Hello! Thanks for being here, where we assess what's going down on our streets and in our community, local and global, and up yours, too.

There's only one law on our streets: Inform; don't deceive. There are a few bylaws, but it's all very standard stuff, albeit with less restrictions than you'll find on some other popular sites, which I won't name. On our streets, we respect the US president; rather than banning him for stuff we subjectively disagree with, we're thinking that a good spanking may be better for Democracy.
Though, it's hard to deny that nothing says "I disagree with your right to say stuff" like some solid, body-length road rash!

If that's the type of conversation you enjoy, please hit the highway!

  We like safe, friendly streets filled with amicable and enriching battles fought with reason and logic and the occassional meme; road kill always fills us with sadness, though some accidents shouldn't be avoided?

  We welcome all stripes—we do prefer dotted to solid, and believe that no median line is best of all—and our Streeters are free to drive on the left or the right, be it lane or stiring wheel, which is why our street always leads to interesting avenues.

  We welcome contributors, and offer free blogging and related services to serious journalists and bloggers (any topics, with some exceptions), along with monetization plans and pay outs. This is the entryway to a data-focused publishing portal which offers several feature/service modules, including a full-featured embedded social media platform. Some docs and promo material will be available soon, but please don't hesitate to contact us now for more info.

   We aren't affiliated with, nor have we sworn allegiance to, any political party, corporation, non-profit organization, or any other entity.

  We aim to never find ourselves in any position whereby any amount of undue influence or control can be exerted on us in a way that negatively impacts or limits DSM&UY's activities or decisions.

DMS&UY's own focus is primarily on the media, which includes any means of disseminating info to the masses; what shapes info, how it becomes knowledge, and how this effects society are key, and science always informs our outlooks. We're hyper-critical of any manipulatory means and of any methods applied towards controlling a narrative... Yep. Fake News. Politics always lurk behind such intents, but culture and individuals also figure prominently into the equation, and, consequently into our examinations and efforts.
Below are some of the broad topics that we're presently devoted to, doing so in a serious albeit humorous manner (depending on that day's mood); nothing is so fantastical that it cannot be examined seriously. Despite MSM's zeal to categorize anything it pleases as that "heroin for insane rightist brains called conspiracy theories," which includes many facets that are of central importance to these subjects, the same holds for them, as they are all real in some sense and in some minds, hence, so too is the attention and their influences, along with so many questions...
Dedicated entries, stats and datasets, and topic-related blog posts are aggregated under each.

Info & Bias


Info & Tech

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Clear Politics

Messages & Semiotics

Up Our Alley

COVUD Closures
Keeping track... Please help us out; gov and MSMS can't be trusted on this.
Misinformation & Disinformation
Data to Info to Knowledge, and WTF is Reality?!
Info & Refs
Research. Put to Re-use


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