Jan 31, 2023: Lessons Unlearned. Israel - Baerbock - Tanks - Biden Blah, Blah

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Posted: Jan 31, 2023   7:04:46 AM   |
by Pascal-Denis Lussier

Less Embarrassing, More Damaging?

Biden being BidenThat was "an attack against the civilized world" said Biden in response to the shooting in Jerusalem that took the lives of seven people and injured ten last Friday (27-Jan) outside a synagogue in Jerusalem's Neve Yaakov neighborhood.

The perpetrator, a 21-year-old Palestinian, appears to have acted alone, armed with a semi-automatic machine gun.

The police were on scene within five minutes after the shooting was reported; the suspect was killed in the ensuing gun fire. 

The liberal media reacted; words like "horror" and "terror" appeared in all of their headlines, the airwaves abuzz with indignation, and without reading or hearing any of them, one seized that a terrible tragedy had occurred, one that somehow brought to life all the nightmares that the Holocaust had left behind, conjuring visions of a feral pack doing its bestial beastly worst to a select group of above-reproach high humans.

I believe the Arabs use the term "Hamas" to refer to that specific type of primal incivility?

Which is also the image that must have sat on the mind of the man leading the country that sees an average of seven mass killings on really good weeks, close to twice that number now being the expected national average (see below): this man obviously understands what's civilized and what isn't.

So, certainly, Biden speaks from experience, fully aware that he's leading a country filled with uncivilized savages keen on delivering attacks against the civilized world that finds itself struggling for survival everyday inside the US? He's not just a boob saying dumb things, you know?

Israel, on the other hand, now there's the dream that civilization promised! Given how new the idea of settling the region is — Israel came to life in what? 1953? — not only has it been easy to trace, to lay down, to establish the line separating 'civilization' and 'zoo', the type of soil that covers the region appears to facilitate growth and progress, for the line dividing humane and rodent-like can be easily reset, adjusted, redrawn in the sand with no more than the common tools that all DIY people are sure to have, namely, a machine gun and a bulldozer.

Of course, there too, like wherever else modernity attempts to break free from the oppressive past, one can always expect the slight annoyance that is the PET-P arm of PETA, but even they had no trouble seeing the difference between those responsible for the glorious rise of a new Eden and the weed-infested and refuse-filled defoliated jungle that polluted the area, the latter populated by a breed known as "Antisemites", hence why the label strikes such a negative chord wherever civility thrives.Well-placed cut-off

Joe Biden. He may be a politician, but he knows the animal kingdom like no other, and he tells it like it is, wasting no time thinking before saying what needs to be said.

Which is why he had said nothing in response to a greater number of Palestinians killed by zookeepers just one day prior to the Holocaust Part 2 that occurred on civilized land, and on Holocaust memorial day to boot, which suggests that Palestinians may have been sparked into higher modes of sentience, ones that allow them to grasp some concepts relating to marketing and evil?

The IDF, the Israeli Defense Forces, had conducted a raid on Thursday in the West Bank's Jenin refugee camp that resulted in the deaths of nine people, including a woman over the age of 60 and at least one child; they claim to have been looking for a "person of interest".

This event is reminiscent of last year's missile strike that took down a portion of an apartment block, killing and injuring Palestinians, destroying what was their home, because of rumours that someone linked to a terror group resided there.

(Right: In a piece on the synagogue shooting, the only mention of the raid appeared "below the fold", accessible by clicking a button, revealing just that short paragraph. I've my doubts that that's just coincidence.) 

That there was a clash in the animals' cage that resulted in the deaths of innocent wildlife... unfortunately, being all instincts and reflexes, not possessing the capacity for reason, it's easy to understand why the fault always lies with the caged.

Tweet by US Amb. Tom Nides

You're offended?!

How can you not be?! Like Israel's boomerang politician, Benjamin Netanyahu, who "vows swift, strong response to [the] recent violence."

Because in no way does the Israelis' violent, oppressive apartheid treatment of Palestinians, caging them to continually poke a stick in there and rattle it around when not pushing the cages with bulldozers toward the sea, none of that is offensive?

No, what's really offensive are the words I've chosen to describe what is the clear manner by which one can categorize Israel and Washington's treatment of Palestinians, as well as the fact that I would be so uncivilized, and actually criticize Israel and DC? Best cage me up, people, I'm going primal!

More Palestinians (and journalists) die of diseases related to Israeli bullets and bombs than vice versa. But this, too, is not proof of a senseless tit-for-tat that dominates the region, the way forward paved with abusive arrogance and a hatred that signals that important lessons have remained mostly unlearned, though the course material serves hypocrisy to a tee. No, it just proves that Palestinians have a crappy health system, which is why Biden donated tax dollars to the zoo last year, so they'd have at least one decent hospital. I wonder how that project is going?

In retaliation to the nine killed during the raid, Gaza militants fired rockets toward Israel; these were taken down by Israel's US-made-and-supported Iron Dome defense system, resulting in no casualties and in no meaningful damage whatsoever.

Nonetheless, Israel can't simply accept such an action as warranted payback and let things be. It had to fire several rockets on Gaza. Although Israel claims it targeted only military sites, there have been reports of civilian causalities, and Palestinian authorities have claimed that an Israeli missile did hit a hospital, but, no worries, it's not the one Biden built.

Odd how the West automatically discarded the hospital bit as a lie even if photos were provided... that's Antisemite behaviour, that.

Funny bit of contrast with the maternity hospital and children-filled school that all instantly believed had been willingly destroyed by savage Russians invading Ukraine on their way to taking over all of Europe, North America being on the tail end of Putin's world tour. Please trust me on this, I'll post some material eventually — can't offer too much at once or you risk being typified and permanently boxed in, and I don't have a fandom to help me avoid drowning in digitized oppression — but know that those two incidents are nothing like the West portrayed them. Pure propaganda. The Azov, who were involved directly in those events, are the real bastards for these. The Russians have totally rebuilt the school, as for large parts of Donbass that they've secured; I've never seen anything like it. They sent in "armies" of construction workers and set to work. Absolutely no Western media has reported on this.

Or that no children died, period, in either cases. All BS.

The West lies. All of it, including the so-called Freedom & Democracy™ we believe ourselves superior for having, it's all built on propaganda. Too much is unraveling.

•     •     •

On Saturday (29-Jan), a 13-year-old Palestinian boy shot and wounded two Israelis — a man and his son — outside Jerusalem's Old City walls, in the City of David neighborhood, per police statements made.

Again, "terror" and "horror"; a brutal regime that indoctrinates kids into hating Jews and to commit heinous acts of violence. And for no justified civilized reason.

You can feel it. The civil sentiment is faint but growing: These "people" have got to go.
It's coming, gifting the world with the greatest hypocrites that life could ever produce once it does. How blessed are we? 

I called it last year. Biden's foreign policy shift and stance (see: confusion) in the region seemed clear to me: He was silently okaying to Israel the task of cleansing the region of Palestinians, which most of Washington seemed totally fine with.

The thought of having to watch this happen, too, not able to do a thing about it... 

•     •     •

What's Israel's path to a solution: Vowing revenge and expediting gun licenses, giving civilians quicker access to gun ownership. Netanyahu boasted last Saturday that the new policies will quickly translate into "thousands of additional citizens” being armed and ready to defend Israel.

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir echoed the notion with:

"When civilians have guns, they can defend themselves. I want more weapons on the streets so that the citizens of Israel can defend themselves. We saw it in today’s event in the City of David that when citizens have weapons they can protect themselves,” he said. “I will raise it in the cabinet, to bring more people to the firearms licensing division and allow us to give the citizens who want and qualify for weapons, and I want also to ease the criteria. Seventeen thousand citizens are waiting for gun licenses.”

Like most nations, Israelis aren't able to justify their desire to own a lethal weapon with the mention of an unamendable amendment — be it that nation's first or third — that guarantees citizens the right to bear arms.

I know, right? Insane. Barely civil. Because that right, that's worked out so well for the US.

Although the full cabinet must vote to approve the new policies before they take effect, optimism that these new measures will pass is strong.

It's kinda sad to see the human race so readily, and openly, continually opt for the downslide that is regression since the pandemic, no?

The high-intensity militarization that suddenly took over nation's good senses... I can't imagine a bigger disappointment given how easily all of that could have been avoided, and how much of it rests on nothing more than hegemonic-obsessed BS by true monsters that the world obstinately sees as the "good and virtuous."

Gotta appreciate the fine job the West is doing in regard to propaganda and indoctrination; true, unsurpassed masters. This last, you can be sure of.

Meanwhile, in South Africa

Meanwhile, in South Africa

The numbers? Killing it!

Number of mass shootings having occurred in the US by year:

  • 2019: 417  |   8.02/wk   |   1.14/day
  • 2020: 611  |   11.5/wk    |   1.67/day
  • 2021: 691  |   13.2/wk   |   1.89/day
  • 2022: 647  |   12.9/wk   |    1.77/day
  • 2023 (to date): 39  |   9.75/wk    1.3/day

A "mass shooting" is defined as a firearm attack resulting in four or more people being injured or killed, not including the perpetrator.

Note that those numbers are only for mass shootings; homicides, police shootings, suicides, accidental shootings, and other, are not included.

(Source: Gun Violence Archive)

Anal Leena Beer Bock

The rectum-lipped materialization of an ideological bait-and-switch, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who forever stains anything with the mention of "green" in its title, is on the record, having, finally, been caught telling the truth for once. A rare moment.  

"We are fighting a war against Russia and not against each other," she said, the clip of her containing that line reminding me of a snooty, self-righteous high-schooler, turning in her seat at the front of the class to face the rest of the students, indirectly chastising them with ultra vapid platitudes that only a privileged and shielded person with limited knowledge of history could possibly see as containing any smarts or wisdom.

In a longer address, Baerbock said, "President Putin wants to drag Europe back into a past dominated by power politics where states can trample on rights in the pursuit of imperial glory; where rulers dispose of their citizens like pawns in geopolitical chess games," she said. "That is why in the face of Russia's war, neutrality was not an option. We had to make a choice between injustice and justice, freedom and oppression, between standing on the side of the aggressor, and standing on the side of the victims."

"Russia's war of aggression is not only a war against Ukraine, it is a war against the common European peace order....You have shown Putin that he would never succeed in destroying Ukraine, but that he would also never succeed in destroying our common home of peace, the Council of Europe," 

You'd think she'd be smart enough to get that it's actually the West she's describing? What she claims has absolutely nothing to do with reality as it involves Putin or Russia's aims and motivation, whereas the West PROVOKED this conflict, uses all of Ukraine as little more than a tool that'll be fit for Western exploitation once the destruction ends.

And her rhetoric... the idiocy in that statement regarding "neutrality". Among the stupidest things I've heard in a while, and a truly lame way to hide the West's blood lust and need to dominate the world. 

This woman is ridiculous; beyond bonkers. Please tell me she's perpetually drunk. She's a terrible human being; she sickens me to my core.

But, now, with Angela Merkel and François Hollande having confirmed Petro Poroshenko's claim made on Ukrainian TV concerning the Minsk accord, saying that Ukraine, with support from the West, had given a false promise of peace to the people of Donbass and to Russia, never having the intention of honouring the agreement; it was just to buy time to build up Ukraine's army... how do Westerners reconcile that if not shamefully indoctrinated to frightening levels, where war is preferable to facing reality?

And all those tanks headed toward eastern Ukraine and, by default, toward Russia... wonder what kind of scars that that's gonna open up?

Tanks? If Smart, No Thanks!Tanks?

The US sending 31 Abrams. Absolutely nothing there to cheer about.

Ukraine is to receive the more advanced M1A2 Abrams main battle tank, which features more sophisticated optics, targeting, tracking, and optimizes artillery requests, as well having better, digital controls. 

However, these units will not be sent to Ukraine with the one feature that truly sets the Abrams apart.

As such, two things:

1. What's being sent is an insufficient number that won't change the course that's long been determined; the fight is long over except by those who want to keep it alive. Putin's goals were clear, though wildly misunderstood or purposefully misinterpreted by the West. 

That Zelenskyy has continually chosen to fight now tells me he doesn't much care about Ukraine or Ukrainians... but he is open for business! 

2. The Abrams Ukraine is to receive aren't the ones that support claims of superiority.

"[F]ederal policy forbids the export of Abrams with classified armor packages used by the U.S. military, which includes depleted uranium... The U.S. strips the vehicles of this secret armor “recipe” before selling them to other countries."

General Dynamics offers armour options for foreign customers, but it ain't what makes the US Abrams so lethal, per claims.

Weapons experts are of a different opinion concerning the Abrams ability to reshape the outcome due to their complexity and required training time, as well as the terrain and conditions, which the Abrams aren't conceived for, all of these making the Russian tanks, and the locality of operations, the favoured units in that fight.  

Sending these tanks just assures more deaths to delay reaching the very same end. A Russian win, with each attempt to delay peace talks meaning greater loss for Ukraine, or a prolongation and widening of the scope with direct Western involvement, tossing the proxy pretense aside. Presenting it as anything other than that is just all kinds of wrong, in my opinion.

Politico also reports (this being the type of thing one can rely on them for) that:

"Questions remain over the timeline of when the Abrams tanks can be delivered to Ukraine. The tanks are assembled in one place only — a government-owned, General Dynamics-operated plant in Lima, Ohio. That facility can produce 12 tanks per month, but the line is now full of new tank orders for Taiwan and Poland — orders it would be difficult and likely controversial to put on the backburner."


Rather than sending Ukraine tanks from its own stocks, as it has done with previous weapons, the U.S. has said it is buying the Abrams from industry, meaning they won’t arrive on the battlefield for many months, or potentially years, given industrial constraints in upgrading them.

Seems all very performative to me, done as an empty show of support for other nations that were goaded into sending some of their tanks, like Germany and their Leopard-2s, right, Baerbock?

How to Stand Up to Abusive Bullies

Biden the hypocrite

The following is from a 2018 Foreign Affairs article by Joe Biden and Michael Carpenter. 

In it, Biden spells out Putin's problems:

First, Russia harbors an erroneous but stubborn—perhaps even obsessive—belief that Washington is actively pursuing regime change in Russia. There is no truth to that idea; the United States has never sought to remove Putin. But Putin and his associates have long peddled a conspiracy theory that accuses the United States of engineering popular uprisings in Serbia in 2000, Georgia in 2003, Ukraine in 2004 and 2014, Kyrgyzstan in 2005, and throughout the Arab world in 2010–11. And they have apparently come to believe their own propaganda, perceiving Washington’s hand behind the mass protests that erupted in Moscow and other Russian cities in 2011–12.

Second, the regime fears that Western support for democratic reforms among Russia’s neighbors, particularly measures to boost transparency and fight corruption, will undermine the patronage networks that allow Kremlin cronies to extract enormous rents in the “near abroad.”

Third, democratic transformation in Russia’s neighborhood would serve as a powerful counterexample to Moscow’s kleptocratic and authoritarian rule and would delegitimize its authority over the long run.

So, Russia waged wars against Georgia in 2008 and against Ukraine in 2014 in order to undermine governments determined to pursue further integration with NATO and the EU.

Biden goes on to add: "The Kremlin has justified its violations of these countries’ sovereignty on the grounds that they form part of Russia’s “sphere of privileged interests,” ... That term is telling.

Kremlin insiders have long benefited from privileged status in these three countries. For example, murky gas-trading ventures with Kremlin-linked oligarchs in Ukraine have netted billions of dollars in profits for Putin’s cronies at the expense of the Russian state."

•      •     •

In a speech made on 8-Nov-2008 at a G-20 meeting held in Washington, DC, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev "accused the United States of being responsible for the war in Georgia and threatened to retaliate for a missile defense system in Eastern Europe by deploying short-range missiles," reports NPR..

As NPR concluded in a 18-Nov-2008 "Special Series:News Analysis" segment titled "Obama And Russia's 'Privileged Interests'" that aired on its "All Things Considered" program, the mention of sphere of privileged interests simply "appears to be a synonym for ' sphere of influence.'"

"Privileged interests mean that elements of an anti-missile system couldn't be placed in Poland and the Czech Republic as the Bush administration was planning to do. It would mean that the American-backed regime in Georgia would have to go," said the NPR host.

•      •     •

All the claims made in that Biden/Carpenter piece are demonstrably false, countered by foreign policy measures and ample documented evidence, including a very clear "decolonization" plan that the West has in store for Russia. 

•      •     •

The caption under the article's picture states: This is what autocracy looks like: detaining a protester in St. Petersburg, February 2014.

Looks Like "How to Stand Up to the Arrogant, Brainless, Bullying, white-supremacist US-A-Holes hellbent on oppressing and exploiting the globe" is a far better and far more relevant title for what's bound to be a far more meaningful article that's not written from the perspective of someone with his head up his arse.

Pictures, from the US. The selection is dizzying. Went with images that weren't so muddy or bloody, kept it clean, but do lemme know if you want to see pageloads of brutal ones. Thanks.

People: Stop buying into the BS coming out of the world's A-Holes!

Meanwhile, in the US

The Street's Soundtrack

Today's freshly and wholly improvised and unedited track; I've been recording about one per day since the lockdowns started... All pdl originals.

Nostalgia Machine Fuels Hope

Solo electric guitar and effects; single looper.



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