Feb 6, 2023: Canada: USA's Bad Influence? - Tucker v. Canada - Modi v. BBC - Balloons and War


Posted: Feb 6, 2023   11:49:08 PM   |
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

I Hate Having to Burst Your Balloon, But...

That whole balloon near-invasion... sigh.

A weather balloon guided by winds entering US airspace via Idaho is all it takes to upend arguments that forge the divide and to produce a fiasco with a multi-million dollar receipt to be sent to the Pentagon that it'll reroute off course, sending it crashing against tax payers?Balloon. Blown up.

Indeed. hilarious, but equally frightening for what this also reveals.

Nope, I'm not referring to what this reveals about the Chinese, but about the form of Western indoctrination that, clearly, dulls mental acuity through the paranoia and blood lust it instills, and the type of unreasoned conclusions it feeds, instantly sparking a desire to take a detrimental course of actions based entirely on, and on nothing other than, complete idiocy.

On the bright side: The headlines and reactions acted like bright-red neon arrows in terms of identifying those who are sane from those whose brains are infected with fear-causing pus or from those whose insecurities and underlying penis-envy has them instantly believing that this means war, for everything relies on massive missiles and big bombs.

Without knowing anything about it, the same people who believe that radical Commies have taken over the Dems needed no proof whatsoever: this was an evil Chinese spying device; what more is needed before people understand that the peaceful future of the peace-loving world depended on nuking the shit out of the Chinese?! All you people who aren't seeing how necessary a war is, you're all insane!

No need to call out those pompeos... euh, sorry, meant: people; no need to call these out, they're the ones who're always pointing at massive missiles as an end-all-solution to any problem.

I'm aware that China has, supposedly, acknowledged that this was theirs — they're angry over its destruction — but when was proof offered to the public that this was a Chinese aircraft and when did they start believing that it is?

And why didn't Washington coordinate with Beijing; nothing confirmed that this was military, but bogeyman stories bounced all over, and with a costly show of ineptitude, an expensive piece of civilian equipment was destroyed when it was no longer over the US. 


"China's spy balloon drifted for 7 days across the U.S.: A Timeline," read a NYT article.

"China is a self-declared adversary," said Rep. Mike Turner, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, to Chuck Todd  on NBC's "Meet the Press." No evidence is the Western way

Short phrase; long on stupid. China doesn't want to be raped by the West, so it's an adversary. Logic, if from an absolute moron? 

Meanwhile, the people refusing to look at evidence, making nothing but evidence-lacking claims, blame Russia of never having the evidence they refuse to look at.  All the logic that's demonstrated lately... hurtz mi brane.

With that event, Sen. Cory Booker managed to wipe out every ounce of the high respect I did have for him with his appearance on "Meet the Press", where he labeled China "a threat for refusing to play by the rules of the world's order." Essentially, for its refusal to bend over to the US' will, the US needs to be more allied against Chinese aggression, and China needs to be taught that it better take its place within that order, or that it will suffer harsh consequences.

Aside: People who think that "world order" is all conspiracy theories by loons, perhaps you're the loon for your inability to keep things grounded and within reasonable and verifiable reality, albeit a more banal one?

Booker repeated the same sort of idiocy-fuelled idiocy quite idiotically on CBS's "Face the Nation" with Margaret Brennan, although, there, addressing the balloon issue as a sure sign that Tik Tok is a dangerous Chinese app, since China will stoop to any lows to spy on the US.

Really? Truly believe that, Booker, or are you desperate and willing to do anything, whatever the reason behind the sudden idiocy may be? Being a massive missile is what you are, Booker. Sad. Hard to take seriously anything he now says on the subject of bigotry, in my opinion. 

However, the absolute best thing to come out of this incident: After criticising the Biden administration for even allowing the balloon to enter US airspace, seeing Mark Rubio's idiocy plastered across his face when the ABC "This Week" host cornered him into a gotcha, giving him no chance to respond, was gold, providing the one instance that all ought to be reminded of to challenge the usual line adopted by Rubio. The gotcha, after Rubio blasted the Biden government for even allowing it to cross into US airspace, which speaks of the Dems' incompetence and the threat they pose to the US, was:

"That's all our time. By the way, this happened three times under the previous administration."

Three such balloons had entered US airspace under Trump's watch, and absolutely no alarm bells were sounded, no troops were deployed, and no missiles were fired. Is that a good or bad thing? 

It's not even clear whether any balloons had entered US airspace during Trump's reign, he and members of his administration denying such an event ever happened, as they would have instantly shot it down. The last rings true, lends credibility to the first.  

In this case, according to a Space Cadet Force bulletin:

An F-22 Raptor fighter from the 1st Fighter Wing at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia, fired one AIM-9X Sidewinder missile at the balloon, [which] fell approximately six miles off the coast in about 47 feet of water. No one was hurt.

F-15 Eagles flying from Barnes Air National Guard Base, Massachusetts, supported the F-22, as did tankers from multiple states including Oregon, Montana, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Canadian forces also helped track the overflight of the balloon. The Navy has deployed the destroyer USS Oscar Austin, the cruiser USS Philippine Sea and the USS Carter Hall, an amphibious landing ship in support of the effort.
(Source: F-22 performs first-ever air-to-air 'kill' - analysis | JPost (msn.com))

There are also reports (which DMS&UY has not confirmed) that the two F-22 deployed fired over 1,000 machine gun rounds, but failed to hit the balloon, which was finally taken down with a sidewinder, all of it celebrated as a "first kill" by an F-22. It's been in production since 2005.

That's one big hefty bill for sure, but the effects on hyping fear and justifying one's reason for a war against a global threat: priceless.


(Thanks to Useful Idiots and The Convo Couch, as I relied on their curated overview of headlines, thus saving me time.)

Meanwhile, somewhere in Idaho

Bobby's Chinese Balloon

Maple Syrup and Beaver Pelt Tucker Carlson!

That's the Canadian version of "tar and feather," maple syrup and beaver pelting.The Carlson, Tucker

But, truth is, we use corn syrup these days. Because of Putin, of course; his imperialist obsession scared the sap stiff in all our trees, eh, so we may delay spring for a few months while our maples undergo therapy and attend relaxation clinics, learn to let go of the saps in their lives. Keep our economy balanced.

What?! Makes just as much sense as blaming Putin for Western folly, methinks. 

And that's why corn syrup is Canada's top choice for a foreigner that's just begging for a tar n' feathering with their attempts to incite a takeover of Canada by a power that's practically destroyed, or introduced massive hardships, in any country it claimed to be helping. With that kind of aid, after the fact, people always seem to wish that they'd chosen to see the good in the disaster they sought aid for.

I'll be frank, the change at work comes with a tenfold increase in responsibilities and I'm pretty wiped afterwards as I adjust and find my groove, so all I'm really aware of is that Tucker Carlson was calling for the invasion and subsequent liberation of Canada, freeing us from Trudeau? Is that it?

I guess it means we're in the fourth apex of the pre-new-Age of Aquarius semi-solstice lunar phase? This usually signifies an impeachment-light, insurrection-free non-election year with some sloppy southern-border leakage; a period that, invariably, coincides with that gap created by poor planning that plagues his life, which is that period in between Carlson running out of brain meds and his family finally spotting him playing a news host — telling people they should invade Canada — and getting a new prescription filled out, then waiting for the meds to kick in.

But it has been a while now... I'm sorta getting the feeling that his family finally gave up on him, decided to let him keep on believing he was a newsman.

Makes me feel sorry for the man each and every time; I can't help but see a bit of Biden in the dementia that overcomes Carlson when in that spatial phase. And when he's wearing plaid flannel shirts, I'm always expecting him to break out suddenly with a tale of Corn Pops, from the good ol' days... At such a young age, too. Breaks your heart.

Also, I really don't mean to be an ass, Tucker, but if this is your version of the US' standard NGO-led and media-driven process of destabilization that's done in the hopes that something will strike people's angst and spur on a riot so a coup can be accomplished through the mess, well, then... um... I kinda understand why you failed the CIA entrance test. I dunno, have you tried giving up on that dream and giving real news a try until your family does decide to come get you?

As far as Canada goes: We'd love to have you, Tucker, but you'd have to undergo sensitivity and truth-telling training, learn to insert a "u" in all types of words — and not doing it willy-nilly, silly — and you gotta accept that Canadians care for more than their own navel, which means being able to look beyond one's navel... which may let you marvel at how clean & classy our slums are; that type of thing is always chided by true bootstrappers. You think you can handle that? I dunno; I'm not too hopeful.

We'll send you an official "I'm a True Canucker" T-shirt. It features Canada's favourite scenery (below). Normally we'd just insert your face over MacDonald's — nope. John A., eh. The first prime minister of Canada — and plastify that on a card-sized card you'd present anywhere in Canada in order to receive healthcare services on the spot, eh, but, not you, Tucker, sorry. Trudeau was especially clear: Don't give him a passport. Just the T-Shirt.

But, bright side, it is good for free housing — providing you're wearing it, of course — and for a monthly food allocation, also, but you do need to attend a bootstrap-pulling boot camp (surprised?) if you don't manage to find a job within a reasonable time; this is followed by Resume Writing 101, How to Apply for a Job pt. 1 and 2, and Interview for Success, and so forth, making it less of a pain to find a job then to spend longer days working at getting "free money" (a portion of which will likely have to be paid back) — we try to make sure everyone's basics are covered, but it's not a matter of just showing up in some line up, as the 'work-or-die' conservative Americans seem to think. 

I agree; that type of thing must be frightening for those who've had money rain down on them going back to one's youthful-and-naive pre-bow tie years, I should think, but you can afford a psychiatrist, can't you? And, anyhow, doesn't Fox have a union that'll negotiate that for you? What's that? Your union rep costs $340 per hour and he's not a union rep he's a lawyer? Is that, like, a zen thing, or something? Like, if my banana is an apple that falls from a pine tree, does the pine apple make a sound in a forest that sees no man go?

I never get you, Carlson; too esoterically regressive for me.

There's your problem, methinks, Tucker; getting the simple stuff all confused, then transforming "confusion" into "costly"... I think we'll pass on the Carlson-flavoured US-style of liberation, thank you, but, if we want a change, we'll just vote differently. No need for violence, however hard the concept may be for you, Carlson, as an American?

That said, don't lose that steam; turn it inward, liberate yourself from the ridiculous and destructive role you've chosen to play, as I know you're smarter than that, Carlson. There's more than money in life.

Have you ever watched baby beavers while munching on Tim bits. Too cute.

Tucker's: Oh, Can? Nada.

It's Gotta Be the Neighbour's Fault, eh? Here, have a double-double Timmy

I learned of this series through comedian/social commentator Lee Camp, who, as well as having his own channel, hosts Behind the Headlines (BTH) on MintPress News' channel. Camp was selected as a DMS&UY "Well Worth the Detour" individual or outlet for the 2022 Up Yours awards. I'd wanted to do a write up on each winner, then told myself people will figure out for themselves if what's there speaks to them.

Through the BTH format, Camp serves up interviews usually in line with anti-war, pro-leftist ideals.

The interview with the series originator is available here: Canada Is Part of The US War Machine | Lee Camp - MintPress News

The description, per the Truth to the Powerless site:

Truth to the Powerless: An Investigation into Canada's Foreign Policy is a six part documentary series which seeks to explore the role Canada's foreign policy has played in the international arena since the post-World War II era. The docuseries interviews Canadian politicians, activists, dissidents, academics as well as everyday people to get their insight and views on the various foreign policy actions which Canada has been involved in around the world.

This documentary series is a non-profit educational resource which seeks to inform as many Canadians as possible about the role of Canada's foreign policy in the international arena.

The series is the brainchild of Canadian-born Pitasanna Shanmugathas, a product of a "three-year documentary journey starting in 2019 to explore the role of Canada's foreign policy in the international arena."   

To learn more about him and About The Crew | Truth to the Powerless

I do believe that most Canadians know that part of our current and past history, though few know all the carefully researched details that Shanmugathas, crew, and consultants have packaged in a very informative, engaging, albeit upsetting view of our darker side, hence why few will flat out reject what's presented no matter how unsavory it may be.

In fact, I think that most Canadians would aptly welcome this series — this isn't Modi's India, after all — grateful for how it lays bare that which we know but lack the depth of knowledge needed to properly fight, for that is what's been the most beneficial to Canadian elites: our warmongers and neolib-armed neo-imperialists are viewed as second rate and inconsequential, being no more than gopher-boys or girls to the real American elites and the house of global power. Unfortunately, as I've oft stated, in terms of foreign policy, Canadians are no better; we're just a more polite and more reasonable version of what the world has come to hate about the US. I say more reasonable because we generally don't instigate conflicts, we participate, for a share, in the ones that the US see as beneficial.

However, don't be fooled into thinking that Canadians present a peace-loving false front, as, though this may convince many that Canadians don't possess a shady side to their foreign policy, its domestic history, too, nothing about the first is motivated by the second. 

Because our area of expertise lies mainly in communications and specialized tech developments, our contribution to the war machines lies mostly 'under the hood', so to speak; we're like the insets to Nike shoes and laces to Adidas'. It's easy to forget or overlook our contribution, and easy, as well, to whitewash our brutal role in some real ugly business.  

•     •    •

Modi v. the BBC: My previous mention was just a jab to get a rise out of an Indian, or maybe a billion. I'm somewhat familiar with the incident that Indian Prime Minister Modi took offense to, it being showcased in the second part of a two-part documentary, the BBC's interpretation of this event being the reason why Modi banned its showing in India.

Highly oppressive? A clear violation of one's free-speech? Tough one. The Hyderabad University students who were caught in the midst of a public showing of the BBC documentary segment shouldn't suffer permanent repercussions, such as an expulsion from the university or a criminal docket, in my opinion; rather, this is the type of attitude vis-à-vis such governmental measures that I would hope to see most university students question and to push back against to some degree.  

But, as far as I know, having examined the hatred that was behind the lashing-out and lashing-back that led to Hindu-Muslim clashes and deaths, a terrible train fire that killed many was central; responsibility had been tied back to Modi. This is entirely false, it turns out, but it's the version that the BBC opted to go with, effectively reinforcing, or, more likely for many, introducing a very negative yet entirely false interpretation of seminal events and of Modi's role, hence instilling in watchers of the documentary a falsely negative view of an influencial man, impacting politics in a dishonest way.

It's libelous; it's propaganda. It serves no purpose other than to ill-intentioned oppositional forces seeking to inject some discord and/or to provide material anyone can point to in order to establish Modi's evil, the veracity of the information presented being of little importance in a world that's plenty satisfied with the story implied through a headline.

Canada has laws against that kind of thing, which should be banned from airplay on our networks if the content is demonstrably false and damaging, in my opinion, though access to the material should not be criminalized.

What makes this case particularly tough and touchy is the fact that the person calling the ban is the very subject of that which is banned.  

Otherwise, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis banned the teaching of US history from the perspective of Black Americans... The world should react to that.

Free speech barred in the Land of the Free? It's not propaganda that's being banned, it's a very real perspective, done to maintain the myth of Exceptionalism and the delusion that Capitalism depends on. I do hope that anyone calling Modi a fascist this-or-that are being at least twice as harsh in their criticisms of DeSantis?


Truth to the Powerless: An Investigation into Canada's Foreign Policy - Part 1

Episodes (On Vimeo.com)

  1. Episode 1: Canada's Colonial History and its Emergence in the Post-WWII Order
  2. Episode 2: The Role of Finance in Canada's Foreign Policy
  3. Episode 3: Canada's Support for Apartheid in South Africa and Israel
  4. Episode 4: Post-Cold War NATO: Canada in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan
  5. Episode 5: Canada's Role in Destabilizing Iraq & Libya
  6. Episode 6: Canada's Role in Dismantling Democracy in Haiti and the Americas

Site: An Investigation into Canada's Foreign Policy | Truth to the Powerless


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