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Posted: Jan 6, 2023   8:29:24 AM   |   Last updated: Jan 6, 2023   8:29:24 AM
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

This Year's Winners and WInning Losers Are...


I'm still not sure what to make of 2022.

So many disappointments.

And March and April were punctuated by a deep depression that had crept in and suddenly sunk me fast, the result of isolation, my efforts to connect with the world, DMS&UY, serving as a reminder that there aren't any places where I fit in and I should stop trying. Also, I had started digging a financial hole for myself, hoping to change path and not return to a corporate world. Life, pain; war, death; loved ones all gone... Couldn't see a purpose.

Then, through no effort of my own, preventing me from a blunder, one thing happened, then another, and I was preocupied and suddenly busy, and Ukraine provided a focus of sorts.

Through that, because of that, amid the widescale regressive militarization promoted by the West through the brutality it had orchestrated and allowed to unfold, the world splitting and the tensions growing, this course justified through layers of deceptions that seemed to have no end to their deviousness, prompting an accepted self-destruction while the liberation that presented itself to many as the result of failed oppressive measures was seen as a threat, another reason to unleash violence, a fading power's attempts to maintain its tyrannous grasp on nations, applied even through terrorist efforts that all simply accepted, the ecological consequences of no concern to those ruining our planet for a buck, the worst of our species sealing our fate... and the joy I thought I had found suddenly disappeared. And through all that, because of all that, I've lost a great deal of hope and faith in humanity.

No, not quite humanity. It's mostly the collective West. But humanity, too. Depends on my mood and the day's news.

I'm not too hopeful for 2023.

Opening Act

With mentions of "Wokism" and the "Woke" label making a somewhat significant comeback within certain segments, even figuring as a force that Putin was countering in some theories advanced to explain Ukraine and the West vs. Russia & China "tensions", I wanted to share this look back at a DMS&UY 10-Jun-2021 post's satirical header and opener.

Not sure it's proper for me to say, being the creator, but I still get a good laugh out of it.

By the way, here is Jordan Peterson's take on Ukraine. Instinctively, I wanna say I disagree with it, completely, but I'm not sure I get what he's saying. He could be right. Maybe.

“Putin has weaponized a certain degree of anti-Woke sentiment among Russians and some of that anti-Woke doctrine, let’s say, which is more conservative, he may also believe, but, minimally, he’s managed to use it very effectively on the propaganda front and, certainly, it’s one of the factors that is driving the war and sustaining it, and causing it.” 

Rightist To Therapist: Wokes Go Wild! And Now Big Bertha And Mooranda (pka Tony Toro) Are The True Amooricow Sheroes, That's My Beef


In the Land of Milk and Honey, Wokes want Cocoa to Milk you Dry, and for you to Cry Before the Spill

Meanwhile, in a near future in a home not far, far away...

Woke Poke #32847

The steaks are high. Literally. The Big Mac Index has reached another historic high this month.

So, don't have a cow, you person! It could be trouble, leaving you in social credit debt, leading to your arrest and immediate conviction.*

This is a friendly reminder that all personal and gift orders of cows and any other bovine products placed will be strictly honored, and the current CCP (Calculated Cost of Product) will be deducted immediately from your Citizen Social Worthiness Credit Account, per the regulations established in the Una-x Woke of Z to A (previously known as United States of America) action-book, "My First Book," and the Wassuppest Court's 2023 landmark ruling on Googlazon's use of their pRE-OrdER predatory AI idiom detectors, in conjunction with Article 2 of the Dept. of Defunding's DisDaLaa Ju-Judeecial Post-ItTM, which states: If ya sed it, hone it!

Therefore, in the spirit of consumer equity, in order to avoid needless, costly, environmentally-taxing, and family destroying inadvertent order-placing replies and gender violations of the form, "I'll have a cow if I want to, man!" we encourage those wanting to politely and amicably dismiss the emotions of fellow humxns to instead use the following positive personal-acoustic-outreach format:

Woke Book - Post Woke

  • Be cool! Have a cicada, [Insert preferred pronoun of intended recipient of wokgov-9974125-1.22 class hearing actionable] [Insert Internet-recognized legal flesh-entity name referenced by wokgov-9974125-1.22 class of hearing actionable prefered pronoun] [[.] (or) [!]] 


Person 1: Hello! 

Person 2: Don't be such a white supremacist. That's code for saying you wish Oprah was in hell.

Person 1:  Be cool and have cicadae, sihx Freda.

Notice that Person 1 is a generous person, hence the plural for cicada. Person 1 is obviously gloriously Black while p2 is clearly a lowly virtue signaling white.

So, where's the beef?
Now you know: Not being delivered by error.

This message was brought to you by the Harris Authority and the Council for the committee of the coalition of the proposed United Black Cicadoidea Pickers' Association (aka Cindy's cousin).

*Prison sentences range from 6 months to 67 years, to be served in a Chinese Pink Flower On Red Cap For Blue Pen assembly factory or at the Chinese Apple Personal Probe 3 Secret Testing Happy Hall, per seasonal requirements.

The 2022 Up Yours Awards2022 - Up Yours Awards

Without further ado, DMS&UY wishes to single out these people and entities, per the reasons that befit each category.

Regressive Richard

This category needs no explanation, I should think, nor should one be required to explain this year's 'winner', the Daily Wire's Matt Walsh. From his unjustified participation in schoolboard meetings and a children's book featuring a boy that wants to transisition into a walrus (coo coo ca-choo?), to his documentary seeking to answer "what is womanhood?" he's established himself as a veritably bowellike individual to many, and a real monster turd to some.

Were his antics done tongue-in-cheek in order to raise the type of awareness that would be beneficial to trans people, as well as the science, all of it done in an honest effort to ensure that socially benefical and long-lasting, well-thought-out legislation is what comes out of it, then there'd be real value in what Walsh is doing even if what he pushed for wasn't quite in line with the wishes of trans people, providing reasonable evidence supports what his work aims to reveal.

But there's none of that there; all one finds is the type of ignorance that bigotry thrives on.

Regressive Richard - Matt Walsh

Regressive Richards

Anyone who isn't likely to be a part of their target audience and a supporter of Daily Wire isn't, I'm certain, questioning one bit why this outlet is being singled out as the leader of this category for 2022.

Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Michael Knowles, Andrew Klavan, Candace Owens, and, now, with Jordan Peterson and his weird take on Wokism added to the mix, men better be males, for females are women who need strong males, per their interpretation of manhood; accept it or face their high-pitched and whincing wrath.

Regressive Richards - Daily Wire

Troubling Tribalist

For some reason, I'm certain that this category's 'winner' will either garner complete approval or be met with utter surprise and indignation by all those who are familiar with The Majority Report's Emma Vigeland.

I do have higher expectations for Leftists and Left-leaning folks, but I'm also more critical of the main voices due to the space they occupy and what little space there is for Leftists; the Caucus-Left dominates this space and does nothing but play the two-party game, promoting a hatred of the other that's bound to make the required unity that much tougher

I don't think I've ever heard Vigeland discuss anything without her either veering full on into some anti-conservative commentary or throwing in some sideways comment to insult conservatives. Always. And all's real clear cut: there's people, and there's Republicans. Worst part is that she takes a firm position on certain issues just to oppose anyone she perceives as being from the other tribe, finding any reason whatsoever to always slide in a derogatory comment on them, rarely applying the same standards when judging anything. 

I saw her once too many times attacking rightwing figures in ways that said far more about her intolerance, or referring to comments or actions that had nothing to do with reality, had she bothered to learn of the context, or judging people, ideas, or actions per a label she readily slaps on.   

I don't find it productive — it's rather destructive given the importance they assign to those they target — but I don't blame groups like Revolutionary Blackout Network, nor the people they claim to represent, for being deeply upset with the Progressive Caucus, the Caucus-Left, and the CL media outlets that are at the forefront of this segment, but they're no better in many respects, acting in very tribal ways that also had me consider them for this slot.  

Troubling Tribalist - Emma Vigeland

Best Democrat

Lotsa big talk and posturing before and nowehere to be seen after (although, if I'm honest: I'm happier when I forget she exists); she couldn't be a better Democrat than if she were making millions off weapons stocks while being in a coma.

Best Democrat - Kamala Harris

Best Republican

Sorry, you politicians, you, but Daily Wire founder, and host of the eponymously-named show, Ben Shapiro has you all beat, repeatedly, and very sternly, reminding Republicans how to be proper Republicans and what conservatives need to conserve to be adequately GOP-ish, this, in between serving up similar reminders to Jews on proper Judaism.

By the way, he thinks many GOPs should be ashamed to consider themselves as such. Just count your blessings that he's not in power.

Best Republican - Ben Shapiro

Most Unhinged

Far too much behaviour that was witnessed this past year should have had far many more people raising eyebrows and scratching their heads, yet this seemed to get the attention of only a few, these usually ridiculed or vilified for calling attention to atypical conduct with potentially worrisome consequences.

The one that's provided the most cause for concern, displaying a comportment that was increasingly mired in ideological looniness, becoming all the more detached from reality and her actual role as elected leader, is Germany's Foreign Minister and Green Party rep., Annalena Baerbock.

Poor Germans got way more than they were prepared for when she was appointed. I'm wondering how comfortably warm she is right now. We should go ask all the Germans who are currently struggling and on their way to freezing or starving to death what they have to say about this ambulatory vessel for an atrophied brain. I'm willing to bet that a word like "bitch" is right on their blue, shivering lips.

It's a good thing she doesn't care what the voters have to say, I suppose. Her words, not mine.

And, no: Kanye West did cross my mind, but he wasn't in the running when I contrasted his lunacy with that of Western leaders. Ursula von der Leyen and Josep Borrell both said far more Nazi-esque stuff in 2022, and they got applause simply for not mentioning the name "Hitler". True, those applauding tend to be supportive of Nazi-esque stuff, but, still...

Most Unhinged - Annalena Baerbock

Hit the Road Jack

I'd long had Zeeskyy in mind for this prize but, while I have come to despise the khakied Ukrainian president, his folly has been entirely fueled then abused by the West. Since, realistically, those living in the collective West can't tell the collective West to hit the road, what's the one thing that would have improved the West had we been without it?

"Politicians" does seem like the evident answer, but the problem there is really the system, which also has a tremendous impact on the selected 'winner'. However, not quite in the same way, and without possessing the direct dependence that politicians have on the political system, are media outlets, as these can, and should, operate independently of government, hence, outside the political system. But that's no longer the case, is it?

Other events have established this to a lesser degree, but none have provided as clear and as undeniable a proof of the corporate media's fusion with the state than what's unfolded in Ukraine.

And Indies are so indoctrinated that they unwittingly play along and help disseminate and fortify the false narrative, doing so either based on ideological beliefs or through the reflexive need to negate the 'other' that tribalism fosters, having warped their thinking to the point where they find justification in attacking those seeking a peaceful resolve with Russia, for all should be eager to send more weapons to Ukrainians Polish, al-Qaeda, and mercenary fighters and US advisors facing off with Evil in Ukraine.

And, yes, the Caucus-Left's progressive media figures large in this as well. Ditto rightwing indie media.


Hit the Road Jack - Bad Media

Biggest BSer

Those two turds in the image are the exact same size. But, no, this is not a surrealist Magritte painting, and, albeit an optical illusion, news should never be approached as if it can be either one of those.

But corporate media sure tries. Oh, boy, does it ever! Even when the proof is staring us in the face, all measurements confirming a reality that's not the one that's blasted, forced on us, and expected to be repeated, unquestionably accepting that things are so, as is being branded a deplorable and a dissenter for not saying so. A whole other load of crock that is. Ditto what's floating around in the heads of all those who see validity in such thinking.

That said, trying to pin the title on just one person isn't an easy task as far as 2022 is concerned, for all the whoppers told by one person are dependent on those of another, and of a whole 'collective'.

"But, what about Tucker Carlson," I hear you say.

Sure, but, if one is honest, for 2022, he's been no more of a liar — and even less so — than the great majority of Western media figures. He's certainly been an irritant to many minority groups, and he's given plenty of food for white supremacists to chew on, but despicable opinions aren't lies, and I've a hard time seeing much of what he's pushed in the last year as being any worse than the lies told to you by politicians and liberal mainstream media, these having very direct and dire consequences on people across the globe, encouraging or justifying the immediate death of many, and the painful and prolonged anguish leading to the eventual death of many more.

What we, as a society, have permitted, to be done to ourselves so worse could be done to others... 2022 has left me speechless as concerns certain events and topics, the thought of which floods me with emotions, the swell instantaneous; 2022 has laid bare a huge, stinking pile of lies. The shame will be equally ours if we fail to react.

Biggest BSer - Collective West

Runner ups

Ursula von der Leyen Runner up: Anthony Blinken Runner up: John Kirby

Exceptional POS

Taiwan. Need I say anything more?

Dizzyingly dishonest, greedy, corrupt, amoral capitalist. Also known as Major US-A-Hole in the Capitalist Army. She's the worst kind, too, real scummy, shamelessly using her position to enrich herself and her family, and always leaving ordinary Americans holding nothing at all, despite all her promises and grand and flowery speeches.

A huge turd of a being. Does she qualify as the "human" kind?

Exceptional POS - Nancy Pelosi

Runner ups

The individuals mentioned here may seem secondary, but the consequences of their actions and lies sure aren't.

I actually think that Bill Browder is a bigger turd than Schiff, but, having assessed enough material on him, getting some sense of how he interprets things given his extreme navel-gazing ways, he's bound to be upset that Schiff got a bigger 'trophy' than him. Browder is a vulture and the worst kind of scum imaginable, and his dealings with the US government — and Western ones, too — to bring about the Magnitsky Act... I don't even know where to begin to communicate just how hypocritical and despicable I find all those who've willingly played a part in that charade, including the Trudeau government.  

Runner up: Adam Schiff Runner up: Bill Browder

Biggest Let Down

I've said enough already about this category winner, I believe.

Biggest Let Down - The Progressives

Road to Nowhere Good

Selecting one person or entity that merits any, or the most, blame for leading humanity astray... can we agree that it was a collective effort?

Road to Nowhere Good - Biden Bunch

Right Track to High Road

It's a choice that's sure to upset many, almost every single one of them bound to be an ill-informed Westerner and/or troubling tribalist if not an ardent Atlanticist with a Manichean world view and the delusion of being the good one.

Because you've bought into the Western propaganda doesn't make it the truth.

But, but, he's an imperialist monster! There's Syria, and Chechnya, and Georgia!

Actually, since the last is the one that's mentioned the most as a reminder of Russian evil: It's clearly Georgia who owns responsibility for starting that war, along with the West, which, as usual, had done its best to inflamme tensions, hoping to achieve another Kosovo — which hardly any nations recognize as a sovereign state, the West having done worse in Serbia, and for no justifiable humanitarian reasons, yet gets on its high horse regarding Donbass, which was constantly shelled by Kyiv. Georgia began that war by attacking South Ossetia and driving tens of thousands of ethnic Russian citizens fleeing across the border into Russia, creating an unprecedented refugee crisis. This never gets mentioned by the West.

Similar type of "misunderstanding" by the West on the other two. Keep in mind that Chechens volunteered to go help Russia in Ukraine.

I've seen more than enough to be convinced that Putin had no real choice to act; a genocide was underway, one that Ukraine denied and the West played dumb to while the civilian bodies piled up to 15,000. If he didn't send troops into the obvious trap, even greater violence would eventually be faced, probably inside of Russia and with more devastating consequences resulting in far greater deaths.

This is not a war between Ukraine and Russia; it's an existential war for both Russia and the US, which pits the NATO West against Russia and a rising coalition. For Russia, it's its future as a nation that is at stake, for the West, it's the dollar and the hegemonic hold it provides that's threatened.

The initial attack had nothing to do with incompetence; Russian officials were certain that Kyiv would surrender right away once they saw that Russia was serious, sure that Zelenskyy was bluffing, for Russia's demands were too simple and reasonable to refuse them in the face of a conflict. But peace isn't what the West wanted. Russia pivoted quickly, taking out strategic locations, but this wasn't the initial goal, as I'd originally thought; it was a quick pressure tactic to force a sit down at the negotiation table, what any sane leader would have accepted, were they not in the pocket of the West.

If it weren't for the West, I'd bet my life on Russia never setting a military foot in Ukraine. Putin had no problem with Ukraine joining the EU, by the way; the problem was just NATO. That Viktor Yanukovych refused the IMF loan and chose to go with Russia's development loan and plan goes to show just how little the West actually, truly cares about sovereignty (note: US-A-Holes don't give a crap about other nation's sovereignty unless it can be used as a weapon to their end), hence why the coup, and his ousting, in 2014. There was nothing "evil" in Yanukovych's choice, but there are evil Westerner's who can't stand to not get their way, certain only they can provide... uh... um... what do Westerners really provide other than destruction?

You may find this hard to believe, but Ukraine is responsible for more atrocities and civilian casualities than Russia, this being true even since 24-Feb-2022.

I can't condone war, and I truly wish another path had been taken, but this conflict showcases the serious issue that comes with having all the institutions, and the mechanisms, meant to intervene, oversee, and/or arbitrate such disputes and/or conflicts being under the control of one power (i.e. the US).

I should finish that part 2 piece on Donbass; does anyone even read what I post, though? Seems like all goes into some void, all's a waste of energy... Nonethelesss, I hadn't finished it because it officializes a firm interpretation on an event that did carry grave consequences for many, and I was reluctant to commit to a formalised, published take, being very much afraid to forward the wrong one; the Western propaganda can be convincing. But the proof isn't there. It's on Russia's side, Putin offering nothing close to the lies the West has done nothing but serve up.

Never have I seen a man so heavily maligned that didn't deserve it, his accusers having done unforgivably worse, yet, are seen as heroes while they destroy the world.

Far too lengthy an explanation is required for anyone not already convinced that, for 2022, he's the man on the street!

Right Track to High Road - Vladimir Putin

Worth the Detour

Worth the Detour - Lee Camp


Worth the Detour - Ben Norton

The New Atlas

Worth the Detour - Brian Berletic

All Streets Should Lead To:

All Streets Should Lead to: The Duran

Facing the Facts



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