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Posted: Nov 7, 2020   9:51:00 AM   |   Last updated: Mar 28, 2021   4:39:40 AM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

If This Were a Movie, You'd Be Calling it Unrealistic

More odd than anything MSM could pronounce and peddle on President Trump was the situation the whole Leftist Machine found itself in when their dear-ol'-working-uncle-Joe cum 47-year-swamp-sucker-millionaire "Sleepy-Joe", dropped the sane and expected stump speech and went with drool and incoherence and very little space-time awareness. The man is not mentally fit to lead the US; and these are demanding times.

Or, to paraphrase what little they published and pushed on this subject:

Perfect-record, honest-ol'-Saviour-of-Democracy, working-man's Joe surprised all—revealing the beautiful soul of a man worthy to be President of this great land—when he dropped the tired politician stump still favoured by super racist white-supremacist-licking democracy-destroying Nazi monsters like, say... Trump, and, instead of the moron-a-la-Trump's approach to tailor one's speech to that location's appropriate, voting-capable audience, Brave Biden attempted to speak to all of America, putting to shame all the inclusive-society snobs by gibbering the gibberish of the next-next-next-next-generation of voters, even going so far as offering tax details to the dead. 

Forbidden to Ask the Obvious 

Something's obviously wrong. That Biden is the Democratic front man is, in itself, highly questionable, the party gladly shafting Bernie Sanders for a second time—the man didn't go that far, yet again, just to give up—favouring a man swirling in alleged and potential scandals who prefers to cower in his basement if not blabbering to empty stands as he phases in and out of obvious bouts of dementia before sundowning.  

That a majority laps it up without questioning any of the serious idiosyncrasies, preferring to lash out at a symbolic and synthetic right and anyone claiming to support it, laying blame on them for any of the oddities and malicious aberrations presented as normal by the DNC and MSM, is highly disturbing. Far more so considering that the clearly-corrupt semi-legume they're all cheering for offers an established fourty-seven-year record of mediocrity steeped in crony-establishment thinking and behaviour, having played a key role in one of the (arguably) most hypocritical and disappointing administrations in US history. 

As I've mentioned a few times throughout several posts: Everything is completely frontwards ass, that's how badly ass-backwards things are. 

It's hard to make sense of the events pre-3-Nov or, during that same time frame, to mention the non-MSM narrative without being verbally spat on as being conspiracy-theory scum, be it on the Internet, at the office or at the grocery store. 

Post 4-Nov? Nothing is destined to become clearer anytime soon, it seems. But the fact that MSM is doing what it chastised Trump of doing, i.e. calling a winner, forebodes a long battle, both for the Presidency, and for those on either side, no matter who is... err... elected? 


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