Feb 26, 2023: War. The Street's Lament

War SoundWave HEADER

Posted: Feb 26, 2023   11:38:25 AM   |
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

War: The Street's Lament. A Soundscape

Got lots to post, but I can't seem to get around to finalizing the entries and posting them. Work is keeping me very busy and tiring me out, but the current delay on posting... Something else is "blocking" me; certain realizations and frustrations — disappointments — but, mostly, I'm going through a period of self-doubt, methinks, one that was triggered by external events.
I've learned: Always be true and honest, focus on results, and let the devious, petty people be just that; they will, eventually, reveal their true nature, and, by so doing, reveal their incompetence and lack of substance. Having become cognizant of the what and why, which I lazily blamed on aspects and challenges and a general mentality I was already well aware of when re-launching DMS&UY, and which have very little to do with any of that, I'm 'raising the demons' so as to slay them. Metaphorically, of course. And probably not permanently. And don't expect the details to be posted... life, work. Personal stuff is just that, personal.

Nonetheless, this particular post is part of that effort to break "it' before it turns into a curse; forcing a bit of myself into public 'view' by offering something personal (expression not gossip), and not as an add-on, but as the focus.

Not quite a full-fledged composition, yet, it's far from being an improvised piece albeit the base tracks and overlays were all improvised, set down while previous tracks played, but there's a fair bit of manipulation and frequency filtering, live and post, that went into the "voice" tracks that permeate the entire piece (11 tracks in all, plus adds to the loopers with each cycle). The two tracks I used as backing were pushed to the front on the final mix, as war obscures much. And it is deafening.

The full track is 56 mins long, and it is entirely done on my Ibanez S electric guitar. It may be a tad demanding for most listeners who don't generally listen to avantgarde/experimental forms, but its subject is war, after all. Nothing should be "radio format" and soothing about that.

However, it's far from being as jarring as what the first minute suggests; the focus isn't on war itself, but its aftermath, and the perspective is that of war's indirect victims, which extend far beyond those of the parties directly involved, even those by proxy.

Lots of nuances and layered moods which makes it worthwhile listening on a fairly good sound system calibrated to your listening environment, or on a hi-fi headset. The dynamics are important so I limited all compression but it is an mp3, albeit a higher quality vbr file, but not a wav (mega overkill but I usually record at 96,000 using 24 bit).
Part of an approach-based series titled: "Voices in the Guitar" that I'm perpetually working on.


War - The Street's Lament

Solo electric guitar and effects; two loopers. Time manipulation. Recorded: 18-19-Feb-2023.



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