again. Then blame Trump & Putin for their self-induced derangement.
  • The documents that were found at the office had to have been moved into the office several months after Biden had left the White House, and may have had to have been moved twice more depending on the date on which he actually got the keys to his office and the 14 weeks that it took for the renovations to be completed. Did Biden just leave the files there for the general contrator's men to move before the reno? Doubtful.
  • How come archives never reacted to over 20 missing files? They only keep good records if there's a Trump in a White House? No alerts for unreturned material? And if they're declassified, shouldn't it be a matter of scanning a barcode or punching in a number to verify — and notify the public of preliminary findings asap, would be the wise thing to do — followed by a confirmation that the material in question should have been declassified? Are public libraries better equiped than NARA? Doesn't it have an annual budget of $18.4 billion or some such figure?
Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Engagement

Yeah, he made it all the way to US President, but admit it: Biden in an academic, educational position strikes you as fitting as chocolate in spaghetti sauce.

No one has offered a clear description of Biden's role-to-be there — details to be sorted out after the center is established, said a Penn spokesperson — and no one has been able to offer any details about any of his doings while there.

Essentially, Biden received over half-a-million dollars to sit on his arse, using the space as a holding pen (holding penn?) for those now holding high positions in his administration. Biden was there for 14 months; I'm wondering how happy the university is with their investment?

From all that's there, my thoughts: it's a POS molding center that produces POS establishment cronies with shit-filled minds pushing hegemony-geared, anti-competitive, anti-Russia or China POS of a sceptic tank. Calling it a think tank is an insult to thinking. The language these A-Holes embrace and the vapid rhetoric they spew to express what explosive diarrhea conveys far better, this being so the instant they say anything about anything — Blinken is one big walking and breathing turd whose only purpose, it seems, is being the quintessential example of the super-asinine idiocy a privileged, POS supremacist ideologue is sure to babble without giving it a second's thought — is baffling. 

Why do I bring up the Blinker? Cause he pretty much ran the center for a period while Biden... ?

Statement by Penn Biden center

The publications listed there are a joke, both in volume and quality if those few OpEd pieces — not even proper papers — are what they produced. 

"But it all seemed more symbolic than substantive. Two former interns who worked at the center enjoyed a beautiful office, with a conference room’s floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Capitol. It was a “highly custom design featuring custom wood floors, millwork, glass, lighting,” according to the contractor Rand Construction."

(Source: The Penn Biden Center’s Revolving Door | The American Prospect)

Site: Penn Biden Center (

Statement Source: Penn Biden Center Tweet 

Trump Timeline

Honestly, it's pretty straight forward other than back-and-forths without all the confusion and discrepancies, and networks going out of the way to cover for Biden and spin it all into some wacky anti-Trump click-bait that passes as poltical strategy by the people who give you your unbiased news, a detailed timeline like Biden's adds nothing that's necessary to the understanding of Trump's case and how this may fit into all the other shady stuff that involves him, directly or indirectly.

Plus, i think I said lots already, no? How many words? Do I even wanna know?

2021: National Archives and Records Administration

Jan-2022: NARA recuperated 15 boxes of documents "and other material" that were voluntarily returned bu Trumps and his team.

7-Feb-2022: Washington Post reports that the National Archives had retrieved 15 boxes from Trump’s Florida resort in the previous month, including letters from Barack Obama and Kim Jong Un, underscores the previous administration’s cavalier handling of presidential records.

5-Aug-2022: FBI conducts a raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida.

11-Aug-2022: The search warrant and the receipt detailing the material removed from Mar-a-Lago were unsealed.

The former President’s handling of official records is also being scrutinized after 15 boxes from the White House needed to be recovered by the National Archives from his Florida resort last month, with details of the visit first reported [on 7-Feb-2022] by the Post[.]

The National Archives said in a statement that Trump’s representatives have told the Archives that they are continuing to search for additional records that belong to it.

Lawyers for Trump had proposed a date in December for the Archives to retrieve the boxes but settled on early January. The source told CNN it wasn’t an Archives staffer who came down to Mar-a-Lago to pick up the boxes, but “a guy with a truck and work order.

To this source’s knowledge, Mar-a-Lago is the only Trump property where records have been improperly stored. The boxes at Mar-a-Lago contained several personal mementos, including letters from Kim Jong Un and former President Barack Obama, as the Post reported.

(Source: Former White House officials describe Trump's habit of ripping up documents and haphazard record-keeping | CNN Politics)

Crimes identified in the warrant: The search warrant identifies three federal crimes that the Justice Department is looking at as part of its investigation:

  • Violations of the Espionage Act
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Criminal handling of government records

The inclusion of the crimes indicates the Justice Department has probable cause to investigate those offenses as it was gathering evidence in the search, but no one has yet been charged.

Impeachments. Treason. Collusion. Insurrection. Trump sure likes to keep things... uh... interesting?

But no matter your level of tribal deficiency, more and more evidence is reaching the surface and, eventually, the light bulb will click and you'll see the light. Otherwise, you're a lost cause, yes, but, fear not, for you can still be of value to humanity, as bodies pollute less than coal, and those with a high cholesterol tend to burn much hotter, and longer, too. Maybe. 



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Trump's Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant


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