A Woke Fiction

Harry Niddle

Cover: "Jack & Jill Went Downhill" Oil, acrylic, and pastel on wood. ©2019, Pascal-Denis Lussier



Welcome to Harry Niddle's world! Harry says, "Hi!"


Whether a data scientist or researcher, an instructor or a teacher, an accountant, psychologist, anthropologist, a doctor, a parent or a fiction writer, storytelling is central to all these roles, for it's the best way to contextualize and make sense of info, to get one's point across, to absorb material, to extract desired details or get a better sense of someone, to create engagement, and to sell fiction, thus making this approach a truly meaningful form of intercommunication that also offers an opportunity to open up and reveal a personal side or to maintain a distance yet remain personable. 

You may have noticed that I've a hard time remaining serious in my posts; but do know that each one is meant to be, overall, taken seriously. I swear.  Certainly, my primary aim is to satisfy my ego inform but not by being a news outlet, for I'd be better off writting serious pieces and submitting to established outlets as a freelancer if that were the reason why I'd gotten back into writing. 

But then that'd be too much like a job. The only way I can do this and attain the joy i desire is doing so without unwanted bounds being imposed on me.

That said, I'm taking my time developing and integrating certain facets (I'm also temporarily handicapped... rather, my main PC is). One thing I don't want to do is spend any time creating a templatic copy of all the formulaic crap just to offer the world a contentless how-to-get-clicks-inspired digital space; that just wouldn't be me. 

So: storytelling; my penchant for veering off into Weirdoland; writing what I want; being able to parody the absurb with a satirical burlesque that takes a pun-jab to the public clowns and political jesters while also lampooning society with a sendup to the world and all those who make a mockery out of being human. But, ironically, in a funny way. I hope.   

Eyeing YouSay "Hello" to Harry Niddle. He lives in a post-Woke currently-Effed-Up society that lies just a few months ahead in our future, but three parrallel galaxies to i▪sin x  behind the  cos x2  of our own multiverse universe—that's like saying "ATM machine," isn't it? But it doesn't make sense to say our multiverse, does it?

Anyhow, Harry's world isn't perfectly parallel; it's a quasi-near-parallel universe, hence why they're a few months ahead. That's because of the x2. An intern. Forgot to carry the one and ended up squaring the x, and now Harry's world is offset. 

But that's not the point. You're getting ahead of yourself. 

I wanted to add a word or two to let you know that you can live the creation of the most relevant-to-the-now novel you'll ever read, maybe, doing so in real life on your computer AND in virtual real time, but in slow motion. 

Through each numbered entry—starting with #1—I'll update you daily on Harry and the state of our society if we weren't us and a few months away. 

I did it again, didn't I? I went to Weirdoland.


NOTE: New sections are added directly into the existing one; new links (boxes) will be used to separate chapters, not numbered sections. (I'll see about a better way to present this. Thanks) 


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