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Posted: Jan 18, 2023   11:34:00 PM   |
by Pascal-Denis Lussier


Don’t you just hate it when your testicle gets stuck in your guitar strings. Must be the pick I use? Anyhow, in case you were wondering, that’s why I had to type this with one hand only, ‘cause my other one is keeping the guitar off the ground.

Of course I'm kidding. I'm not typing this with just one hand. I'm also using my tongue.

Keyboard tastes like it's that time again, and it's not even spring yet.

Any hoot...

Joe Rogan v. Well-trained Idiots

Ref.: January 11 episode of The Joe Rogan Experience

People hearing dog whistles that are a perceived manifestation of an nonexistent reality, conjured up by one's mind, an interpretation imposed on the other per the expectations that one has both absorbed and created.

Not the first time I say so, and surely not the last, for he may be 92, but his money buys a lot of science and draws lots of eager replacements. But what in goddamn God's name makes that billionaire so fragile yet so benevolent and gloriously humane that all good people always face only two options: either shield Soros or attack those who dare say mean things about such a handsome(?) and charismatic(?), urbane(?) and cultured(?) yet down-to-earth [gag], and generous(?) person?

You have to be all sorts of stupid to want to defend Soros against most accusations coming from very grounded individuals, these backed by evidence; to want to defend Soros for these implies being totally ignorant of Soros' past and dealings. And what better way to hide in plain sight the meddling that such a man funds, and which results in great pain and turmoil for many, than by guilting all to not even question what the man is doing... because he's Jewish.


And it's all stupider still if my above use of "replacement" triggered the certainty that I'm referencing "The Great Replacement."

Rogan and his guest, former CIA officer Mike Baker, did a boo-boo by choosing to point out, and discuss, that a billionaire elite with a penchant for destabilizing societies and shorting economies is someone they'd categorize as "an evil person."

I dunno, but I kinda agree with the pair, though "evil" isn't necessarily the qualifier I'd use, but, ultimately, he's just as worrying as the Koch Bros used to be because, let's be honest, philanthropy isn't Soros primary goal, it's the tool to his primary goal. He's European, but no different than the neolib-globalists that are the Biden Bunch & Bendable Buddies (heads of the collective West), along with the Clintons, Obama, et al., of course, but it also includes people that we tend to not pay sufficient attention to on this side of the Atlantic. People like Anders Fogh Rasmussen, for example, and his political think tank, Rasmussen Global, along with the Alliance of Democracies Foundation he founded.

Rasmussen, a Dane, was the 24th Prime Minister of Denmark from November 2001 to April 2009 and the 12th Secretary General of NATO from August 2009 to October 2014.

2009 to 2014 were important years. Preparatory ones, one might say.

And all these people deserve much criticism, yet, they've managed to place themselves in positions that aren't to be criticised, for to do so means that one is opposed to Freedom & Democracy™ and endorses — probably idolizes, too — whomever the collective West identified as a socially-destructive, nation-smoking, human-rights-snorting authoritarian and inflation-injecting monster that's willingly raising the cost of your living, seeing as these usually love being a hindrance to a global Wall-Street-based Free Market, if you can believe it. 

The West bombs the shit out of other places because other places are filled with other people who hate the US. If it wasn't for the selfishness of non-US Other People getting in the way of the world's resources — like Bobs and Babs, Botis and Tibos, and Alexander-Ezekiels, too; did you falsely think the US care about those other types of non-human resources? — then the whole world would be meaningfully employed and fed... Duh! The problem is Others, OK. 

The blind, unquestioning trust in the establishment machine that we've been seeing from the Caucus-Left since Syria, and when it's a Dem at the helm, is troubling, increasingly so seeing how quickly they've now been willing to always spit intense venom for comparable scenarios they've stupidly defended if the main actor that's at the centre is flipped to a GOP.  

Note that the podcast in question aired last Thursday evening, 11-Jan, but it only created a stir on Monday night, 16-Jan, to then spread via media outlets on Tuesday.

Delayed reaction? Type of thing best left to the end of day on a Monday, for who wants to deal with that on a weekend?

Are the majority of people really deeply concerned with the state of Jews, therefore, so easily triggered by anything that's not all rainbows and unicorns if a Jew is involved?

Soros may invest in social justice and social reform organisations, causes, projects, and studies, but that's no reason to not have a closer look at the what and why as his primary goal is, clearly, to meddle in local politics across the globe, facilitating the entry of a neoliberal rules-based order. 

As I've discussed in this post, referring to Lance from The Serfs as an example of that mindset, although focusing mostly on the Marjorie Taylor Greene's "Jewish Space Laser", rehashed from a previous mention in which I targeted Cenk Uygur of TYT, this type of reactionary thinking is responsible for a great share of fake news making the rounds, and it fuels tribalism, all of it based on the same fundamental idiocy that one targets as an evil. MTG only mentions a man that works at Rockefeller Bank. That all the Jewish that's in her post, the rest that she's accused of also BS (based on that post).

Because reactionary bigots automatically jump to conclusions, a man who may or may not be Jewish, but who works at a bank called Rockefeller, this justified attacks and spreading hatred against someone, 'hoping they die a painful death' because they're the hateful ones, not the good, reasonable folks calling out such Nazis?

Goddamn tribalists and their idiocy!   

It's funny how those who are quick to denigrate anyone for seeing in Elon Musk a "saviour" rather than just another agenda-driven billionaire elite in bed with the military-industry-led ruling-class invariably run to poor Soros' defense, for he's none of those things, obviously, or people wouldn't attack and label as "Antisemitic" those who say mean things about Kind Papa Soros, would they?

Sorry, but you gotta be incredibly stupid or brainwashed to be so easily manipulated to turn a blind eye. No wonder things got to be so corrupt?

With Ukraine, too, it's the same simpleminded stupidity from the self-righteous CLs who contribute mostly hate to the political discourse: Per the BS served up to me by the media I acknowledge to be mostly propagandistic —  so watch us, the indies — as I swallow it all up and regurgitate it back, being a superficial arse who lives in surface forms and judges everything based on appearances only, and only if to my tribe's benefit. 

Media folks who claim to inform others behaving this way...? Goddamn shameful!  

•     •     •   

Newsweek had this to say:

"Soros is a 92-year-old billionaire, businessman and philanthropist who survived the Nazi occupation of his home country of Hungary during World War II. He made his billions in the U.K. and has gone on to become a huge supporter of progressive and liberal political causes. In the most-recent midterms, campaign finance data showed Soros was the biggest single individual donor, giving more than $128 million exclusively to Democrats."

What the author, Jamie Burton, fails to mention is that Soros survived the Nazi occupation by pretending he was non-Jewish, pro-Nazi Hungarian, and he made his seed money by collecting from those Jews who'd been rounded up and sent to their deaths all that was deemed to be of value. Given the particulars and the Nazi occupation he lived under, we would have all done very similar; it's the effect it had on him that's of concern, which I briefly discuss here.

Those billions he made in the UK, he shorted the banks and bankrupted the country, doing so very consciously as he states, having no qualms whatsoever about all the lives he destroyed, for that's what life is: hunt or be hunted. You can find the proof at the same link just provided. 

•     •     •     

When the Caucus-Leftists and the unambiguous Dems claim that, at least, unlike 'the Right', they aren't reactionary, well... I do like to point out how they're now severely lacking in the self-awareness department...

Rogan Vs. Soros

That the world reacted to Soros' announcement in all sort of ways... what are we to make of the sorry Antisemitic state of the world, right?

Soros Davos No Go

Weaponizing Linguistic & Semiotic Anti-Weaponization

Ref.: BOUNDLESS ISRAEL Trademark Application of Boundless Israel, Inc. - Serial Number 97139795 (Org. info)Logo - Boundless


Boundless Israel (boundlessisrael.org), an Antisemitism watchdog group founded in Dec 2021 by Aviva Klompas and Dr. Rachel Fish, "two unapologetic Zionists taking a stand against the intensifying attacks on Israel’s legitimacy and the venomous spread of antisemitism," and the Network Contagion Research Institute, which specializes in cyber-social threat-identification and forecasting, "traced the online discourse that emerged during the last major flare up in fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza in May of 2021 to understand the impact here in the United States."

In a Newsweek piece promoting their own findings, Aviva Klompas, CEO and co-founder of Boundless, and John Donohue, COO of the Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI) and a retired NYPD intelligence chief, claim:  

We found that as fighting intensified, words coopted from the human rights discourse were weaponized and used to vilify and stigmatize Israel and Jews. The words apartheid, colonialism, and settler reached their highest levels ever on Twitter. As Israel responded to Hamas rockets, the word Jew became more closely associated with the words "white" and "oppressor" on social media.


Here in the U.S., we found that in the very same places where Jews were intimidated or attacked, the term apartheid had surged on Twitter. Much has already been written on the harm that emanates from the political far right. Our research strongly suggests that weaponized language—that is language appropriated from the human rights discourse and unleashed on Israel and Jews—is contributing to real-world harm against Jews in America.
(Source: The Wages of Online Antisemitism | Opinion | newsweek.com)

The reports key findings:

  • Warfare during the May 2021 Gaza-Israel conflict sparked the largest increase in online mentions of social justice terms like “apartheid,” “colonialism,” and “settler” in the history of social media.
  • The May 2021 Gaza-Israel conflict sparked huge increases in anti-Israel protests and antisemitic incidences to a level unprecedented in recent United States history.
  • Social justice terms act as weaponized conflict language, creating a staggering tide of racialized and hate-inducing sentiment against Israel.
  • Terms pertaining to social justice, anti-Israel protests, and antisemitic incidents overlapped together and persisted well beyond the 12 days of military conflict in Gaza.
  • We find that weaponized conflict language activity fosters “virtue targeting” - the spatial distribution of tweets containing the word “apartheid” and the spatial distribution of protests both indicate where antisemitic incidents are likely to take place in the real world.

Appropriated language...? They mean words like: apartheid, colonialism, and settler

Bit full of themselves, aren't they? At first glance, I have nothing but issues with this report, let alone the attitude that seeps out of Boundless Israel's stance and discourse. Essentially: anyone criticizing Israel in any way is a Jew-hater, and the ultimate proof that one is an Antisemite lies in any pro-Palestine comment one dares make, or worse, by being pro-BDS movements and actions (Boycotts, Divestments, and Sanctions). 

I'm certainly not challenging the idea that language affects behaviour, but I simply refuse to be intellectually lazy in any manner that the authors assume to be the norm, allowing ourselves to be intimidated by the threat of shame, of being branded a Jew-hater and enduring the knee-jerked reactionary wrath that follows.

First off, to be clear, when there's a major trial happening that involves rape or paedophilia, the frequency of those two terms is also on the rise on Twitter. Ditto for topic-related terms when the Oakland A's win a pennant or Canadian Curling brings home a trophy, etc.

That said, as far as I can tell — I didn't go too deep into the report to assess its worth, instantly being put off by the clear propagandistic effort I see it for — no clear differentiation is made between what's considered a positive or negative usage of a targeted term. Since most positive mentions of said words are sure to apply a negating form of that word since, after all, people generally don't discuss the non-negative traits of an entity unless it's to establish or exploit a comparison and superlative (e.g. "Israel is not an apartheid state" or "at least Israel isn't an apartheid state"), one can make an argument against any 'positive' usage of certain terms given the intended sense it carries, but such a simple and puerile correlation between usage and instances can't possibly be offered as a serious attempt to isolate linguistic impact in order to assign a sentiment and weight to the various elements that would, in fact, provide an exploration of the dynamics for which "kinetics" and "memetics" — as used by the authors — would play a part.

Yes, they identify "neutral and/or weaponized conflict terms", but do not seem to apply any empirically-derived reductive method, be it propositional logic or some other pragmatics-informed semantics that can also account for speaker intent, hence, taking into consideration ambiguity and forms like sarcasm or irony. 

Twisting a cliché slightly: It's not the statement made that counts, it's the sentiment expressed. 

That's not the case here, from what I've glanced at; all's about frequency, in the end. And why Twitter, as if the world was adequately reflected in tweets? Silly. Are the memetics of the memetics that is Twitter taken into consideration? Doubtful.

Rather, what we have are anti-Antisemitism folks with highly-biased and bigoted views regarding their subject matter who are working to substantiate their views in order to facilitate, or enforce, certain policy positions. Because: they think that what Israel is doing to Palestinians is justified and in no way does it qualify as "apartheid", the very mention being a part of a growing trend promoted by "far-Right, anti-Jewish conspiracy theorists."

The demonstrated attitude alone turns this into a psyops/intelligence effort of sorts, completely undermining any scientific value that may have been found in their very non-scientific framework that takes far too much for granted.

Due to the very, wholly subjective value they assign to the words whose frequency they claim to have tracked on Twitter, too much of what has recently transpired rips big holes in the narrative they weave, knowing that most — like the idiots blaming anyone that mentions Soros in a negative manner of "Antisemitism" — gobble up and don't dare to question the validity of such claims when bigotry/racism/xenophobia are involved.

A closer look at the Black Lives Matter movement and the language it weaponized as a de facto tactic and at the rhetoric that consequently spread contradicts many claims assumed as tenets. The rise of racism that was witnessed in relation to BLM, which coincides with an increase in the use of the term "racism", was actually the result of minority pushback against a majority effort, the rise in usage relating to a conscious and targeted increase by anti-racist folks, doing so as a way to combat racism; much of that contradicts key aspects on which their claims rely on.

Language also, in a manner, failed BLM terribly, but that's because they combined relatively toxic impulses as concerns hard Sapir-Whorfian notions (a deterministic, not relativist, link, like 1984's Newspeak) which they used to give reason to the thuggish behaviour they actually believed would bring about anything like what they hoped for rather than fuel justifications for increased police/prison funding, as well as to deepen the racial division, as we've seen, given that they actually provided the justifications that the elites were looking for to intensify the police state they're hoping to deploy.

Meanswhile, groups like Revolutionary Blackout Network do nothing but attack and smear the Progressives and Caucus-Leftists as traitors and decoys as they tighten racial tensions, blaming all their woes on current generations of white folk and their insidious white mindset that destroys all through white power and their white media, white moderates being a manifestation of Satan. RBN & fans: See the link? What results from that, do you think? Similar situation, boosted by the white victimhood, pretty much describes Boundless.

Further, per their scope, then, calling someone "Antisemitic" is an equally negative act, this aspect reinforced when it defines the default reaction toward any mention, disregarding the meaning behind the mention.

Partly, per a Pew study, what's happening — which the Boundless report doesn't acknowledge in its assessment — isn't a widescale, creeping sense of Antisemitism from all segments of society, 'especially the youger generations,' it's that the younger generations are increasingly giving equal value to the Palestinian viewpoint, but without seeing a lowering of their views regarding Jews as a whole.

Modest Warming in U.S. Views on Israel and Palestinians | Pew Research Center


Countries: USA, Israel     Tags: Antisemitism, Boundless Israel, report, weaponized language



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Boundless / NCRI - Report - Memes, Missiles, and Mobilizations:

Biden. It Piles Up.

'Those are trumped up charges,' states a bumbling Biden hoping to Bidenate Bidening buffoonery by trumpeting that his admin had trumpeted his bumbling while Trump tried to — as they say in French — 'trompe' all. 

Too funny, is my take on that; pathetically obvious and disturbingly incompetent is the one I can't imagine anyone not seeing as concerns the mainstream media, CNN winning the prize on that one.
Biden's Third Pile

I just wanted to make another brief mention, because it is too funny... until, ironically, I'm reminded of why it is so. Back to the media thing I just mentioned...

I know Trump is orange and oranges are bad. Too much pulp. Or something like that. Honestly, who's still trying to make sense of whatever passes off as logic for tribalists. Other than tribalists, I suppose, who clearly capture a logic from the other, albeit through their own flawed and warped and deficient logic, but if crazy calling loony is the sane each sees, who am I to question the laws in the state of Moronia, where one finds Idioticity and Dafttown and the Idiots and Dafts who reside there.

No, by the way, I'm not a fan of The Washington Examiner; I just wanted an unambiguous headline.

Keep in mind:

Biden was VP at the time, not President. 

The first pile of documents was found on 4-Nov-2022; the info was withheld in order to not upset the midterms.

Biden claimed that the documents at his Wilmington, Delaware residence were stored in a "locked garage" along with his Corvette. Attorney General Merrick Garland confirmed the classified documents at the Biden residence were found on Dec. 20, 2022.

Biden is seen reversing his Corvette in a 2020 campaign video. Which means he probably saw the files? 

On 12-Jan-2023, it was reported that a third batch of documents were found at Biden's Wilmington home.

The lawyers flagged an envelope that contained roughly 10 documents that had classification markings and included intelligence about Iran, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom dated from 2013 to 2016, according to CNN . The documents also included "sensitive compartmented information." 

Garland had previously assigned US Attorney John Lausch, a Trump appointee, to handle the Justice Department’s investigation into Biden's alleged mishandling of classified documents. Counsel suddenly changed...

The very same house that housed the garage that housed the corvette that housed more misplaced classified documents also temporarily housed Hunter Biden, who paid Daddy Joe rent to the tune of $49,910 per month, for a total of $550,000 for the 11 months that Hunter Biden is said to have lived there.

No funny business there. All's normal, right? Let's whataboutism some Trump in there and reminisce about 6-Jan-2021, shall we? Because anyone not focused on Trump and only Trump and always Trump, not hating him with all their might, that's Soros-hating Nazis behaviour, right there. Couldn't be clearer, right?

Goddamn tribalists? 

Although... All those piles. Bumbling Biden or not, it's hard not to think that some in the Dems may want him gone, not even having the chance to run for a second term.

It's a Theme

“Our first reaction is how dare he compare anything to the Holocaust, anything. Let alone a war that they started,” White House national security spokesman John Kirby said at a briefing given on Wednesday, adding, "It’s almost so absurd that it’s not worth responding to, other than the truly offensive manner in which he tried to cast us in terms of Hitler and the Holocaust.”

At a news conference on Wednesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had accused the US of attempting to form a coalition of European countries to solve the “Russian question,” referencing the "Final Solution", the Nazis’ plan for the genocide of the Jewish.

CNN - No Russian Flags!

Honestly, Kirby, get a hold of yourself, you hypocrite. The Dems have been calling half the US Nazis since 2016, so quit acting like a self-important and unassailable clown on his high horse.

How many EU leaders have I accused of saying very Nazi-esque things? Way too many, where one is too many.

The hate, the intolerance, the petty games, the deviousness, the cruel lies, and the pure evil, it's all coming form the West, and screw you if you see justification in sending arms or troops into Ukraine to help the 'poor' victims when you still can't even acknowledge that the Russians entered Ukraine to help 'poor' ethnic Russians, and stop a slaughter, this orchestrated by the West to draw Russia inside Ukraine. How the hell do you think the US knew when to expect the "invasion" when US intelligence has gotten almost everything way wrong in the past, not even being able to see a Taliban takeover of Afghanistan while the US is still in Afghanistan.

Friggin' joke!.

You can view Lavrov's comments here: White House blasts Russia’s Lavrov for Holocaust comparison | msn.com

The amount and level of lies by the West... honestly think people are turning against their Western governments because all suddenly turned into Putin lovers. Do your homework, do your research — a real one — or shut the hell up. Seriously. 

To these people: all you've done so far is facilitate a Western path to a global war.

But those who mention Soros... those are the bad people.

I'm sure you couldn't be more braindead if you tried. 

Russia never had an army?!

Improvising the Street's Soundtrack

I'll try to add a freshly and wholly improvised and unedited track; I've been recording about one per day since the lockdowns started... All pdl originals.

Happy Sad Times

Solo electric guitar and effects; single looper.



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